July 26, 2013

Why 3D printers could cause strokes, researchers warn

3D printers can be harmful to humans if they are not set up in the right environment, researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology have warned, reports The Telegraph.

quotemarksright.jpgMany of the 3D printers on the market today rely on a process called “heated thermoplastic extrusion and deposition”, which emits ultrafine particles (UFPs) into the air. These particles are less than 100-nanometres in diameter.

In an industrial environment, these particles would normally be removed by a ventilation system, but commercially available printers are currently sold as standalone devices without any exhaust ventilation or filtration accessories.

If these particles are inhaled they can build up in the lungs or be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, potentially resulting in adverse health effects including total and cardio-respiratory mortality, hospital admissions for stroke, and asthma symptoms. quotesmarksleft.jpg

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