4 Fun Games To Play Over Facetime

4 Fun Games To Play Over Facetime

One of the simple joys of modern-day life is the ability that people have to stay connected from almost anywhere across the globe. This is such a privilege to always be a simple phone call or text away from friends and loved ones. For those who have to travel for work, a phone call or FaceTime at the end of the day is a lifeline back to their families and friends that they have to regularly leave. 

With access to technology that can create a truly incredible video call experience, there are also a lot of fun ways to stay engaged with people at a distance. While at one point in time phone calls and text messages might have been the limit, the potential that high-quality video calling, such as Apple’s FaceTime, brings to long-distance fun is almost limitless. If you have been wanting to stay in touch with loved ones in unique ways, using FaceTime creatively could be exactly what you are looking for. Fun things to do over Facetime can transform the way you stay in touch with your friends and family at a distance.

If you have been looking for fun things to do over facetime, here are 5 ideas you have to try out!

1. Hearts

Hearts is a trick-taking card game usually played by four people, with the objective of scoring as few points as possible by avoiding taking cards that carry penalty points, such as all the hearts and the Queen of Spades.

If you have a physical deck of cards, you can play the traditional way, sitting around a table; You can also play online at Hearts Land or on apps like Hearts+. For those who want to keep the social aspect alive while playing online, setting up a FaceTime or video call with friends and family can replicate the in-person experience, allowing you to enjoy both the game and the company, regardless of the distance that separates you.

2. Charades

One of the first games that you should try when it comes to finding fun things to do over FaceTime, is charades. Most people are familiar with this game, but if you have never played it, it’s high time that you did so! This goofy group game forces people to think creatively about conveying a message without words and only using body movements. 

The rules for charades are simple and easy to learn and the game itself lends itself well to a FaceTime, or video call platform. If you are playing with two teams, each team wins points for guessing a phrase that one of their teammates acts out without saying any words or making any sounds. For example, the phrase or word could be a title of a popular movie like James Bond. The person who is tasked with communicating this to their team must act out the physical movement to convey the words James Bond and if their team guesses it right – they win a point! 

Playing this game with FaceTime can be a fun way to spend time with a small group of friends or family. When the person begins to act out the charade, make sure and mute their camera so they don’t accidentally say a clue!  

3. Never Have I Ever

This game is a popular game that is used a lot on tv-hosting shows like the Ellen Degeneres show. It’s a creative way of learning more about yourself and others while having a good laugh. The concept is simple, a series of questions will be asked and participants will indicate their answers by raising signs. For example, the question could be, “Never have I ever, seen a lighthouse in person” and then the people in question would raise a sign saying that they have, or they have not. 

Depending on the crowd you are playing with, this game could take some interesting and hilarious turns as the questions can be as spicy as the setting allows! The more ridiculous and daring the questions, typically the more fun the game is.

4. Pictionary 

A fun game to play with the grandkids if you are tuning into your family from a distance is Pictionary. Very similar to charades, Pictionary involves guessing what a person is drawing on a piece of paper. This can be a really fun game to include with the kids that can lead to some hilarious and laugh-out-loud moments. 

A pro tip when playing Pitctionariy over FacTime is to have a minimum of two players on each team and mix the teams across the call. For example, each team should be split between the two parties, and then have the opponent hold the phone while the other team is drawing. This allows the person who is drawing to use both hands to create their masterpiece, while their teammate on the other side of the video call can watch and have the best chances of guessing correctly. 

5. I Spy With The Kids

Another great game to play with the little ones is the simple, yet addicting, I Spy. This game is perfect for using FaceTime because you can set up your camera almost anywhere to play this game with the grandkids. Hearing little ones try and give you clues as to what they are spying out is always a recipe for a great time! 


Finding ways to stay in touch with the people you love while at a  distance doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. Fun things to do over FaceTime can take your time with family and friends that you love at a distance to the next level.  

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