How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing With No Experience Abroad?

How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing With No Experience Abroad

Digital marketing includes a variety of marketing tactics and techniques that are put in place to reach consumers online. This type of marketing is preferred because it can be tailored to reach a specific audience. It also reaches more audiences than traditional marketing. 

Digital marketers work both remotely and in-house. This makes it possible for digital marketers to work for people, regardless of location. The best place to get a job in digital marketing no experience Abroad is on the Internet. However, breaking into the world of digital marketing can be tasking, especially for someone without experience. You need to know how to go about it to do it successfully. 

In this regard, we have teamed up with expert digital marketers from Job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on how to land a job in digital marketing without any prior experience abroad. Let’s explore more. 

How To Get Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Starting digital marketing with no experience can be challenging. Most companies require you to have some knowledge before employing you to be their digital marketer. However, you can still get entry-level jobs. Here are some tips to go about it:

1. Pick a Specialty 

There are various branches of digital marketing. They all involve different things. Therefore, they cannot be done together. Thus, the first step toward starting a career in digital marketing is for you to pick a specialty. You can choose from different fields, including email marketing, SEO, and Content marketing. 

2. Build Your Foundational Knowledge

After picking a specialty, the next thing you should do is build knowledge around it. You can learn from the internet, read books or watch videos. You should ensure a sufficient understanding of the digital marketing branch you want to explore. 

3. Take A Course and Get Certified 

Another step towards becoming a successful digital marketer is taking a course. Taking a digital marketing course will help you have a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing. 

You can take a digital marketing course online, and it usually doesn’t take long to get certified as a digital marketer. Being certified as a digital marketer will increase your chances of getting employed. 

4. Practice What You Have Learned

Digital marketing involves skills. However, skills need to be practiced to get better. Therefore, you should endeavor to practice what you have learned as a digital marketer. You can also consider doing a digital marketing internship to gain more experience and skills.

5. Be Proficient in Using Digital Marketing Tools

The next thing you should do to improve your journey toward becoming a digital marketer is to learn about the necessary tools for the job. You must be vast in many tools, such as Canvas, Optinmonster, HubSpot, and Convertkit, that will make your job easier as a digital marketer.

6. Build a Portfolio

The next thing you should do after learning and getting experience is to build a portfolio. Your portfolio shows people what you can do and is a good point of reference for you. Collate the jobs you have done for practice, and make an impressive portfolio. 

7. Network

You can network online and in person. Networking will help people know about what you do, which will, in turn, allow you to get employed. In addition, you should network with other digital marketers and people in related fields. 

8. Apply for Jobs

After learning all there is and preparing, it is time to apply for jobs. You can apply for jobs as freelance digital marketers, or you can apply to companies. To get employed remotely, you should search on job aggregators like Jooble. Also, you can get jobs on social media or through referrals. You can also get freelance digital marketing gigs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. 

Branches Of Digital Marketing You Can Specialize In

Digital marketing has different branches you people can explore. However, we will be discussing eight main categories of digital marketing in this section. 

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common branches of digital marketing is SEO. This marketing technique is used to make content rank high in google searches. SEO will determine whether your content will be on the first page or lost in the middle of nowhere. 

Many companies are getting SEO marketers because they need to make their content highly available to many. You can therefore consider going into SEO if you want to start digital marketing. 

Pay Per Click

Another branch of digital marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a marketing strategy that makes advertisers pay a certain fee when their ad is clicked on. Many people use PPC to market their business because they can be sure to pay only for people that have seen their ad. It is, therefore, an excellent digital skill for anyone to invest in as it is widely demanded. 

Social Media Marketing

This is also another popular digital marketing branch. It is the use of social media to promote content, thereby generating income. Many companies get social media marketers to help push their products because many people use them, which is relatively easy. 

Content Marketing

This marketing strategy involves creating, publishing, and sharing relevant content to attract and engage people. As a result, it is easy to build a community around content marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another marketing technique. It involves using emails to target audiences. Email marketing uses personalized emails to communicate with its audience. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing involves promoting content, goods, and services on any mobile device. These mobile devices may include phones, tablets, or laptops.

Marketing Analytics

This involves studying data to evaluate the performance of a marketing trend. Marketing analytics helps companies know the right approach to take towards their marketing. They are also able to determine a marketing technique that works.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves publishing an ad for someone else and earning a percentage. Affiliate marketing involves using affiliate links to drive traffic to a website or convince customers to make a purchase. The marketer shares the affiliate link and then earns, depending on the people who check it out. 


Digital marketing is a popular skill nowadays. However, starting digital marketing without experience can be tasking, hence the need to learn about it. This article has walked you through the steps to land your first digital marketing job as a newbie. Follow these steps concisely, and you are on the path to success as an affiliate marketer. 

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