How To Turn On A Samsung Tv Without A Remote: Working With Smart TVs

How to Turn on a Samsung TV without a Remote

The Samsung Company offers various assortments of television. It ranges from entry to high-end models in the market. 

However, this does not mean that the Samsung remote is any less prone to getting lost. Most people love and praise Samsung because of its efforts to continue innovating great hardware. 

The different hardware includes QLED, which offers fantastic brightness and an array of colors. The Samsung TV is also a reliable platform to install and use your best apps. 

You can game, live-stream, social network, and do many more. You can easily access these apps without the remote. But you won’t be able to use the apps effectively without the remote control. 

The applications and the great features are not the only things people worry about in lost remote control. 

There is another issue which is turning the Samsung TV on and off. However, this shouldn’t stress you in any way because it’s so possible. This article will explain to you more about it or you can read Samsung TV Manuals too.

How to Turn on a Samsung TV without a Remote

There are two ways through which you can turn on your Samsung TV without using a remote control. It can be by using the button on the TV panel (standard manual control) or the SmartThings application.

1. The Buttons on The Samsung TV Panel (Standard Manual Control)

I guess you have been using the Samsung TVs for quite some time. If yes, I’m confident that you have noticed all the models you ever owned come with a built-in power button

All Samsung TV models have a built-in power button. From the button, you can easily power the TV on or off. However, the location of the power buttons varies according to models. 

But it is mainly located at the back of the TV. After finding the power button, press it to turn on your Samsung TV. In addition to the power button, extra buttons allow you to toggle up, down, left, or right. 

2. The SmartThings App

The Samsung TV has a mobile application known as SmartThings. From the application, you can control the Samsung smart TV and other devices. 

The SmartThings app is downloadable from App Store or Google PlayStore. However, it’s only possible to use the SmartThings application if you have preconfigured the app to your television. 

If you had not preconfigured the app, you could not use the SmartThings app after losing the remote. 

Using the SmartThings application is relatively straightforward. If you do not have the application, download it. 

How To Install And Preconfigure The Smartthings App 

As mentioned earlier, you can download it from Google PlayStore or App Store. After download, you install the application on your phone. 

Open your SmartThings app and click on the + icon. It will list several options, tap on the add device option and select the TV. 

After selecting the TV, you click on start and then choose the location of your TV. On location, you have to choose between the three options: home, work, test, and home 2. 

After this, you need to select the TV and then enter the code sent on your TV. That is, the connection will be successful, and you now open your SmartThings app. The remote of your Samsung TV will display on the phone.  

Standard Manual Control

To control your Samsung smart TV without the remote, you must know how to use the standard control. All Samsung TV models have these controls. The only difference is the location of the buttons. 

The standard manual control contains several buttons, which include. 

  • Power on and off button: This button is usually easy to identify. It’s because the button is always bigger than the other, plus it’s located separately. 
  • Menu button: In most models, the menu button is the same button used to power the TV on and off. But in some, it’s separate. 
  • Switching channel buttons:  Mostly, you will see the signs < and > under these buttons. You can use the buttons to change from one channel to the next. The controls are always located next to each other. With them, you can navigate through the various menu options. 
  • Volume control: I’m sure you are aware of the role that the volume control button plays. It helps you to increase or reduce volume. In other models, you can use the button to navigate. 
  • Confirmation key: After accessing the menu button, there are other options that you have to confirm twice to initiate. 

Some older models of Samsung have a special button that allows one to switch the signal source. In most, under this button, it’s written AV. 

In the newer models of Samsung, the control keys look like the gaming joystick. Just next to it, you will find the off and on the button. 

The Actions That Can Be Done With The Standard Manual Control

From the button description, I’m sure you know about the actions you can perform using the standard manual control. From this manual control, you can power your TV on and off. 

Other things you can do are increase or decrease volume, access menu, switch channels, etc.  Using the standard media control can be pretty tricky if you were used to the remote control. 

Plus, it does not offer convenience. You will always have to access the TV from one point. That is where it has been mounted or from the TV stand.  

Using The Samsung Tv Controller

In most Samsung TVs, the controller is at the bottom right corner. The design of the control is that of a control stick, and it allows you to initiate both vertical and horizontal toggling. 

To access the TV menu, you need to press the stick. Long pressing the stick will turn the Samsung TV on or off. You can also access options through a single press. 

The controller layouts vary according to the different models. Some TVs have a controller in the middle. Plus, there are single and five-button designs.  

Ways In Which The Standard Manual Control Limits You

The standard control is not tricky to use. But because most people are used to remote controls, they find it as being problematic and tiresome. Of course, using this control can be pretty tricky and will limit you in several ways. 

Firstly, scrolling through the settings can be pretty time-consuming. It’s even worse when you are searching for a specific channel. 

The only thing you need to do with the remote is key in the channel number, and you are good to go. 

The other thing is that the buttons tend to fail quickly. It’s because most people do not use these buttons when they have remote controls. 

Therefore dust tends to accumulate in the buttons. When you start using the buttons, you might experience significant difficulties. At times the button might even stop working because of such. 

The SmartThings Application

The SmartThings App is already mentioned in this article. But that was a brief description of the application. In this section, we are going to look into its details. 

The Samsung smart TVs do work over the internet. The newest Samsung models have great features that the old ones. The great thing is that you can control them from your smartphone. 

Samsung TVs have their dedicated application for this function. It is known as the SmartThings TV, and you can download it from Google PlayStore or App Store. 

After downloading the SmartThings App, you need to configure it to your TV. You can do the configuration through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or The IR port. 

All the options of connecting the Samsung TV to your smartphone are wireless. The option that you go for depends on your TV model and the capabilities of your mobile phone. 

Standard Features On The Remote App

The great thing about the SmartThings app is that it allows you to use your Samsung TV with remote control. 

From the application, you can change channels, install new applications and even access your social media accounts, among many things. 

Generally speaking, this remote app is just as functional as the remote control. Plus, its installation is quick and easy. 


Your TV remote can get lost or even get spoiled. This does not mean that you cannot use your television. 

This article is about the Samsung TV, which is one of the most popular brands today. Samsung TVs are popular because of their outstanding design and features. 

To operate the Samsung TV, you must not necessarily have the remote. You can use the standard control buttons located at the back of your TV. 

Alternatively, you can use the SmartThings application. The SmartThings application is a Samsung application that allows you to access your TV from your mobile device

With these two options, you can certainly access your channels and favorite apps. Turning the TV on is the easiest thing to do using these two options. 

But for it to work on the SmartThings app, you must have configured it with the TV before the remote got lost. 

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