Introduction To Dark Web Intelligence – What Is It And What Can It Accomplish?

Introduction To Dark Web Intelligence

We are sure everybody has heard horror stories of businesses being brought down seemingly overnight. Massive data hacks. Servers that have been brought to their knees. The works. Large and small companies find themselves in an almost continual battle with bad actors. This is why businesses have to give themselves an advantage. One method is to use dark web intelligence. 

What Is Dark Web Intelligence?

Dark web intelligence is a collection of tools and human input.

Dark web intelligence is all about gathering deep and dark web information. This intelligence can help to identify threats that may be about to hit a business. This allows a business to take a much more proactive approach to neutralize the threat. This means that the damage to a company will be minimal, if not non-existent. 

How dark web intelligence works will depend on the company offering the service and the sorts of threats that may be facing a business.

One of the ‘big’ pieces of intelligence is to keep tabs on whether a business has had its information stolen and being sold online. Remember, many businesses have been closed down due to this happening. A business will be able to warn its customers.

Other services may focus on whether hacking attempts are gathering steam. For example, if people have identified holes in server security, or whether they are asking whether information on a business can be gathered. This issue targets both medium and more enormous businesses, perhaps more frequently than you think. 

Some companies may see the benefit in identifying accounts that may cause risk to their business (sometimes called mule accounts), or IP addresses that may need to be banned from access to their servers.

Whenever a company works with a dark web intelligence company, the process will always involve identifying potential threats and then working out how these threats can be combated. 

What Does Dark Web Intelligence Accomplish?

As we said, dark web intelligence ensures that threats are neutralized before they become a real risk. For example, strengthening server security against potential hacking attempts, stopping certain accounts from registering on the platform, etc.

Not all threats can be caught, sadly. Many people will only report on things they have accomplished (e.g. hacking attempts) after they have accomplished it. However, dark web intelligence can still be beneficial here. For example, if a company is warned that their customer’s details have been stolen, they can work to inform customers and strengthen security quickly.

Dark web intelligence is all about saving companies money. As with everything, prevention is always going to be better than cure. This is why every major company will be investing heavily in dark web intelligence and why many small to medium-sized businesses are starting to open up their eyes to what it can accomplish.

Advancements in Dark Web Intelligence  

It is worth noting that the world of dark web intelligence is constantly evolving. New tools are constantly being developed to stay ahead of threats. After all, bad actors can identify some of the older tools being used and will know how to get around them. This is why dark web intelligence is an ongoing process. It is a battle that will never end, but it is a battle where the tide can constantly be in favor of the business. That business just needs to take action as soon as possible.

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