July 26, 2013

Study: Only 6% of Britons Want a 3D Printer

A new study released by Ipsos MORI shows that 71% of Britons surveyed know “very little or nothing” about 3D printers. Engineering reports.

quotemarksright.jpgEven more startling is the survey’s finding that only 6% of respondents said they have interest in owning a 3D printer.

Among the 994 participants:

-- 35% said that 3D printing is a positive development

-- 32% were concerned that 3D printers would allow people to make weapons at home

-- 66%, say that they’d rather have professionals do their design work

The demographic that was most interested in 3D printing was the younger set, with 9% responding that they’re interested in the technology. In comparison, among those 65 years or older, only 1% were keen to bring a 3D printer home.

... For a country that’s trying to jumpstart a homegrown 3D printing industry this study has to be a troubling revelation.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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