Outsourcing Companies In Eastern Europe: How To Choose The Best One? Checklist For Businesses Of Any Size

Outsourcing Companies In Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe software outsourcing is becoming the new normal for many international software companies. The Europe IT industry is holding the title of IT hotspot and is commanding many projects. The reason for this domination is a community filled with tech-savvy and creative minds.

Europe has the highest number of students graduating from universities. Plus, the region is also integrating the latest tools and technologies. In simple words, their IT industry is flourishing.

According to the reports, in 2020, the Europe IT industry was worth around $500 billion. It is expected to reach $900 billion in 2027. These numbers are not a joke. Europe is seriously expanding its grasp. It is a perfect opportunity for international companies to hire software developers in Eastern Europe.

According to the reports of GSA, 69% of the international clients are looking to outsource their projects. But why are they doing this? Well, Europe is the hub of talent. Their pool consists of every type of software developer, making it suitable for companies to hire top software development companies in Eastern Europe.

There are many outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe that have a name on the list of Top choice list. Consider going to the link provided above to read about them.

Benefits Of IT Sourcing In Eastern Europe

With Eastern Europe software development outsourcing, there are more advantages than just getting your hands on top software development companies. The companies have matured their work style and can work as true business partners. It will be a secondary extension of your company. Here are the benefits of IT sourcing in Eastern Europe.

No language barrier

Many companies have stated that they have seen the issue of the language barrier. They weren’t able to communicate clearly with the outsourcing companies. And that led to the project going under the water. Moreover, their in-house team wasn’t able to collaborate because they weren’t able to deliver the key details of the project to the outsourcing company.

Eastern Europe software development outsourcing is a good option if you want to avoid that. Every native of Europe is a fluent English speaker. So, with IT sourcing in Eastern Europe, you will be sure that you are getting what you want.

Lower costs:

A company can get its hands on Top software development companies in Eastern Europe at a lower rate. The outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe are more affordable than companies present in America. You can easily get European software developers at a 50% lower rate compared to developers in America or Western Europe.

The money saved from here can be used in other important parts of the project like buying IT infrastructure or hiring a bigger team.

No major paperwork for hiring:

In many cases, the onboarding of European software developers can be done within 3-5 days. This saves you the amount of time and the hassle that comes with hiring an in-house team. With in-house teams, there are steps involved like job posting, interviews, and paperwork. That is not the case with software companies.

Eastern Europe Software Outsourcing – How To Choose The Best Firm

Yes, IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe is worth it and is affordable compared to the rest of the world. But, that does not mean you should use the kamikaze style. Whenever you are searching for IT sourcing, consider these points:

Go through technical expertise:

Whenever you are going through the list of IT outsourcing companies in Europe, check their technical experience. Create a list containing your project’s programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. And then compare that list with the skills of the potential team.

Go through their reviews and ratings:

There are plenty of websites that can show you the ratings of the outsourcing firm working in Europe. It is basically an online directory of these professionals. If you are not able to find the ratings of your desired firm, you can always visit their website and check there. Ratings and reviews show how well the firm performed in completing the past projects. That will give you a detailed insight on whether to select that firm or not.

Onboarding speed:

Top outsourcing firms will take around three days to present you with the best-suited candidates. Whereas a poor-performing firm will take days. That will give you an idea about how the company will perform when they have your project.

Billing information:

A good outsourcing firm will always give you a detailed oversight of the expenses. They will accurately calculate the number of hours vetted in the project. Ask them whether they will be on a retainer or on a project basis.

This is our research on hiring Eastern Europe software outsourcing firms. The secret behind getting a good firm is consistency and patience. If you can offer that, we are sure that you will research to the point where you will be working with a high-end firm.

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