How To Reset Ring Camera; Guide To Your Home Safety

How To Reset Ring Camera

You can never be too safe, so every tiny addition to your home security system could make a difference and keep you, your family, and your property safe from criminals. One of the best deterrents of crime is open and concealed security cameras.

Security cameras will not prevent a crime, but they will help you figure out what happened, and the police can use the footage to find the perpetrators. 

Ring is a famous brand in this field so let us take a closer look at how to handle their products and if they are worth the money;

How To Reset Ring Camera

You will have all your Ring cameras in your account for you to access their footage, but you might need to sell the camera. 

In this case, you will have to do a reset to get it off your account, so you don’t invade the buyer’s privacy, so let’s get into it;

  1. First, get the screwdriver from Ring; if you don’t have it, you can use the T15 to release the mounting bracket of the doorbell and expose the interior.
  2. When you turn the mounting bracket around, you will see an orange button; hold it for at least 15 seconds to initiate the reset. This will restore all its settings and data to the factory, and you can sell it or reinstall it.
  3. Go to your phone, the menu on the app. Under devices, go to the doorbell, and in its window, click on the gear icon and hit “remove device.” It will ask you to make sure, and once you do, you will have completed the factory reset.

How To Get The Best Security Camera For Your Home

Choosing the right camera for your house can be challenging, especially when there are so many products in the market to choose from. 

As such, you need a guide to help you figure out how to classify the cameras and what to look for in them; let’s get started;

1. Where do you plan to put it?

When shopping for a security camera, the first thing you need to consider is whether you will put it indoors or outdoors. 

Cameras for outdoor use have significantly different characteristics from indoor cameras, and in most cases, they won’t work well in reverse.

If you want an outdoor camera, you need to consider the weather and positioning of the camera. If you need a doorbell camera, it will be outdoor but well protected from the weather, so it won’t need waterproof features.

You will need to get a waterproof camera for a camera you want to install at the gate, so you don’t have to replace it whenever it rains. 

Indoor cameras are relatively easier to pick since they aren’t in danger from rain or damage, and in most cases, they last longer.

2. Lighting in the environment of use

Something else you need to think about is whether you need extra lights around the camera for it to capture footage correctly. 

You could have installed a camera, but it doesn’t have enough light to discern images at night, which defeats the purpose of a security camera.

There are numerous camera options for the dark, but these are often good choices for indoor use. Such cameras will allow you to switch off your lights in the house but still get clear pictures, and they are often more expensive than regular cameras.

You can use a regular camera with lighting features for an outdoor camera. Most people leave the security lights on outside the house, and most cameras can work with this light and give you good footage.

Ring offers you some options for cameras that need additional brightness. Their best is a camera with security lights attached to it, so it deters criminals and records any that come onto your property.

3. Power source

When choosing a camera, you also need to consider the power source you will use, influenced by where you want to put it. 

You have three main options for power, solar, battery, and hard wire, and your choice depends on your situation.

For indoor cameras, the best source would be power from the main since it is stable and needs less maintenance. 

Get the correct installation, and you won’t have to look at the camera or replace its power source for months.

A camera that uses a battery can also work indoors, but you will need to constantly replace the batteries. 

You can use the setup for a remote location that you go to, but if you don’t want to check on it regularly, try using solar-powered power cameras.

Putting these three factors in mind will help you get the perfect camera; for instance, you could want a hardwired outdoor camera with extra lighting. 

This will narrow your options down to Ring’s Floodlight cam and Spotlight cam, from which it is up to your budget. 

Best Picks For Ring Cameras

If you want to go out shopping for a Ring camera, you need to know some of the most popular products in the market. 

This information will help you make a better decision that will help you keep your home safer so let us look at some of their best products;

1. Ring Floodlight Cam

The first camera is the Floodlight Cam, a popular product and a terrific piece for most people. It is highly customizable to allow for use in different terrains. It has two external lights to shine in the dark and help the camera produce high-quality footage.

You can adjust the lights independently to move up and down depending on the angle you want them to cover. You can also rotate the camera to get a perfect angle and view of whatever you are watching over.

His camera requires a junction box and a hardwired connection, so it might limit where you can use it. You can swap out a floodlight and replace it with this camera since it will work just as well.

2. Ring Spotlight cams

Unlike the Floodlight Cam, the lights are in the same frame as the camera, but they are still versatile. 

These cameras come with many wiring options, and they can fit in almost every situation around your property.

You can choose between the mount, wired, solar, and battery on spotlight cams. The spotlight mount will need a junction box connection, and it comes with three brackets to customize the viewing angles.

The wired camera comes with a 20-foot cord, and you can plug it into a standard power outlet. It has advanced motion detectors and customizable motion zones to control when the lights come on. This feature makes it a good choice for the garage or other entries into the house.

The spotlight cam battery is an easy device since it uses a battery, and it can go anywhere, even remote areas, without electricity. 

It has standard Ring quick-release rechargeable batteries, and each camera holds two batteries to give you double the time.

Ring Camera Features

You need to know some general features that ring cameras offer to help you know if they are the best choice for you. There are many cameras for different purposes, but here are some features they all have;

1. 1080p HD Video

Ring cameras will offer you high-quality footage, and you will get pictures as good as most movies from your security feed. 

This is advantageous in helping you see what is going in clearly, even at night when you depend on security lights.

2. Night Vision

If you want a camera that works well in the dark, you should consider getting a Ring camera since they offer night vision. 

You can get extra lighting to improve the quality, but the cameras will work fine in limited light conditions.

This feature makes them an excellent choice for indoor use since you will most likely be turning your lights off when you go to bed. A camera that can record in the dark will come in handy in such a situation.

3. Two-way talk

The cameras have inbuilt speakers and microphones, which allow you to talk to people in the camera’s presence. 

This addition allows you to deter a person from your property without going to them, which reduces your risk of getting hurt, and you can do it remotely.

4. Live view

You can add your cameras into your account and connect to them remotely to see what is going on around your property in real-time. You can use the siren to scare the intruders or call the police.


You can open the camera up and reset it by pressing the orange button in the interior, which should erase all the data. Security cameras can be a needed addition to making your home safer from criminals, and it will be easier to find out what is going on around you.

Ring cameras offer you a long list of unique features that make the product a good choice for any user. You can speak through them, set off the siren and turn on the lights from a remote location, making them safe.

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