How Does A VPN Improve Internet Speed In Canada?

How Does A VPN Improve Internet Speed In Canada

Precisely, VPN does not improve internet speed. Most Canadians trust to help them complete their binge-watching routines by grabbing a VPN subscription.

VPNs are a great resource to unblock blocked sites subject to geo-restriction and copyright issues, where they grant you access to certain locked websites. This concept of VPNs and improvement in internet speed are two contradictory things.

VPNs are typically believed to slow down internet connections. They have no part in accelerating the speed. However, this blog post will discuss a few VPN exceptions and how they contribute to faster internet in specific situations.

How Does A VPN Improve Internet Speed In Canada?

Improved internet speed means increased bandwidth, and VPN can’t do that. VPN primary masks you as a native by getting you a local IP address to connect you to the native server. So not only in Canada but nowhere on Earth can the VPN serve you in this regard. However, as mentioned before, there are a few exceptions to this, which we will cover in the upcoming sections!

Exceptional Scenarios Explaining Improved Internet Speed In Canada Using VPNs

ISP Throttling

One of the most commonly observed phenomena is , declared as an exception to the statement. ISP throttling is mainly observed in localities with poor internet neutrality legislation. When this is the scenario, the internet service provider decides to throttle certain kinds of internet traffic, for instance, high-definition internet streaming or peer-to-peer downloads. This step is taken to limit the amount of bandwidth one may use.

This is where the special role of a VPN in a move towards improving internet speed is observed. The VPN masks the type of traffic that you send. These steps refrain the ISP from what it usually does in case of poor net neutrality and make it almost impossible for it to throttle selectively.

Peering Agreements is the platform where you get a subscription to a reliable VPN to stream remarkable streaming services on your devices. Continuing with the concept mentioned above, let’s explore the role of VPN in improving internet speed when ISP has weak peering agreements.

You must first learn what a peering agreement is. Almost self-explanatory, a peering agreement refers to the contract fixed between two networks to collaborate as peers and transfer each other’s traffic. If your Internet Service Provider doesn’t meet the peering agreement’s requirement, your internet connection can experience a speed below the good speed level.

In this situation, a VPN can speed up your internet connection by masking your data origin.

Because other networks can’t figure out your data coming from a poorly configured network.

Why Do VPNs Slow Your Internet?

Right from the beginning, we have discussed VPNs being a solid cause of laggy internet and slow speed. In this section, we feel the urge to brief the readers on why VPNs do so.

If we sum up the whole concept comprehensively, it says using a VPN adds an extra step between the user and the website or the server to which the user tries to approach or get access.

Important Points To Know

VPNs, internet connection speed, and their relationship are all technical topics. Although we were discussing ways that could help us to improve the internet speed in Canada, we must touch on other important things.

How to check if your VPN is slowing down the internet speed?

By performing a simple task, check if your VPN is messing with your internet connection speed. Go to and run a test. Once it is finished, note the results. Next, rerun the test after disconnecting the VPN. Calculate the difference. The difference between the two readings will vividly explain the situation. You may easily sort out whether your VPN is working fine or not.

How to speed up your VPN connection?

Your VPN may often slow you down, but it’s good to know how easily we can cover it by doing a few things. Switching to an alternate VPN server is the easiest way to speed up your VPN connection when it becomes super lazy. This hack work because the alternate server may carry different server load and physical distances, which can change the game.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an authentic platform to get a VPN subscription, is the right place for you. But you must learn that a VPN subscription will exclusively help you pass through geo-restrictions with grace. VPNs do not have a role in improving internet speed in Canada. However, a few exceptional cases exist where a VPN sits behind the steering and accelerates the internet connection speed.

This blog post has highlighted and finely explained this exceptional cases like peering agreements and ISP throttling. We are sure this blog post has been the best and most comprehensive read on VPN and Internet speed so far!

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