How To Improve Your Website With The Help Of A Dynamics Consultant

How To Improve Your Website With The Help Of A Dynamics Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics suite is an effective ERP and CRM solution for businesses. With this cloud-based software, you can automate numerous company operations, including customer service and forehand resource planning.

Just consider that in America alone, the CRM systems’ adoption rate is over 83%. As for ERP, more than 50% of companies globally are planning to implement it or are already using it.

What are the benefits of MS Dynamics for your website? This technical solution will help you get more satisfied customers and, accordingly, more profits. It’s also a unified cloud-based information environment, making accessing data easier.

Yet, all these advantages become possible with proper system implementation. An experienced Dynamics consultant will help you with this. In today’s article, learn more about the profession of MS Dynamics developers and ways to improve your existing website.

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant: Job Description And Core Responsibilities

First, it is worth understanding that Microsoft Dynamics is an entire line of software products. Companies integrate one solution or several at once to improve their internal processes. You may have heard of Dynamics 365, CRM, or NAV.

A Microsoft Dynamics consultant is an expert who works directly with MS Dynamics products. This specialist installs, configures, and customizes Microsoft software solutions according to business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics service providers can perform a whole range of tasks. Their duties will vary depending on the type of MS software you choose and the area of ​​expertise of a particular specialist. But in general, the duties can be as follows:

  • Consulting businesses at the initial stages of MS Dynamics implementation
  • Determination of business requirements and goals and selection of the most suitable MS Dynamics product
  • Implementation of MS Dynamics according to business requirements
  • MS Dynamics software support
  • Checking the overall performance of the MS Dynamics system
  • Fixing bugs and limitations in MS Dynamics software
  • Customization of the MS Dynamics system: development of web resources, plugins, user panels, and reports, integration of third-party APIs
  • Code repository support
  • Carrying out a thorough business analysis
  • Creation of MS Dynamics system designs according to business requirements
  • Work with the company’s clients

As you can see, a Microsoft Dynamics consultant is a universal specialist. Such an expert should have versatile experience in business analytics, programming, and UI/UX design. We highlight the following mandatory MS Dynamics specialist’s skills:

Source: Mobilunity

Main Types Of Microsoft Dynamics Consultants

Of course, an MS consultant can be a versatile specialist, well-versed in various Microsoft products. Yet, as a rule, these experts focus purely on one software solution and are proficient in it. For example, it can be a specialist solely in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Let’s take a look at the main types of MS consultants:

  • Dynamics AX consultant. MS Dynamics AX (now MS Dynamics 365) is an enterprise resource management system for medium and large businesses. A Microsoft Dynamics AX developer integrates this software for supply chain, manufacturing, retail networks, finance, sales, and marketing management.
  • Dynamics NAV consultant. MS Dynamics NAV (now MS Dynamics 365 Business Central) is an ERP for small and medium businesses. Dynamics NAV experts can manage finances and resources, serve customers and increase sales through this software.
  • Dynamics GP consultant. MS Dynamics GP is an accounting tool and ERP for mid-sized businesses. This software allows the consultant to analyze the company’s financial flows and profits and manage resources.
  • Dynamics CRM consultant. MS Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management system suitable for various businesses. Using it, a consultant can effectively serve customers, set up sales, and manage marketing processes.

How Can A Dynamics Consultant Help You Improve Your Website?

The technological environment we live in is rapidly evolving. It isn’t easy to imagine a fully functioning business without its own website.

Moreover, the mere presence of a website does not guarantee absolute success. Retaining your customers requires special software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Thanks to the MS Dynamics consultant, you can use this software to handle customer relations and take communication on the website to a new level. A dynamics expert will help you implement CRM properly with minimum risks.

Here are the benefits you get by hiring an MS Dynamics consultant:

Assistance in MS Dynamics Integration

If you’ve been planning to use Microsoft products for your business for a long time, but have not yet implemented them, then it’s not a problem. Dynamics 365 consultant will help you seamlessly integrate these software solutions.

Fresh Look at Your Website

An MS Dynamics expert will look at your website from a new angle. He will analyze all data and compare it with your business goals. As a result, you will get fresh solutions to solve old problems.

Custom Solutions

A Microsoft Dynamics specialist can develop a solution specifically for your website. These can be, for example, various plugins. All this is to maximally adapt the website to your and your customers’ requirements.

Better Customer Experience

Proper configuration of Microsoft Dynamics will allow you to satisfy regular and new website visitors. An effective customer relationship management system makes it possible. And MS Dynamics analytical tools, in turn, will help you better understand your customers.

Less Use of Internal Resources

Microsoft Dynamics products allow you to automate numerous processes in your company. While the consultant completely streamlines some activities on your website, your team will focus on more critical business tasks.

Better Sales

Most Microsoft Dynamics products offer marketing tools and advanced analytics solutions. Thanks to them, you will be able to increase the number of sales through your website and generate significantly higher profits.

Increased Productivity

MS Dynamics software products are cloud-based. It allows the consultant to create a universal database and open access to it for all your employees. As a result, your employees will be able to work much more efficiently.


Increase your company’s productivity, get satisfied customers, and generate higher sales with Microsoft Dynamics products. Make your website a real success.

Who but a Microsoft Dynamics consultant will help your business grow? Hire this specialist to implement advanced solutions that significantly simplify website management. Customize ads, provide customer support, and conduct business analytics in an all-in-one software product.

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