6 Strategies For Successful Marketing On Your Company’s Board Portal

6 Strategies For Successful Marketing On Your Company's Board Portal

It is not a secret that modern technology is very actively used in such areas as marketing. And it’s not surprising, because it’s much easier to work when you have modern management software at your fingertips.

What Is A Board Portal?

Board Portal is software that allows you to automate board meetings and other administrative portals. It has a lot of features built into it, like:

  • Meeting Manager. You can link the calendar, and documents, and add details. Schedule meetings for the whole administrative staff.
  • Digital Agenda. Use templates or create your own agenda from scratch.
  • Meeting Minutes. Track every productive meeting minute and add your own notes or create votes.
  • Dashboard. It is like your company’s home page. This is where you can keep track of features like meetings, calendars, shared or individual documents, and more. And you can also allow different notifications.
  • Robust Search. Perform an in-depth search for the individual or public documents using keywords, groups, and file types.
  • Board Book Creation. Make an administrative board book where you can link to agendas and meeting invites.
  • Task Management. Create different tasks for every single user and company member. You can also assign tasks to a group of users and track their progress.

In other words, in the process of marketing operations, board meeting management software will be useful in discussing major marketing plans or approval of the strategy.

What Marketing Strategies Can Be Combined With Board Portals

In fact, the virtual boardroom can be combined with all the marketing strategies that exist at the moment. For example:

  • Word-of-mouth type marketing. This is one of the most effective types of marketing that is used quite subtly. With board management software, decisions and corrections can be automated and made more quickly with quick meetings and embedded votes. Also, the task tool can help guide the marketing department toward the right decision.
  • Content marketing. This is the type of marketing that works on content creation and promotion through B2B or B2C. Again, the data security service can be used for data leak prevention.
  • Local marketing. With local marketing, the main focus is on the geographic component of the business. In the past, this was done with yellow pages and billboards. Now it is being used with online advertising on IP address-based pages. SEO developments can be discussed through the board portal and secret information can be stored within the same application.
  • Email marketing. With this tool, email marketing can be automated and edited after each online meeting.
  • Performance marketing. The concept of “performance” essentially means measuring the results of a promotion strategy in detail, allowing the marketer to continually improve and optimize campaigns. Ever since this type of marketing is focused on performance, it can be tracked by a board portal app.
  • Influencer marketing. This is a kind of premium version of the first marketing strategy, where top celebrities or just famous people are involved in advertising. Obviously, with a board of directors software, you can create meetings with celebrities and hold conferences there. It is also possible to create and close business deals there without using paper.

How To Choose A Good Board Portal?

Everything is learned by comparison, and boardsoftware is no exception. The first thing you should do when looking for some tools for your company is to rely on real and unbiased feedback from people who use the same application in the same situation as you do. For example, if someone uses board meeting management software and is in the financial sector but is unhappy with some of the features, you should think about that. Maybe this particular provider is missing some serious features that would be necessary for your business.

In general, you should pay attention to several important issues before you buy a certain product:

  • Are you satisfied with the subscription price? If you are not satisfied with the plans, there are thousands of different offers on the market from different providers, and all you have to do is a board software pricing comparison. It’s really not that difficult. Choose the top 5 sites for board meeting management software and compare the prices of the subscriptions.
  • Does the portal have a shared calendar for board members? This is the most important feature of a marketing meeting. It’s no secret that marketing runs on a clear plan for each day. A calendar can help sort this out in the most detail and can create a task for each day for a particular milestone.
  • How quickly and easily can a secretary create a board book? This feature may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but if you look at it from the perspective of entire marketing campaigns, it’s recognized as quite effective.
  • Does the software allow board members to use electronic signatures? This is important for at least the reason that you will be able to approve or reject proposed marketing changes and plans immediately, without having to wait for a physical signature from one or the other employee.
  • Can board members comment on documents on the portal electronically? This is important for at least the reason that it allows for sudden changes in marketing policy or strategy within the company. If any error is discovered, any board member can comment on the document, and it will be seen by everyone at once.
  • Can team members share notes about documents and reports with each other? This feature is available in almost all virtual boardrooms, but there are various exceptions to this. But it remains the most important feature in terms of the speed of delivering suggestions for changing or canceling a step in a marketing plan.
  • Are there additional costs for mobile apps? Usually, there aren’t, but some providers are burdening large companies with it. You should clarify this point before buying a tool from a particular provider.
  • What are your company’s future plans for improving portal mobility? This is an important aspect if your business is expanding and your marketing appetites are rising as well. Portal mobility means that you can make edits using mobile apps or other portable devices.
  • How easy will it be for board members to get up to speed on updates and enhancements? Without quick document updates, you can’t produce effective marketing plans.
  • Will you have access to 24/7 support? This can help your staff and your colleagues on the board to figure out as quickly as possible when various issues arise.
  • What kind of response can you expect if our board abruptly changes direction and goals? This question is about the flexibility of the board software provider itself. This can be vital in some business situations, including those involving marketing decisions.

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