What Do You Need To Know About Asp.Net?

What Do You Need To Know About Asp.Net

Probably each cool IT creator heard about such concepts as .net and asp.net. These are two completely different terms that help developers a lot. Continue reading this text to be told more about them.

As practice shows, most of the people are well versed in .net development but know little about asp.net. Therefore, we are going to discuss it during this article.

In the world of web development, you’ll find two well-defined sectors: free-to-use code, also referred to as open source, and license-to-use or proprietary code. In each of those sectors, programming languages ​​have been developed that make programming easier, as is the case with the ASP.NET development framework.

What Is Asp.Net

ASP.NET has extensive features that make it an excellent development environment for building applications on your websites. Its good performance is thanks to the employment of run-time compilation, updates, security, and advanced settings. However, it also has its drawbacks, which may cause complications when using it.

You must evaluate this development environment per what’s allowed by the server hosting your website. Similarly, to successfully use ASP.NET, you need to consider important aspects like flexibility, code syntax, and compilation speed.

ASP.NET may be a framework (a set of modules that allow you to develop web applications) that you just can use to develop dynamic web content as forms. This code provides you with a combined development model so you’ll be able to create applications on your website in other languages ​​such as Visual Basic or C#.

ASP.NET was created by the world famous company Microsoft.  It is based on free technologies.  It also contains server-side scripting technologies that allow you to parse user requests and create dynamic HTML pages.

Benefits Of Using ASP.NET

A large number of sites have been developed using ASP.NET.  Programmers choose this platform because of its advantages. The convenience and practicality of the platform attracts millions of users around the world. However, this development environment also has some drawbacks, but they are insignificant.

The main benefits that ASP.NET offers you are:

  • Ability to mix with other languages: ASP.NET offers you everything you wish to develop like web applications, social networks, business websites, and content management systems (CMS). You can do it because of the opportunity to mix your development environment with XML, PHP, and HTML. So you’ll be able to successfully create interactive websites without complicated maintenance.
  • It has ongoing support: It’s an efficient solution that provides updated Microsoft support so you’ll be able to program with the newest features.
  • It supports MVC: It’s a model view controller and an architecture that separates the net development section from the look interface. This offers you plenty of flexibility when working as a team because while some are developing the code, others are designing, and none of them have to be interrupted. This ensures scalability and simple maintenance of the developed program.
  • Web Forms: This can be a development environment that enables you to make simple web applications on your pages. The advantage is that you just develop code in an interface and can see all the changes which happen. It also gives you the power to finish large projects without employing a lot of code.
  • Access to .net framework features: This suggests you’ll be able to more easily work with web services, databases, cryptography, and other resources.
  • Stable connection to the SQL Server database: This permits you to figure comfortably with the SQL Server management system, because it provides an optimal connection.
  • Only the executable is compiled: This suggests that only the ultimate product (the developed program) is that the one that you just should compile to run it.

With such a big amount of benefits, developers prefer to choose asp.net.

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