Sea Of Thieves Tips: Pillage And Plunder Like A Pro

Sea Of Thieves Tips Pillage And Plunder Like A Pro

With the risks always weighing up against the rewards, the life of a pirate is not as easy as it seems to be. Constantly moving through big waves to the new horizon open the gates not just to a good fortune or favor but also to the challenges that you need to win to get ahead in the game. If you are mesmerized by the Pirates of the Caribbean, then the turbulent world of the Sea of Thieves is a perfect place to be Captain Jack Sparrow for a while. The enchanting world of Sea of Thieves can get tricky for beginners, but here is a little treasure trove of the best Sea of Thieves hacks to get you ready for whatever the ocean throws at you.

Let’s get started with sailing adventures of the Sea of Thieves!

#1. Learn How To Pilot Your Ship

If you want to thrive on harsh ocean waves just like a true pirate, you need to learn how to pilot your ship with the skill and grace. From understanding how the sails work to directing the sails in order to catch directional wind currents to help you go faster, understanding your vessel will help you master the waves. Whether you want to outrun or escape other ships or travel long distances, knowing how to pilot your vessel can make your game a lot easier.

You don’t require much time to master the sailing controls of the game. The mechanics are super easy; it just needs some getting used to for beginners of Sea Of Thieves. Listen out for the whooshing sound for the perfect angle.

#2. More Gold = More Reputation!

In the world of Sea of Thieves, a pirate’s reputation is defined by the size of their booty, and there are plenty of ways to earn or loot gold out in the sea. Everything you loot has its own value and can help you earn more coins. Once you start looting, you come across three factions: The Merchant Alliance, the Order of Souls, and the Gold Hoarders, to get your payday. Each group accepts different kinds of loot and offers coins for any item that attracts their interest.

Aside from plodding along with the instructions from three factions, as a pirate, you can still earn a quick buck on the high seas from shipwrecks that are usually bobbing around the sea along the waves.

#3. Hide Your Treasure!

In a world where it is easy to board a ship and make off with the loot, it is important to hide your treasure, and there are plenty of ways to hide your plunder from the enemies. Always remember where you have hidden your loot; you would not want to simply lose it, would you? Shallow water is an excellent place to hide the looted valuables. You can even hide the chest in the crow’s nest if you come under attack during the raid and return to it once you have conquered your enemy.

#4. Watch Out For The Flock Of Birds To Earn A Quick Buck!

Yes, you can earn big by completing the task given by three factions, but there is a way to earn a quick buck in between your mission, and that is by looking out for the flock of birds. The flock of birds means a shipwreck. Look out for circling birds on the horizon to spot a shipwreck around you.

#5. Always Remain Prepared For The Battle!

Sooner or later, you will end up bumping noses with other pirates, and being prepared will only save you from getting looted. If you want to keep your treasure in your own hands and win the combat, the best strategy you can try out is to aim cannons at the lowest decks of the enemy ship. By hitting the lowest deck, you will be able to create much more prominent holes in the enemy’s vessel. Make sure saving your vessel is always the priority.

To Sum Up 

With these tips and practice, soon, you will find yourself doing death-defying stunts of spying like a real pirate as you sneak onto enemy vessels and loot their treasure. Hopefully, now you will be able to sail through the Sea of Thieves without much turbulence.

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