May 31, 2013

Study looks at mobile medical app overload and has suggestions to correct the problem

iphone-medical-apps.jpeg Key issues of the App Overload study presents, according to the authors, include: (1) users have difficulty identifying the right app, and (2) overload causes a fragmentation of information/features over multiple apps [1]. As such, users may be disinclined to utilize mobile medical applications and become hesitant of their usage. iMedical reports via @jranck.

quotemarksright.jpgIn order to combat this substantial growth of medical apps, the authors recommend two changes:

-- First, apps should become gateway portals to quality-information that is open sourced. For instance, the authors suggest that information from the CDC should be utilized across multiple applications as open sourced information.

-- Secondly, medical content should be standardized across mobile apps so that information follows the same content presentation. The authors’ example encompasses comparing two apps that go over tick removal, with one telling users what to do and another what not to do.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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