Why Is It Called A Mouse Pad? Mouse Set-Up Guide

Why Is It Called A Mouse Pad

When speaking to a hardcore PC gamer or a computer geek of any kind, you must have heard them talk about the mouse pad. 

There are many choices of mousepads, but the most significant difference is that one is small and the other is large to accommodate the whole table.

Mousepads are essential regardless of the size, yet most people look them over when setting up their stations. 

To understand why you should have a mouse pad, we need to get down to what it is, its job on your desk, and the advantages of having it; let’s get into the details;

Why Is It Called A Mouse Pad?

The mouse pad has the name because it is a pad on which you place your mouse and track its movements; it is the operational area for your mouse. This cushion allows your mouse to move more smoothly, and it might have a more rigid surface for use with an optical mouse.

Reasons Why You Need An Extended Mouse Pad

When setting up a computer or workstation, people think about many things, but most don’t consider the extended mouse pad or desk mat. Let us get down onto the details and see why you need an extended mouse pad on your station;

Many people overlook desk mats and mouse pads since they don’t understand their importance in a setup, so we need to see why it is helpful. 

Desk mats come in many sizes; slim ones, some are thicker, and some will take all the space on your desk.

1. Preventing scratches 

Most people use super glossy tables for their PC setups, and such tables tend to show scratches somewhat easily. 

When you push your mouse or keyboard on the bare table, the friction will eventually cause a lot of scratches that will mess up your look.

When you have an extended mouse pad, it will protect your table from the mouse, keyboard, and anything else you have that could potentially scratch it. After years of intense use, this ensures your table surface remains smooth and glossy.

2. It offers more space

If you are any gamer, you will want to get an extended mouse pad to give yourself more freedom. 

If you are using the mouse for direction or aiming in an fps game, you need to have all the space to move your gun and win without adjusting your hand.

If you use a regular mouse pad, your mouse will have a small surface area to move on, complicating your movements. 

You can use it for small directional changes, but you might not have enough space to turn around and shoot someone behind you.

You might end up extending past your mouse pad, so you will have to move the mouse before turning, and before you turn, the opponent would have killed you. This makes it particularly important for gamers, but everyone will get to use it.

3. Preventing spills on your desk

Sometimes you might have a cup of coffee or an energy drink at your workstation, and when you pick it up, it leaves a mark on the table or spills and makes a mess. With an extended mouse pad, your drink could sit on the table without leaving stains on it.

It is not a good idea to bring food and drinks to your workstation since they might damage your PC components, but it might be inevitable at times. 

So if you get hungry while working and have an extended mouse pad, you will feel safer using your canned drinks and coffee.

You can put them on the desk mat without leaving permanent stains on your desk, making the desk look new and better for longer. In case of a spill, a desk mat is easy to clean, and you can wipe it off or wash it depending on its material.

4. Aesthetics

Having extended mouse pads of the correct color and infographics can be what you need to take your station’s aesthetics to the next level. You can get mouse pads with catchy phrases or art that matches the rest of your setup.

Additionally, having a mouse pad will help you organize your workstation, and everything will look better afterward.

If you are planning to get a mouse pad, it is worth looking for an extended option to cover your whole table or most of it.

You can get different sizes, colors, styles, and thicknesses based on what you want for the mouse pad and what you can afford. You can also get waterproof options to prevent your table from getting messy in case of a spill.

Mouse Pad Buying Guide

A mouse pad buying guide might seem stupid, right? Just get whichever color you like, and you will be good to go. But this is not all that matters; subtle differences have a significant impact on your experience.

Older laser and optical sensors had trouble tracking on most surfaces, so you need a surface optimized for it, but these days, optical sensors are more efficient. Let us dive deeper and see what matters when buying a mouse pad.

1. The material

Cloth pads like the QCK have been most popular among pro gamers in recent years because it allows you to stop instantly, even when your mouse is flying around. High glide speeds make it harder to aim since they have more momentum and carry you over your target.

The QCK and most cloth pads have medium to low glide, which makes movements come to a stop faster; thus, you have more control over your mouse. 

You can go for a thinner mouse pad if you want more speed, but a thicker mouse pad will give you a more consistent performance.

You also need to consider how the material feels in your hand, especially if you are getting an extended mouse pad. 

It should be gentle on your skin, so you don’t get rashes or irritations on your palm after extended use.

2. The feel

Your mouse pad’s feel is crucial since it affects how well the mouse will move on it. A smoother surface will offer less traction, and the mouse could slide off, which will make it hard to control the cursor, especially when you need to make sudden, precise movements.

Some mousepads have a thick, woven texture that provides adequate grip on the mouse without limiting its motion when you push it. 

A good mouse pad will have the perfect texture to give you nearly complete control of your mouse and increase accuracy.

The bottom of the mouse pad is also essential. You should get a mouse pad with a bottom like rubber since it offers more friction with the table. 

This will keep the mouse from sliding around the table when you move the mouse, making for a smoother experience.

3. Size 

There is a long list of choices you have to make for mousepads, and their size will come into account in terms of length, width and thickness. The first thing is whether you want a regular mouse pad or an extended mouse pad.

A regular mouse pad will be small, about the size of a book, and it can only fit your mouse. This can work for an office setup where you don’t need to make sudden dramatic movements with your mouse, but it might not be the best for a gamer.

Gamers might need more space, so the better choice will be an extended mouse pad. This type will cover most of the table, and you will have the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals on it. It will offer additional protection and freedom to move your mouse.

4. Thickness

The thickness of a mouse pad mainly affects its speed, and none is better than the other; it depends on what you use your PC for. 

Thinner mousepads affect the mouse less, and they generally offer less traction, so you will have more glide.

A thick mouse pad will have more traction, and you will have less glide, which can be a good choice for gaming as it increases control over the mouse. 

If you move the mouse often but don’t need accuracy like shooting, you can get a thinner mouse pad to make you faster.

You also need to account for additional features like a waterproof mat when looking into thickness. 

Waterproof mats will be easier to clean since they won’t absorb any liquids you spill on them; cleaning will be as simple as wiping it down.


Mousepads are a surface on which you operate your PC mouse, and that is where they get their name. Most people don’t appreciate the importance of a mouse pad in a workstation, but the right pad can make a big difference in mouse performance.

Mousepads can improve your mouse control and protect your table from damage if it is glossy. You might want to look into a high-quality mouse pad to set up your station.

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