July 14, 2013

iPosture: The Size of Electronic Consumer Devices Affects Our Behavior

3014093-inline-i-1-how-your-iphone-weakens-your-will.jpgWhat are our devices doing to us? We already know they're snuffing our creativity--but new research suggests they're also stifling our drive. How so? Because fussing with them on average 58 minutes a day leads to bad posture.FastCompany reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe body posture inherent in operating everyday gadgets affects not only your back, but your demeanor, reports a new experimental study entitled iPosture: The Size of Electronic Consumer Devices Affects Our Behavior. It turns out that working on a relatively large machine (like a desktop computer) causes users to act more assertively than working on a small one (like an iPad).

That poor posture, Harvard Business School researchers Maarten Bos and Amy Cuddy find, undermines our assertiveness.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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