Should CS: GO Players Focus On Cosmetics?

Should CS GO Players Focus On Cosmetics

CS: GO players value their weaponry and armor, which is where skins come into play. Each gamer has a unique shooting style, so their weapons must also be unique. CS: GO skins are aesthetically pleasing, with endless designs to choose from. Again, each player is unique, so their choice of skin style will be as well. Skins are available through an in-app purchase, more preferably Steam, CS GO skin trading sites, and other sources.

Is It Really About Cosmetics?

For some players, it is all about cosmetics, others not such much. It really depends on their focus as some may be more interested in enhanced vision, better aim, or improved strategy.

You combine the information above with the sheer amount of competition on the Counter-Strike network, and it should be easy to see how anyone could be overwhelmed. When you think about it, no, it is not all about cosmetics.

The CS: GO Newbie

Anyone who joins a CS: GO platform has their work cut out for them. They must learn all the specifics, such as the different maps, the competition, the various weapons, and their grade. The player’s knowledge will grow with their skill level. 

The massive strategies are completely staggering. Any new player is bound to be overwhelmed.

CS: GO Skins

Along with wrapping up thousands of hours of game time, players could easily invest hundreds in outfitting and customizing their gear. This is especially true for those players and clans seeking a similar appearance. Add the rarity of specific skins to that, and it only adds to the potential complexity. 

It honestly comes down to, what these cosmetics represent. Are they worth caring about? As has been previously noted, these skins and their conditioning do not alter the gameplay. However, some skins might be more scenery-friendly than others. A simple gray or blue might allow players to better conceal themselves while playing on specific maps. 

Any grizzled first-person-shooter veteran knows that a mere .0001 second of a head start can be the difference between a kill and a death.

The Awe Factor

Even more satisfying is the stat-tracking attribute. You are already playing, racking up kills, so why not record your efforts and see how they match up against today’s top competitors? 

At the very least, you can sell or trade them for something more enticing! One thing is certain. If you are going to play and collect on a competitive level, you best get started right away. CS: GO’s been in rotation since 2012, and although the skins are a fairly new addition, dedicated gamers from around the world have already collected some of the rarest of the rare skins.

Just to clarify a bit here, these skins and wraps are designed to go on the player’s weapons and gear. Players can find and collect cosmetic upgrades from everything from gloves and knives to their favorite guns

Simply put, nearly any item in the game can be outfitted with a new and unique color scheme. To help simplify things while also making them more manageable, the creators have grouped the player’s gear.

For instance, all knives, gloves, and their corresponding skins are called Covert items. Players can outfit these items with colors as plain as gray to the brightest of reds. Blues, purples, and pinks are also available. 

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