May 9, 2014

iPhone app screens for skin cancer more accurately than your doctor, shows early testing

Zouridakis1.jpg Early testing of an iPhone app developed to detect melanoma the most dangerous form of skin cancer found an accuracy rate of around 85 percent. This is similar to that achieved by specialist dermatologists, and more accurate than examination by primary care physicians. 9to5Mac via @jranck.

quotemarksright.jpgThe DermoScreen app was developed by University of Houston professor of engineering technology, George Zouridakis. A $500 dermoscope a combined magnifying lens and light is attached to the back of the iPhone, and the iPhone camera used to take a photo of a suspicious mole or lesion. The app then analyzes the image to determine whether or not it is likely to be cancerous, with the result available in just a few seconds.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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