How To Test And Improve Your Company’s Cyber Resilience?

How To Test And Improve Your Company's Cyber Resilience

Since a large number of cyber attacks are taking place every day, you always want to safeguard your business data. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to test and also improve the cyber resilience of your business. Doing that is not going to be simple, but there are a few ways to avoid any problems. And here’s how you can do it.

Assessing The Cyber Resilience Of Your Business

One thing you need to do is to check the current security systems. You want to see how powerful they are, if they can fit your needs or not, and how if there is any need for improvements. Another thing you should do is to test the current cybersecurity plans if possible, just to see if there are other things you need to do.

Aside from that, you should also consider doing a fake attack just to see if the current systems can hold their own or if you can improve something. The same thing can be said if you stop a single system and see if others will try to replace it. All of these things are very helpful, and you can use them in your own way to improve the cyber resilience of the entire process.

Identify And Protect Your Valuable Data

A good idea to focus on when you improve the cyber resilience is certainly to identify what’s your most important data. Once you know that, you need to find the right ways to improve how you protect it. Adding in multiple security methods in front of it and limiting access can help immensely, and it saves a lot of time too. You can also limit access solely to personnel and people you fully trust, as that will eliminate many of the potential attacks or problems that can sometimes arise.

Create A Backup For Crucial Data

Having a backup always helps, because you never know when security systems might fail. That’s the main reason why backups matter especially in the business world. You can save lots of time and effort, while also not having to worry about any challenges. It’s a great idea, and it certainly helps save a lot of time and effort. 

Encrypt Your Data

You can also protect crucial data by encrypting it. Even if unwanted access might arise, encrypting data will make it very hard for unlawful players to access it. And that’s what you want, to avoid any data leaks that can sometimes arise. Having multiple ways to protect your data and also encrypting it will help a lot, and it will certainly help prevent many issues that appear in the long term.

Increase Your Current Security Policies

It never hurts to have more restrictive security policies. After all, you can never be too careful, so having better security systems in place can help immensely. It will eliminate any random data leaks, while also making it safer for your clients and employees. And, at the same time, it also bolsters the value of your business, while delivering an excellent result for everyone using your services.

Ensure Business Continuity

You want to have an alternative system that you can use in case there are any attacks. Ensuring business continuity is crucial because anytime you stop, it will cost your business money. Making sure that you prevent that by focusing on continuity is what matters the most. Not only that, but it will provide you with the means to avoid any brand damage in case the attack affects your users. The less downtime and problems arise, the easier it will be for your company, so having a plan B in case cyber attacks arise is crucial here.

Create A Data Recovery System

If any cyber attack arises, a good idea is to have a proper data recovery system. Having that is going to help solve problems, while also ensuring that you can get back to work fast. Of course, you want it all set up before any issues appear. That way, if something does happen, you eliminate concerns and focus on assisting your clients. Data recovery systems are very helpful for any business regardless of its industry. All you need is to get started and establish such a system for the best results!

Always Test Your Responses

Working with a security assessment company is a great option because they can identify any problems and help you narrow down solutions. Not only that, but it becomes much easier to figure out any flaws and solve them before they become a clear issue. Once you have such a system in place, your business will appear more professional in front of users, and the return on investment can be exceptional. That’s why we highly recommend giving this a try, as it can be very beneficial for your business.

Train Your Team

One of the ways many companies end up hacked is due to employees not having the right security training. That’s why you always want to train your staff and ensure they have all the necessary knowledge. It will help them prevent any random security problems, while also ensuring their safety. While it does take some time to train your team, it helps a lot because you can avoid many potential problems. Plus, you get to know that everyone understands how to prevent any issues and no data leaks will happen anytime soon.

Perform An Audit

Audits can help a lot because they identify any possible mishaps and issues that appear. The problem with most companies is they never go through an audit. Either that, or audits are very superficial. That creates a disconnect and various issues that it’s better to avoid. An audit performed every year or maybe a few times a year can really help.

Through the audit you can see the type of issues your business might be dealing with. It also opens up your eyes when it comes to the different challenges you face and how you can approach challenges as they appear. Plus, once you know the problems that can arise, it’s much easier to prepare for attacks, and that is a crucial part of the process.

Create A Set Of Protective Measures

Ideally, you want to have a good set of measures in case anything happens. For example, you should have an application control system, and a way to patch applications in case there are problems. Email filtering is also important, because a lot of unlawful, spammy and virus-filled emails can get opened by mistake. Addressing that and finding a better way to manage emails is always going to help and it will provide the means to tackle problems in the long term. That alone is a major aspect to consider.

But that’s not all. You want to have a multi-factor authentication system that prevents problems, along with regular backups and of course, you may want to restrict administrative privileges. Having that and a way to patch operating systems is always going to come in handy, especially from a professional standpoint. You prepare your business for any attacks, and in case anything goes wrong, you already have a failsafe in place.

Improve Passwords

That’s the problem that many companies face, they reuse passwords or keep them simple. The 123456 passwords are very common in the business world, even if not many companies will openly state that. What you need to do is to create a comprehensive, complex password that gets changed either every month or whenever you feel it’s suitable to do so. You shouldn’t use simple passwords because those are easy to break and thus your business will end up dealing with lots of attackers and problems down the line.

Make Sure That Any Data Storage And Transfers Are Encrypted

Encryption goes a long way when it comes to security. You want to have a powerful encryption system that eliminates problems and which focuses on value. Quality is crucial here and ensuring you use only the best encryption can make a difference. That’s true especially when it comes to data transfers. Restricting access to storage will help, but if you transfer data, you will need a good encryption system, so use that to your advantage.

The same thing can be said about Wi-Fi connections. They have to be secure and encrypted, otherwise people can have access to your info and that leads to many leaks and potential problems down the line. That’s why you want to address everything properly, and you will find it to work extremely well.

Having cyber resilience is something every business wants, but it can be difficult to achieve. However, with the right planning you will be able to bring that to fruition. Even if it does take a bit of time and effort, this has the potential to help your company in the long term, while also pushing the boundaries and offering excellent results. We recommend using these tips if you want to increase the cyber resilience of your business, since they are widely tested and highly efficient. On top of that, you can also adapt them to the particular needs of your business!


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