What Is Amos App? All You Need To Know

What is Amos App

It’s interesting how we have many apps today. It’s easy to find new apps with the Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, and many more. 

PlayStore and App store offers developers, companies, and individuals a platform to advertise their various applications. The specific users can also easily download the applications from the Google play store. 

In addition to having platforms that make downloading apps easy, advancements in computer technology and mobile phones make app creation so easy. 

Today, you can find software that can guide you to develop an app even if you have little knowledge about coding and so on. 

Through YouTube, you can learn basic coding skills which can help you build an application. In this article, we are going to look into one specific app known as Amos. You will find all the information about the app and all around it. Let’s start by finding out. 

What is Amos App?

Amos is an app that allows you to make new friends on Snapchat. The app does believe in real relationships. 

It does not allow you to add random friends to your Snapchat. With the Amos app, you are certain that you’ll make meaningful and real connections. 

Additional Information

The Amos app is not that popular yet. It was released on 10th July 2020. Currently, it can only be supported by the iOS operating system. It can perfectly function on your iOS 10 or later, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. 

The Amos app offers you the chance to meet various people from all parts of the world. You can also easily add any new friend, plus create a clear profile that informs who you are. 

You can also post stories and get more story views. Another great thing is that you can earn diamonds which will help you create more usernames. 

However, you should note that the Amos app is specifically build to help us find new Snapchat friends in a fun way. Please do not confuse it with teens dating sites and be cool when using it. 

Anyone who is under eighteen years cannot use the Amos app. The app has a VIP membership, and it does come with beautiful features. 

With the VIP membership, you can remove all the ads that appear on the feed, unlock likes lists/ crushes, and many more. 

The VIP membership fee for one week is $9.99, and it does auto-renew monthly. The charges will be on your iTunes card after you successfully confirm the purchase. 

Alternatives To Amos App

Making new friends can be quite tricky. It becomes even harder when we grow older. We tend to be busy doing things like paying bills, saving for the future, and many more at this stage of life. 

The great thing is that today we are living in a digital world. There are several things that we can do with a simple click on our phones and PCs. 

One of these things is finding new friends who might end up being your lifelong friends. In this article, you will learn about the best apps for making new friends. 

Bumble BFF

The Bumble BFF is one very popular friends-making app. It’s the best app for those who wish to make meaningful relationships with other people. 

The creators of Bumble BFF insist that the platform was meant to make it easy for people to build supportive and healthy relationships around them. 

The great thing is that it does not limit anyone; you can make friends from any place. I know most of you are already using the Bumble dating app. If so, using the Bumble BFF won’t be that tricky. 

The friend and matches at Bumble BFF are based on your interests and activities. The verification of your account only happens after you successfully upload your photos and fill in your bio. 

Its shows you are ready to make new friends. You can go through other people’s profiles. To connect with someone, swap right, and to pass, swipe left. 

Another dating app requires the woman to make the first move. That’s not the case in Bumble BFF; anyone can certainly make the first move.

Meet Up

Meet Up is surely one of the best places to find friends. With Meet Up, you will have the chance to meet friends that share the same interests as you. 

The interests may include things such as a specific sport, cooking, knitting, and many more. After getting the friends, you can enjoy your hobbies together plus teach and learn one or two things from them. 

Joining the Meet Up App is free and simple and creating your user account is much easy. You can create the Meet Up account using your email, apple, Google, or Facebook account. 

After successfully creating the account, you can now log in and select your city and the specific things that interest you. 

The great thing is that you can find several meetups that are happening in your place. With Meet Up, you can create a group, arrange and host activities. 

It’s possible to personalize and schedule the events, message everybody in the group, and share photos. 

The Meet Up App will need full access to your GPS and network to identify your area and suggest friends for you. 

I vouch for this app for anyone who is looking for a club or group to join. Or if you are interested in running a club like a book club, writers club, and many more. 

Next Door

The next door is another savior app. It was specifically made for those people who have moved into a new neighborhood and wish to make friends. 

It’s private and only involves you and your neighbors. The app aims to build strong and meaningful relationships in the neighborhood or the local area. 

There are several things that you can do using the app other than just making friends. These include selling goods, household items, or holding a virtual yard sale with your neighbors. 

You can also find part-time jobs in your neighborhood through the app like babysitting, dog walking, and many more. The great thing about the app is that it’s so secure. 

It has measures that ensure the matters of a certain neighborhood remain private. Plus, only real neighbors are allowed to join the app and connect with people. It has a very strict verification process before one officially joins. 

Hey Vina

It’s an app for making friends, but it has a different ideology from the rest. You can equate it to a tinder app for girlfriends. 

The app was specifically made for women who are looking for other women to be friends with. The founders did create the application to allow for women’s empowerment. 

It helps strengthen their camaraderie and individuality—the app work just like other friend apps in that you swipe to connect to someone or pass. 

From the app, you can be able to read blogs about women and take various quizzes. June State is the founder and also the CEO of Hey Vina. 

Her mission was to create a global community through which women would inspire and support each other. She strongly believes that women can inspire and change the world for the better if they do it together. 

The app has made a partnership with Tinder, plus it has been featured in prominent magazines like Elite Daily and New York Times. If you are a girl who would love to find a new friend, this is the perfect app for you. 

How To Make Friend Online Safely

Making new and genuine friends online can be tricky. You will want to meet people who think like you. This means you will want to meet people with the same ideas as yours. 

So, when making friends online, you need to be keen and safe. The internet has many people with various behaviors. 

Because you do not know them, you cannot tell what they are capable of doing. However, there are several ways in which you can make friends online while you stay safe

Use the Right Apps

There are thousands of friend apps today. All have been made to allow people to make friends.  It can be casual friendships or romantic ones. 

The main issue comes from privacy and security. Some apps are not safe, and you might end up finding your private information is with the wrong person. 

Use popular apps like Facebook, Bumble BFF, and many more. Some have been listed in this article. In short, you should use apps that go the extra mile to ensure that all that are joining are legitimate. 

Limit the Personal Information

If you join an application that enables you to find friends, you will have to write a bio. The bio gives others an idea of who you are, what you like, and many more. 

In the bio section, ensure that you do not over-share your personal information. 


The Amos app is a very useful app that is partnered with Snapchat. This article will help you understand the application well. 

In addition, we have listed the best apps that will allow you to make new friends. Always be keen on the type of app you choose. Not all apps are legit, and you may end up exposing yourself to harmful people.  

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