What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dedicated Hosting?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting can help websites provide full control over the setup of their hosting plan. The type of hosting is the highest-quality one available on the market. It has significant advantages over other kinds of hosting where performance, security, scalability, and reliability are concerned. 

This short guide presents the advantages and disadvantages of this type of hosting. It clarifies why dedicated hosting is a feasible option for companies with elevated hosting requirements.

The Benefits Of Dedicated Hosting

What is dedicated hosting? It can be a solution if you want your website to grow and become more popular, but not without any investment on your part. Although it is the most expensive solution, there are many providers that offer dedicated hosting at different price points. Businesses that opt for dedicated hosting achieve high speed because they don’t share resources with other apps, users, or platforms. If you choose dedicated hosting, your website will have exclusive use of server resources like RAM, disk space, CPU usage, and bandwidth.

You also won’t face any of the potential problems and significant risks with shared hosting because the server is all yours. Possible risks and issues include the following:

  • Network congestion.
  • Low loading speed during peak usage or traffic hours.
  • occasional crashes.
  • Another user is eating up your resources.
  • Another user is running a bad script.
  • Frequent downtime.

You don’t compete for resources if you have dedicated hosting, which guarantees your website stability. This element is critical because it ensures consistent performance, which helps create a solid reputation and improves user experience. This is of paramount importance if you’re trying to get a startup or small business off the ground.  

High Loading Speed 

Compared to shared and VPS hosting, dedicated hosting makes more resources available. Your website will load fast, even if it’s content-rich with a lot of multimedia and other heavy elements. This is very important because search engines consider speed as a factor in determining website search rankings. The more time a site takes to load, the lower it’s ranked. Dedicated hosting offers one of the most effective ways for a site to perform at top speed.

The speed has a direct bearing on conversion rates. The following statistics illustrate the relationship:

  • Slowing down loading time by even a second leads to 7% fewer conversions.
  • More than 10% of visitors leave pages that have a one-second delay in response time.
  • 40% of potential customers leave a website that takes three or more seconds to load.
  • Almost 50% of people who abandon a shopping cart cite low speed as the reason.

Higher website speed enables the addition of custom features like animation and streaming to your website.

Managed Device Setup And Maintenance

Most dedicated hosting services can handle general maintenance, software updates, device setup and configuration (hardware updates, servers, switches, firewalls), server monitoring (metrics, app health, fault management), and recovery and backup. This type of hosting is a great option for a business that:

  • Performs mission-critical operations without tolerance for downtime.
  • Does not have IT staff.
  • Is located far from the hosting data center.

Top-Notch Security

Platforms with elevated security demands opt for dedicated hosting because it eliminates many risks of other types of hosting, such as:

  • Accidental activity of another user that impacts your site.
  • A malicious entity infiltrates the device and accesses your data.
  • Downtime or data loss due to a DDoS attack.
  • Getting hit by malware or a virus from another user of the server.

Dedicated hosting providers also take security measures like monitoring the server in real-time and high-level protection against cyberattacks.

The server is all yours if you sign up for a dedicated hosting plan, so you can rely on solid physical protection. Your devices and website are equipped with the following:

  • Armed guards.
  • Locks with biometric scans.
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance.
  • Mantraps.
  • Motion detection.

The Downside Of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting has just one downside, and that’s its price. For a relatively small business site, you can expect to pay $45 – $630 a month. If you choose to buy a server, you’ll have to hire a full- or part-time admin. Ideally, have someone check your server once a month. 

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