Welcome to the privacy policy for our blog! Our goal is to provide helpful information about technology and discuss current events in the industry. We hope you find this site an interesting read!

This page explains what data of yours will be collected by visiting this website, how it might be used, and other important stuff.

Please take some time to read through this document carefully – your privacy matters to us!

We are not interested in collecting personal information of any kind on my blog or its related social media accounts ( Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn ). We do not plan on hosting advertisements either; all our contents are purely for self-promotion and will never contain third-party links or advertisements.

All the blog posts we’ll write will be publicly available: anyone who visits this website will be able to see them un-altered, including their comments section if enabled. If you wish to remove/delete your comment for any reason then feel free to contact us and we’ll happily do it for you

We only collect data that’s absolutely necessary in order to run our blog smoothly. It includes information such as your device’s internet protocol (IP) address which we use to identify your physical location on Earth, what type of browser you’re using – which helps us understand how many of our visitors use a mobile device versus a desktop – and the date/time stamp when you visited.

Data collected for site analytics will be anonymized before it’s used to create statistics about the blog’s readership patterns. We are not interested in collecting information that can personally identify you, including your name or address. However, if we do inadvertently receive such information then we promise to delete it immediately upon discovery!

We may publish aggregated statistics relating to our blog readership on an occasional basis but never anything which could be used to identify individual users. If you have any concerns with this then get in touch ASAP.

We only use the data we collect to manage my blog, check its performance & make sure it runs smoothly. If we ever discover any serious security breaches (i.e. someone stealing your data) then rest assured we’ll disclose it immediately to everyone involved… And probably shout about it on Twitter too!

If you wish to close your account or remove your information from our blog completely then just get in touch with us and we will help you out ASAP! All requests are processed within one month of receiving them but please bear in mind that during busy periods this may take longer than usual so please be patient 🙂