Top 5 Best Tech To Keep Critters In Check And Away From Your Home

Best Tech To Keep Critters In Check And Away From Your Home

Dealing with critters eager to invade your property can be a nuisance. Whether it is the sneaky rodents, the intrusive birds, or the highly resourceful raccoons, these unwanted visitors do not arrive alone – they bring disruption, chaos, and possible health risks.

Pouring lots of pesticides on the garden to ward off smaller-size trespassers might seem like a simple solution, but it also hurts other creatures near people’s homes, poisoning the land and water. In handling larger pests, some people might even consider using harsher methods like traps that kill the intruder on the spot or leave it wounded and starving to death. Luckily, we have many other, more humane solutions to keep our property critter-free.

One option available to the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is a professional wildlife removal service The company employs experts who will help make your home and garden free of critters in no time without damaging the environment or hurting the animals.

5 Great Tech Solutions For Critter-Free Homes

Yet, prevention is always better than treatment, which is why any homeowner concerned about possible critter infestations can try the following tech solutions to ward off unwanted wildlife:

  • Ultrasonic pest repellers. These devices emit high-frequency sounds inaudible to humans but unbearable to pests, offering a humane way to keep critters away. Safe, easy to use, and eco-friendly, they work well on rodents and insects.
  • Smart traps and sensors. A great choice if you want a more hands-on approach, they let you watch and control things in real-time. Advanced sensors help notice movement, sound, and shifts in temperature, sending alerts to the homeowner’s smartphone so they can take immediate action. These traps work well for rodents, birds, and smaller wildlife. 
  • Automated pest control systems. Automated pest control systems give users the most comprehensive way to manage critters trespassing on their property. Such systems mix different technologies, including motion sensors, timed repellent releases, and even robotic elements, creating an environment that is highly unfriendly toward critters such as rodents, squirrels, raccoons, possums, and birds.
  • Smart sprinkler systems. Small animals like raccoons and squirrels often wander into gardens and lawns looking for food. Smart sprinkler systems use motion sensors to detect critters, spraying a quick spurt of water to scare them off. This eco-friendly method combines critter-repelling properties with a helpful functionality – efficient watering. 
  • Bird laser repellers. Bird repellers use lasers that birds cannot stand. Flashing quickly and in various patterns, these lasers effectively keep flying pests away from people’s property. However, this method is not entirely harmless as too strong lasers can damage birds’ eyes.

It is important to remember that while the technologies mentioned above offer people an easy, efficient, and eco-friendly way to get rid of individual critters on their property, they will not be able to handle a massive invasion.

Staying On The Friendly Side Of The Conflict

If tech-facilitated prevention measures have not been successful, but you still wish to keep things civil between you and the wildlife, it is best to seek professional help. Call experts who are good at dealing with animals. They will come to help you using safe and kind methods that work well for a long time.

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