A Comprehensive Guide On Hiring A Dedicated Development Team In Canada

A Comprehensive Guide On Hiring A Dedicated Development Team In Canada

Do you want to hire dedicated development team in Canada? Offshoring is easier than ever before, so why stick to a Canadian team? Dedicated team development Canada may be more expensive, but there are several benefits to consider as well. 

In this article, we’ll go into detail about what it takes to hire a dedicated team of developers Canada and the benefits of this approach. 

Why Hire Dedicated Development Team In Canada?

When it comes to offshoring, finding a Canada dedicated development team for hire may not be your first choice. Most people hire development teams in nations like India, China, or Eastern Europe, where rates are low, and expertise is high.

But there are several benefits to sticking to Canada, including:

Time Zones

If you are based in North America or Canada, finding an offshore team to manage your work in Asia or Europe isn’t easy because of time zone differences. Your team may be asleep when you are awake, and vice versa. If you need to collaborate closely with your team developers, it’s best to find a team in your time zone. 


Your dedicated software development team needs to be able to communicate with you and your team in your native language. Canada is a melting pot of cultures. While the official languages are French and English, there are many other languages you can recruit for. 


Canada has invested heavily in technology and infrastructure. When you hire your dedicated development team Canada, you know that they’ll be highly trained and experienced and that their network will remain stable.

Political Stability

Recent tensions in Russia and Belarus, and even China, have made it difficult to use those destinations for offshoring. Canada’s political climate is very stable, which reduces the odds of disruption. 

How To Hire Your Team

If you are convinced that Canada is the best destination to recruit from, you can start your search. There are a few options you can try to find your team. If you have a well-run and well-staffed HR department that understands technology, you can post ads on popular Canadian job boards and look for candidates yourself. The HR department will have to screen the candidates and set up interviews, which you may need to attend in person. This method poses a few problems. 

Firstly, your HR department may not understand the technical jargon you provide them within the job description. They might pass over good candidates because their resume doesn’t seem to match the skill set, even though it does. For example, a candidate may not have Flutter experience, but if they’ve got good development skills, they can pick it up quickly. Secondly, it’s very time-consuming to interview candidates one by one. It might not be easy to get candidates to apply just through job boards. 

Tech recruitment has become real science. You may need to visit Github, forums, hackathons, and conferences just to fill one or two roles. Again, this isn’t difficult, but it requires a significant time commitment from you. 

You should hire freelancers that promote themselves on LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork as well, but this requires a good deal of management and organization on your part as you juggle freelancers with different schedules and priorities. It can be hard to pull together an entire team this way but consider using one or two freelancers to fill any skills gaps you might have after you’ve started hiring. 

One of the best options you can try is to use an agency that specializes in putting together local or remote teams. Believe it or not, it may actually be cheaper than using a recruitment agency and much easier than using your own HR because the agency already has teams of qualified developers that are ready and willing to start work on your project at a moment’s notice. 


There are plenty of reasons to outsource developers from Canada. If you want to hire dedicated development team in Canada, don’t try to do it all yourself. You can save time and money by hiring an agency to find the best candidates within your budget. If you are interested in software team hiring, you can also learn about the peculiarities of hiring a dedicated development team in Romania, one of the European countries, for comparison.

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