January 2, 2014

Why are phones continuing to get bigger? (Hint: Think post-PC)

htc-one-max-size-comparison.jpg Ridiculed early on, the first “phablet” has given rise to a new class of smartphone: One that still maintains portability but offers a tablet experience. Why the big change from folly to growing market? More capabilities that excel on a large screen. GigaOM reports.

quotemarksright.jpg... There’s more to the growth of larger phones than the content-consumption trend and addition of voice communications however. Look at PC sales falling as tablet sales continue to rise. This is the “post-PC” effect in action and as both hardware and mobile apps continue to improve, our handsets are becoming more capable than ever. Effectively, the tablet has shown the way for handsets to become even more powerful computers.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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