The Best Exchanges To Swap ETH To USDT

The Best Exchanges To Swap ETH To USDT

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains that users choose to enter the cryptocurrency world. Its native token, Ether (ETH,) powers the ecosystem. The blockchain is an open-source, peer-to-peer ecosystem that is acknowledged second largest by market capitalisation. 

So, buying and selling Ether is a relevant activity for many. But where to buy and sell it? Are there proven places that will offer benefits and good deals? Here we will overview several great crypto exchange versions. 

5 Leading And Reputable Services To Convert Ether To USDT

So, if you aim to purchase cryptocurrency, you will need to open an account with a reliable crypto exchange. Since not all platforms can offer good conditions for buying and selling digital currency, we will cover only those with a good reputation and high customer satisfaction. 

1. Kraken. 

This place came into existence early, in 2011, in the period known as the ‘Paleolithic era’ of cryptocurrency. It provides a big number of coins and tokens with a very affordable trading fee: 0.9% for stablecoins and up to 1.5% for other assets. Besides, its exclusive version Kraken Pro gives the cheapest fees and allows for volume discounts. 

Kraken is also valued as one of the rare places offering tools like margin trading, staking, and futures trading. 


This place is a unique opportunity to instantly buy any kind of crypto, even the rarest, without registration. Over 1900 coins and tokens are given access. Another reason to consider it is its non-custodial nature: funds are never stored on the exchange. 

Here you can also choose between fixed and floating rates, as well as use the SmartRate technique to perform transactions with maximum benefits. In addition, the exchange lets you convert any amount of crypto to other crypto or fiat, e.g., 0.194 BTC to USD or other national currencies. 

3. Gemini. 

The platform will be a perfect option for those looking for a simplistic yet advanced exchange for crypto. It suits users of all levels and attracts you with its unique features, such as the Gemini Earn Program, allowing you to leverage interest or, for instance, a Gemini Credit Card. 

The exchange offers over 120 crypto coins and is available in all 50 states, including NY city (which is too often not an option with other exchanges). Fees are mostly affordable, too – there is a 0.2% maker fee and a 0.4% taker fee. 


Here you can find over 250 cryptocurrencies at good rates and feel totally protected when exchanging. Besides, if your major payment method is a Visa debit card, get ready to receive up to 8% cashback from each purchase. 

What makes it even more valuable is the exceptional cybersecurity rating, perks for using a Visa Card, and acceptable maker and taker fees – 0.4% each. 

5. BitYard. 

Maybe, this is the first time you hear about this young platform, but the lack of popularity doesn’t mean anything. It came about recently, in 2019, and aims to provide crypto for over 150 countries and 50 states of the US. 

It has unbelievably low maker and taker fees (0.1%) and accepts over 50 fiat currencies. Plus, it can play two roles – one of an exchange platform and another of a storage place, keeping your funds either online or in cold storage. 

For now, it offers 50 cryptocurrencies, but the selection of coins is rapidly growing. 

All the places we described in the article are accessible and convenient ways to turn one crypto into another without paying over the odds and going through complicated authorization procedures. Try them out and convert 0.28 ETH to USD or smaller amounts of crypto into other coins you think are more relevant to own. 

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