How Far Does Water Fertilize In Minecraft? The Minecraft Farming Guide

How Far Does Water Fertilize In Minecraft

Video games are a growing concern for most parents since they contain a lot of violence and nudity, inappropriate for children. This was a problem right until developers started making games that were more suitable for younger gamers.

Minecraft is a complex and fun game made by Mojang Studios, and it has grown more popular than anyone thought it would. A big part of playing Minecraft is learning how to farm, so let’s get into the details to help you do it better;

How Far Does Water Fertilize In Minecraft?

One water block has a range of four blocks in every direction. This includes the diagonals and one block above the farmland block. One block of water will hydrate a 9×9 square on the horizontal axis along with it, so it comes to a total of 80 hydrated blocks. Having this information should make it easier for you to create efficient farms in the future.

Efficient Minecraft Farming Layouts

Getting the right place to farm in Minecraft can make a big difference if you have the correct methods. Most people don’t put a lot of thought into this, and they use real-life farming methods that are not so efficient in the game.

You need to start punching the ground; the grass has to go since the grass drops wheat seeds. The seeds will grow into wheat, and wheat is one of the essential foods in Minecraft. If you want to farm the best type of food in the game, you will need wheat.

After gathering the seeds, you need to find water, and if you have iron, you could craft an iron bucket and use it to carry water to any place you want to farm. If not, you could take the seeds and plant them close to the water, where they will grow faster.

You can make a stone hoe and find water with dirt on the side where you can dig and plant your seeds. The closure the seeds are to the water, the better they will grow. Make sure you don’t step on the area since you will have to redo the block as you work on it.

Water will fertilize four blocks of soil, but you could change it if you are in a hurry to make the plants grow faster. Crops will grow faster if you plant them in alternating rows of water and farmland.

If you see bees or a hive nearby, you might want to make your farmland close to them. When a bee hovers over your plants, its growth rate will increase, so it might be a good idea to craft a beehive and put it close to your crops. 

When dealing with bees, you have to use a campfire below the nest to calm the bees. If you don’t do it, the bees will get angry and sting you to death, so make sure you use the fire.

Once you have some space ready, start planting your seeds. You should be careful; if you jump on a growing crop, it will die if you work in an area where you need to jump, wait to plant your crops.

It is crucial to keep an eye on your farm to harvest them as soon as they are ready. This will allow the plants time to grow again and give more produce as you add more food to your inventory.

If you need your crops to grow, they have to be in a loaded chunk. Your Minecraft world is divided into blocks called chunks, which are 16 by 16 block areas. It’s loaded in when you are near a chunk; when you are far away from it, it’s not loaded in.

If you plant seeds in a chunk that is not loaded in, they will not grow, so the closer to your home you can plant them, the better. The plants will not die if the chunk is not loaded in, but they will stay small forever.

The location of your farm needs a light level of at least 7 for the plants to grow; if it’s too dark, they will not grow. If you want the plants to grow faster, you could place torches around them at night to raise the light level to 7, so they grow day and night.

You could fence your farm for extra protection from pests like rabbits that could mess with your harvest and compromise your food supply. The fence needs to be well enclosed and high enough so nothing can jump over it.

Ultimate Guide To Minecraft

Every beginner needs a good guide on Minecraft to help them get started and get familiar with everything in the game. This guide will help you learn, and it will be straightforward and comprehensive so let’s get into it;

As soon as you spawn into the game, you will land somewhere in the world, and you will have nothing on your character except full health and hunger. At this point, you need to find a plot of land where you will start building or get your basic needs set up.

The place you start building should be near the location of your first spawn. This is important because it will be easier to find it if you die rather than rebuild everything from scratch.

Build somewhere with many resources, including trees, water, and some animals, so that you can get food. Once you find the location, you have to find some trees to get wood for the building. You need wood to build a crafting table and a structure to spend the night.

It would help if you had a crafting table to build everything else in the game, so you must do it first. You will use the wood from the trees to make planks by putting them inside the four-square grid beside your character; it is pretty straightforward.

As soon as you place your crafting table on the ground, you will have access to all craftable items in the game. The recipes for all the items are in the recipe book that you can find on the crafting table.

The first thing you should craft on the table is a wooden pickaxe, and it is easy to build with sticks and wood. This tool will give you access to cobblestone, which you can find anywhere around you or underground.

You might run into other resources like coal and iron but don’t mind it yet, wait until you have a stone pickaxe. Use the cobblestone to make a stone pickaxe the same way you made the wooden pickaxe. This ax will be helpful for mining more ores like iron and coal.

Another fundamental tool you need to get is a furnace. It would be best to have it near your crafting table and inside a structure to keep it safe. A furnace will allow you to melt ores into usable items and cook food, giving you more energy.

It is crucial to protect your resources and start building upon what you have at this point in the game. You should stock up on food and make a ton of resources to build a house and other structures you need to have.

For your safe house, you need something tall enough to keep mobs out while you build, so three or four blocks should do the trick. Once you make progress, you should create a bed to make your new spawn point if you die.

The next step after building a house is to start farming. You could make farmland or a piece of land next to a water source to plant your seeds. There are many ways of doing it, but the basic concept is a permanent food source.

This is where the game becomes more interesting since you can take it in any direction you want to. You can get a wolf in the wild and tame it to get a companion. The best part about having a wolf is that they will follow you in battle and fight alongside you.

As a start, you should make sure you have a steady stream of resources coming in, basically everything that will keep you alive and advancing. Start making moves to get some of the rare items in the game, such as diamonds, gold, and other elements.

You need diamonds to mine Obsidian, and once you get to this point, you should be familiar enough with the game mechanics to go along with it. You could move around for more adventures and to get more minerals.


Minecraft is a fantastic game to pass the time, and you can have a lot of fun adventures in the game. A big part of Minecraft is farming, so you have to have the right skills and tools to do it and get good results.

Water is crucial for planting in Minecraft, so you need to find a reliable source close to where you intend to build your house. If you have an iron bucket, you can carry the water to your farm even if it is far away from the original water source.

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