How To Charge A Hoverboard: About Hoverboard And Its Charging

How To Charge A Hoverboard

When people buy modern devices, what they look for most is the reliability and longevity of the device. Hoverboards are among those devices. One of the major concerns when buying your hoverboard should be durability. It will help you know if it is going to remain safe when you use it long-term.

However, you should also play a part in ensuring you take good care of it. One way you can ensure the longevity of your hoverboard is by taking good care of its battery. Many people wonder how they should safely charge their hoverboards. When you finish reading this article, you would know everything about hoverboards and their charging.

How To Charge A Hoverboard

Most people think that it is hard to charge their hoverboards. However, on the contrary, it is a straightforward process. You will first press the power button to switch off your hoverboard. Once it is off, confirm that the port pins are in good condition. Moreover, also ensure the charging port groove and the cable are align.

The next thing you will do is plug the charger into the power source and connect your hoverboard. Once the light indicator turns red, you will know that your hoverboard is charging. You will know that the battery is complete once you see a green light.

The Lifespan Of Hoverboards

How long should a hoverboard last? How long your hoverboard lasts depends on several factors, such as the model, brand, and usage. It also depends on how well you take care of your hoverboard. A high-quality hoverboard can last up to three to four years or even longer if you take good care of it.

When talking about the hoverboard lifespan, it is impossible to ignore its battery lifespan. If you want your hoverboard to serve you for a long time, ensure you also take good care of its battery. When you buy your hoverboard for the first time, the batteries will work perfectly fine. However, they will start to fall short after some time.

Factors Affecting Battery Life Per Charge Of Your Hoverboard

Is there anything more annoying than riding your hoverboard, and suddenly it turns off because the battery is dead? To prevent such an event, hoverboard makers designed a light indicator on the hoverboards. The role of the light indicators is to alert you whenever the hoverboard is running out of power. When your hoverboard starts flashing red, know that it is time to charge your hoverboard.

Even without the light indicator, you should tell how long your hoverboard can ride before it runs out of power. Under normal conditions, a hoverboard battery can last between eight to two miles. Some hovers can last more while others less, depending on the brand and model. Moreover, some factors can also determine how long your battery can last per charge. Some of the factors include:

The Weight Of The Rider

One of the factors that will determine if the hoverboard battery will last is the rider’s weight. If the rider has more weight, the hoverboard will use more power to ride that weight. Therefore, the battery will drain fast. If the rider has less weight, the hoverboard will use less energy to ride that weight. Therefore the battery will get less drained, making the hoverboard have a longer battery life per charge.

The Speed You Ride Your Hoverboard

How fast you ride your hoverboard can also influence how long your battery can last per charge. Riding your hoverboard will drain the battery more quickly since more power gets used. Therefore the battery will die faster. It would be best to ride your hoverboard at a medium speed to ensure your battery lasts long.

The Place You Are Riding Your Hoverboard

Another crucial factor in determining your hoverboard’s battery life per charge is the area you are riding your hoverboard. Ensure you look at the conditions of where you are riding your hoverboard. Riding your hoverboard in steep inclines and rough grounds areas will lower your battery life per charge.

The reason is that your hoverboard will use too much power to navigate through such areas hence draining your battery a lot faster. Therefore it would be best to ride your hoverboard in areas with gentle inclines and smooth grounds.

Weather Conditions

Did you know the weather condition can influence the battery life per charge of your hoverboard? Hoverboards do not favor extreme weather conditions. It is not a good idea to ride your hoverboard when it is too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures will make your hoverboard battery drain faster. Therefore ensure you ride your hoverboard in favorable weather conditions for its battery to last longer.

Tips To Improve Hoverboard Battery Life

In the beginning, when you buy your hoverboard, it will work perfectly fine and even cover many miles. However, as you continue to use your hoverboard,  the battery capacity will start to decrease. If you want to increase your hoverboard battery life, you can use the following tips.

Avoid Draining Your Battery Completely

You should never drain your battery completely. When you keep doing this, the battery life will continue to deteriorate. Therefore you should avoid that from happening at all costs. When you get a red flashing indication, know that you need to charge your battery. Therefore ensure that you immediately stop riding your hoverboard and charge it until it is 100% full.

Proper Charging

if you want your hoverboard battery to have a longer lifespan, you need to charge it correctly. Charging it in the right way starts by using the correct charger to charge your hoverboard. When you buy your hoverboard, it comes with a charger. Therefore stick to utilizing that charger and avoid using other chargers.

Most people have a habit of leaving their hoverboard charging overnight. What they do not know is that overcharging is terrible news to their hoverboard battery. When you charge your hoverboard for many hours, it will make your battery efficiency decrease. Therefore it will cause your battery life to reduce. It would be best to let your hoverboard charge for about two to three hours.

Proper Riding Style

Another way you can improve your hoverboard battery life is by improving your riding style. When riding your hoverboard, you should always avoid rigorous accelerations or stoppings. Moreover, if you constantly glide when riding your hoverboard, your battery life will reduce. In addition, ensure that you ride your hoverboard in areas with gentle inclines and smooth grounds.

Hoverboard Battery Issues

Have you been having power problems with your hoverboard? Has your hoverboard refused to charge? If one of these has happened to you, the problem is with your hoverboard battery. The following are some of the battery issues you might face with your hoverboard.

Hoverboard Not Retaining Charge

Most people have been complaining that their hoverboard keeps dying even after charging it. When your hoverboard fails to retain its charge, then it means that the battery is bad. To some people, this problem might start immediately after purchasing their hoverboard.

The problem is not you but the company that sold you the hoverboard if it happens to you. Some companies may sell cheap hoverboards with batteries that have already gone bad. Therefore, when you are buying your hoverboard, ensure the company you are buying from is reliable. Moreover, avoid buying cheap hoverboards.

Charge Not Reaching The Battery

in some cases, you may plug in your charger to charge your hoverboard, but the charge is not reaching your battery. Most people might conclude that the battery is defective, but the problem might not be the battery itself. There might be broken wires behind the charger port and for unplugged connectors.

Therefore,  you should open the hoverboard to check the wires that lead from the charging port to the motherboard. Some hoverboards come with these wires lose or detached. If that happens to you, ensure that you replace your charging port with a new one.

The Battery Is Full Immediately After Plugging Your Hoverboard In The Charger       

In some instances, you may plug your hoverboard in the charger and immediately show you that the battery is full. When this happens, the problem might be with the circuit boards. Therefore ensure that you replace your circuit board with a new one.

What Does Orange Flashing Mean In A Hoverboard?

Seeing flashes of orange light is an alarming sign. The reason behind it might be that your hoverboard has a problem with the battery pack. It might be a circuit board issue, or your battery’s life is ending.

How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Charge Last?

Most hoverboards have a standard capacity of 4.4AH. The hoverboard battery charge will last longer if the hoverboard is new. When you fully charge your hoverboard, you can ride it continuously for about two to six hours.


When you buy a hoverboard, it is worth knowing how to charge it. Hoverboards can serve you for a long time if you take good care of them. However, the brand and model of your hoverboard will also determine the lifespan of your hoverboard battery. Moreover, factors like weather conditions or the rider’s weight determine the battery life per charge.

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