How To Reset Bose Headphones; Bose Headphone Facts

How To Reset Bose Headphones

Bose is one of the most dominant electronic brands in the US, and they have come up with several amazing products. 

One of their products that have made it in the market is their headphone line, which will be the focus of this article.

Headphones are a complex topic, and often they have fancy features that users might not need, but they pay for nonetheless. 

Let us take a deeper look into Bose headphones and see if they will be worth the money you spend on them and how to use them;

How To Reset Bose Headphones

Bose headphones are more complex than others, and the reset process is different. You might experience issues with playing music or pairing the headphones after a while, and a reset will most likely fix the problem, so let us get into it;

  1. The first step to resetting your Bose headphones is to erase them from the music app. Go to the Bose Music app window and tap on the profile icon on the top left part of the screen, then go to “manage products.”
  2. In the product management window, press edit on the top right part to allow you to select the headphones. Once you’ve selected them, click on the option to delete, and you will be ready to continue with the reset.
  3. Find your USB C and the Bluetooth button on your headphones to reset. You will need to plug in your USB C cable while holding down the Bluetooth button until you see two LED flashes next to the USB C port on your headphones. 

Once the LED flashes, your headphone reset will be complete, and you can unplug the power cable and reconnect the device to your Bose Music app.

How To Reset Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds 

Another good wireless option from Bose is the QC earbuds, and they will be a good choice for someone who doesn’t want the bulk that comes with headphones. They are lighter, easier to pack when traveling, and offer high-quality playback. 

You will use almost the same process to connect them to your Bose Music app, but you might have some connectivity issues. 

If you want to pair your earbuds to something else, you will need to reset them to get them into pairing mode.

Resetting will clear all the data and allow you to connect to new devices. Here are the steps to follow if you decide to reset the headphones to fix the issues;

  1. Get your USB charging cable and plug it into the outlet and the charging case for your earbuds. You can check the white lights on the case to know if power is coming through. 
  2. Once the lights start flashing, open the case, wait five seconds, and hold the Bluetooth button for between 2o to 30 seconds. While you do that, the system will clear all the data to reset your earbuds. 
  3. Watch the white light, and once the blue lights start blinking, you will know that the earbuds are good to go. Take the charger out of the earbuds, and you can pair the earbuds with your phone.

If you want to pair the earbuds to a new device, all you need to do is close the case and reopen it. Go to the Bluetooth settings, and find the earbuds in the list of available devices. Click on it, and it will connect without any problems.

These earbuds stand out in the market because of their superior comfort and noise cancellation features. 

You should get them if you travel often and have a problem with the engine noise drowning your music.

Does Bose Offer The Best Noise Cancellation?

Bose has set the standard for premium standard noise cancellation headphones for several years. They have been a go-to for most people for train rides and flights for years, so we need to know what is different about them.

In a pair of noise cancellation headphones, you look for a couple of things, build quality, sound quality, comfort, and how good the noise cancellation is. The Bose QC35 has an amazing build quality that matches its other products.

They are plastic-build headphones, and they are light and offer an increased amount of flexibility. The combination of flexibility and lightweight is why they are so comfortable for most users. 

They have soft foam on the top band and soft ear cushions for your ears, making them more comfortable than most products on the market. Wearing these headphones for a long time won’t be a problem since comfort is a huge plus. If you’re looking to buy new technology for your company or school, you can find great deals on bulk headphones with TechXpress

Since they are wireless, you have to worry about the battery life and controls; the controls from the QC35 are at the back of your right ear cup. 

They have play controls and volume up and down buttons; they are all tactile and high-quality buttons which is crucial when you press them blind. 

The QC35s will offer you about 20-hour battery life, and each time you turn it on, it will tell you the battery percentage you have left. If you can use a pair of headphones and charge them once or twice a week, then you don’t have to think about them.

The sound quality is good, but it’s nothing mind-blowing; it is like a normal pair of closed-back headphones. You paid for the headphones mostly because of the noise cancellation so let us look at that.

Bose does noise cancellation better than anyone else, and it is pretty much what they specialize in. 

You can see microphones on the headphones to pick out outside noises and cancel them out, and anyone that has used Bose noise cancellation knows the experience. 

It is great for flights, trains, buses, basically any time you want to block the outside world and listen to your audio. Bose has put together a complete package for noise cancellation headphones.

Bose has remained the best option for noise cancellation audio devices, and it is a brand you might want to look into when considering headphones. 

Do You Need Noise Cancellation

There are many questions about noise cancellation, and at times, you need help to figure out whether or not you need it. 

Before you decide if it is worth it, you need to know what it is and how it works to make your experience better, so let’s jump into it;

You need to differentiate noise cancellation from sound isolation. Sound isolation creates a clap on your head using force; the headphones have the force to press down on your ears and create an isolated environment for you; only the ear cup and music create the effect.

The benefit of having sound isolation rather than noise cancellation is that you will have better sound quality. 

Still, they won’t block out engine noises and noise cancellation headphones. Another type is the passive noise cancellation headphones.

 These play a generalized background white noise to cancel out sounds in your environment. This can create a problem since it will create noise in your music, and it won’t be as clear as you need it to be. 

It will also not block all the sounds coming into your headphones, and if you have different sounds than what the headphones are good for, you will hear them. Most people’s favorite is the Bose QC35 active noise cancellation headphones.

The Bose headphones will maintain the sound quality while canceling noise, which is their legacy. 

Active noise cancellation will play an alternative sound at 1800 to the environmental noise, and it will play the sound through your music. 

They have a microphone outside the headphone to listen to your environment and play it to block the sound, so the headphones and the environment cancel each other out, and your music stays. This effectively blocks numerous amounts and varieties of noises, including engines.

One issue with noise-canceling headphones is that they can process quick sounds fast enough, so you might hear people talking or things moving if they aren’t rhythmic. The sounds will get through since the headphones can’t react fast enough to block them out.

On the positive side, the noise cancellation headphones are great for traveling, and they will keep out engine noise, car noise, and anything with a consistent sound. 

Repetitive sounds give the headphones time to put the sounds through your music, and you won’t hear them. 

Keep this change in mind when looking for noise cancellation headphones; don’t discard them because you hear a couple of sounds now and then. Sound cancellation technology is improving, and it is worth it even in developmental stages.


You need to reset Bose headphones to connect them to new devices, so this is a skill every headphone owner needs. Unlike most brands, when resetting, you need to plug the Bose headphones into a power source, so always have your USB cable close.

Bose is most popular because of their headphones and earbuds’ amazing noise cancellation features. If you constantly travel and require a way to block out the engine noise, Bose headphones will be a good choice for you.

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