August 19, 2014

London Police Want to Make Phone Passwords Mandatory

It sucks to lose your phone or have it stolen. Not only is it annoying and expensive having to replace the device, but even more worrying is what criminals can do with the personal data stored on it. [via Motherboard].

quotemarksright.jpgThat's why London's Metropolitan Police Force, according to an investigation by The Register, wants to get everyone using a password on their phone. The Register reports the Met has been lobbying both phone manufacturers and government for over two years for such measures to be put in place.

Reducing crime is the driving force behind the plethora of new initiatives to help keep mobile phones more secure. Most recently, Forbes reported that a number of banks have begun to implement technology into their apps that can detect whether an authorised user is holding the phone by monitoring not only their PIN number, but the pressure and speed with which they type it. This would mean that even if someone knew the passcode required to enter your phone, they would need to closely mimic how you typically press the buttons; something they're very unlikely to know or to be able to imitate.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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