How To Charge A Nook Without Charger; All Things About Nooks

How To Charge A Nook Without Charger

Nooks are a great way to relax and listen to music, watch a movie or read some book online. For mobile device users looking for a bigger screen, a nook is the best way to go, even though it doesn’t match the possessing power of high-end tablets.

One major issue with the nook is its charger. Nooks require a special charger and cable to connect to other devices or to charge the battery.

This could be a problem if your charger is damaged or lost, so let’s see how you can get around this;

How To Charge A Nook Without Charger

You can charge a nook even if you don’t have the special charger. Their charger is a 12-pin micro USB which is designed to charge the device as fast as possible.

However, if you don’t have this cable, you can use the average USB cable to charge your nook.

The only difference between the nook charger and a normal USB is the number of pins they have. The higher number of pins in the nook charger makes it work much faster than a standard USB.

When you connect the USB, the nook will tell you that it’s not charging, but you should just leave it.

After some time, you will notice that it picks up some charge. This method will need you to be patient since it might take up to thrice the time to charge your nook.

General Nook User guide

A nook can be an amazing tool for you if you learn how to use it correctly. There are numerous versions of the nook, but they share an architectural structure.

The nook is simple in use, but you might experience a challenge when loading the eBooks. Here is a guide on how to use your first nook;

The nook uses Adobe Digital editions to work alongside overdrive. This program can be downloaded for free, and you can use it on any computer. You can get it on the adobe website, and it will be saved on the download file.

Click on the download to install the app, follow the prompts to install the program on your computer.

Once it is done, open Adobe digital editions on your computer, and you should see a window on how to get started.

Now plug your nook into the computer using the cable that came with the nook. The nook will pop up on your computer, close its pop-up folder and go to Adobe Digital Editions. Your nook should not have any data in it at this point.

You can download an eBook on the computer or any other file you want to use on your nook. When you open the eBook on your computer, it will open in Adobe digital editions, and the first time you will have to0 provide your Adobe ID.

If you lack an Adobe ID, you can easily create one free of charge and use it with the program. The program will start reading your book, but you will see the book and the nook on its left side if you go to your library.

You can drag the book and put it into the nook, and it will be moved there for you. Before you start using your nook, you have to disconnect it from the computer. Go to my pc and eject the nook, then pull the cable out.

The way you can get to the book varies between the nook models. For a black and white nook, go to my documents under my library.

On a color nook, the book will not be added to your library; instead, it will be in a folder called my files.

Go to the folder labeled my stuff and press on it to generate a small pop-up menu. On this menu, click on my files, and in the next window, you will see the digital editions folder. Open this folder, and you will find your eBook saved there.

If the book does not come up on your nook, you should clear it out and reload it. You can plug the nook into your computer, but this time open it like a folder. Delete the “digital edition” and “adobe digital edition” folders.

Now repeat this process, and if the nook does not pop up, you can get it on my computer as a drive.

How To Restore A Nook To Its Factory Settings

You could be enjoying the nook, but then it starts malfunctioning for no apparent reason. The buttons could malfunction; some of your applications or files go missing, yet you didn’t delete or move them.

You can fix these issues by restoring the nook’s factory settings. This is something you should not often do, do it only when you have no other option.

  1. Unlock the device and long-press the power button at the back to shut it down. It will show you on the screen that the nook is off.
  2. Hold the power button on the back for about 4 seconds until the screen goes blank, then hold the lower buttons on the side of the nook until the device goes white or black.
  3. A menu will come up on the blank screen. Scroll down on the menu and select backup and restore. Press the home button to accept this setting which will bring a new menu.
  4. Select the option to restore from the internal SD card and use the home button to accept the setting in the new menu.
  5. The next window will give you the date of the settings you want to install; select it, and it will bring you to a new menu.
  6. On this menu, select yes from the series of nos. The device will start loading and restoring all its data to the original settings. It will then bring up a new window to confirm that the restore was successful.
  7. On top of this screen is a menu and the first option is to reboot the system, select it, and the nook will get restarted as it normally would.

This will work the same way it does with a mobile phone. It will wipe all the data on your nook, including all the sittings and updates you had added to it. When the device reboots, you will realize that the device is as you bought it.

Why Should You Get A Nook?

Reading is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby if you pick your books right. There are billions of books in a wide variety of genres, and so if you put your mind to it, you will be sure to get a book that suits you and captures your attention.

So why should you get an eReader? The simple answer is because you love reading. If you love paper books, you ought to think about getting a nook since it is better than a book.

Sure, a book will give you a better reading experience, with the smell and feel of the pages as you move to the next, but an eReader is more convenient. The advantages of using an eReader outweigh those of using a book by far.

Starting with portability, let’s say you want to travel or you move around a lot. You will not be able to carry all the books you are reading because they will be too much luggage. This will be an even bigger issue if you are reading multiple books at the same time.

You would have to carry all the titles everywhere you go, and this will become cumbersome. A nook will save you all this trouble by putting all your books in one location.

You can carry more books with you in one device that won’t wear you down or take up space.

If you are used to reading ebooks but do it on a laptop or cellphone, you need to stop and switch to a nook.

This is because the light from a screen tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, and that’s why it is hard to get any sleep when reading at night.

EReaders have technology that simulates ink on paper, so instead of shooting light into your eyes, it pushes it away. Since it mimics ink on paper, you won’t have an issue with your eyes because of the light.


You can use a standard USB cable to charge your nook if you don’t have a special charger for it. The nook will tell you it’s not charging, but if you leave it for a few minutes, it will charge.

The only problem is that a USB charger will slowly charge the nook, so you need to be extra patient with it. A nook is a tool that can be very helpful, especially to those that love reading.

Reading from a paper book has many perks, but you should look for a nook to enhance the efficiency of your reading plans.

With a nook, you will be able to carry several books around without dealing with the luggage.

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