The iPhone World: What Does Delivered Mean In iphone?

What Does Delivered Mean In iphone

Today, people are living in a messaging world. Almost everyone in the world communicates through texting. Due to advanced technology, new devices have come, including the iPhone. It has many exciting features, including the messaging feature. Even though it is expensive to buy, it is worth your money.

When you send a message to someone, waiting for a reply for a long time can be annoying. Even worse, you may not even know if the person has received the message or read it. However, things are different with iPhone users.

Some iPhone users, especially the newbies, might see a delivered notification and wonder what it means. iPhone lets its users know that their recipient has received a message by sending them a delivered notice.

What Does Delivered Mean?

Most people are curious to know the meaning of the word delivered. The word delivered on iPhones does not appear in every message you send with your iPhone. The word delivered indicates that the device you have sent the message to has received it. However, it does not mean that the recipient has read the message. If the recipient reads the message, it will turn from delivered to read.

The Differences Between Sent, Delivered, Failed, And Undelivered

Texting has been something that most people do. Moreover, even businesses harness their full potential through SMS and text campaigns.

Therefore you must know the keyword in texting. The world of SMS can get confusing, especially for beginners. Some of the keywords you should grasp are delivered, sent, failed, and undelivered. You need to know what each of those words means when you see them. Here is what you should know about delivered, sent, failed, and undelivered.


Have you ever had a sent notification when you’re texting someone? If you see a sent notice, it means that your message has been submitted to the carrier for delivery. It is the first step of the journey of your SMS message to the recipient.

Seeing a sent notification is a sigh of relief that the recipient will receive the message. It can be not very pleasant to send a message only to find out that the recipient did not receive the text. If you receive failed to send a notification, the recipient has not received the message yet. However, the text has reached the server that delivered messages. A weak internet connection might make your message fail to reach the recipient hence receiving the was unable to send notification.

You may find that your message is stuck on sent and wonder why this has happened. There are specific reasons why your message might remain stuck on sent. One of the main reasons is busy periods at the servers. Busy periods might cause mobile network congestions hence making the services of the servers stop.

Another reason why your message might get stuck on sent is probably that the recipient’s phone is off. If the phone of the one you are sending the message to is off, the message cannot reach them. Therefore your message will remain stuck until they switch their phones back on. The text will expire if the message stays for seventy-two hours before the recipient switches their phones on.


When you see the delivered notification, know that it is a good sign. After your message stops getting stuck, then it will get forwarded to the recipient. You can be certain that the recipient of the message has received the message.

Delivered is a confirmation from the service providers that your recipient has received your message. In some cases, you may find you might get the delivered notification even if the recipient has not received the message. It might happen because of a full inbox or issues with device memory. To solve that problem, you will have to delete the cache and then restart your device.


Sometimes, you might send a message to someone, but you get a failed notification. When you receive such information, the service provider has rejected the message and hence cannot get delivered. However, this notification is rare since the service providers use a robust system to avoid such operational issues. There are various reasons you might get a failed notification.

One of the reasons is that your message might be missing some parts. When the service providers notice an incomplete text, they cannot deliver it to the recipient. Therefore they will send you a failure notification.

To solve this issue, you should double-check your message and ensure nothing is missing. Moreover, you should also check that the number you are sending the message to is correct.  Once you do this, you can resend your message and see if it gets sent.

Another reason why you might get a failed notification is connection problems. When the connection drops and becomes too low, it is hard for your message to get sent. However, the connections of the server providers rarely drop. It is a one-time thing.

It might also be that the time you send your message is at peak operating times. Due to high mobile network congestions, your text may fail to get sent. The peak operating times are primarily from around 3 pm to 5 pm. Therefore you can send your message before or past that time and see if it gets sent.


An undelivered status is where your message gets sent but does not get delivered. Such a situation can come when the number or the content of the message is unsuitable. When you mistype a number and send your message to that number, the message cannot get delivered. Moreover, you cannot also send messages to landline numbers.

In addition, the content of your message plays a role in determining whether or not your message will get delivered.  Therefore, ensure that you have the correct message content and the correct number for your message to get delivered.

What To Look For Before Sending A Message

Before you send a message to anyone, there are certain factors you need to consider. These factors will help determine if your message will get delivered. These factors include.

  • Check the validity of the recipient’s number. You should ensure that you put the correct number of the person you want to send a message to. It is also vital that you confirm that the number of the recipient is not a landline number.
  • Try to avoid sending messages between 3 pm and 5 pm. During this time, there is a lot of mobile network congestion. Therefore the chances of your text getting delivered are low. You can send your message before or after this period.
  • Checking the recipient number is of a country that blocks foreign numbers. If you send a message to someone in a country that blocks an unknown number, the message will not get delivered. Therefore ensure the recipient of your message is in a country that allows foreign numbers.
  • Check the size of the content of your message. You should ensure that the message you send is of the correct size to get sent through a text. Moreover, you should also confirm that the recipient’s phone can receive the content you are sending them.

How To Check A Delivered Message In Different Apps


Checking a delivered message in WhatsApp is not a challenging task. If you saw one gray tick, it means that the recipient has not yet received your message. It might be because they are offline. Two gray ticks indicate that the recipient has received the text, but they have not opened it yet. When you see two blue ticks, you will know that the recipient has received the message and has opened it.


When you go to your inbox on Snapchat, you will see received and delivered. A sent notification will get displayed when you send a snap from the app to the server. It will then display received when the server acknowledges that you have sent a message. It will read delivered when the recipient receives the message.


On Instagram, things are different. Your message status can only be either sent or seen. Once you send a message, the message status will turn to send. You will know if the recipient has opened your text when the message status changes from sent to seen.

What Does Pinning A Conversation Mean In Iphone Messaging?

the iPhone allows its users to pin chats during messaging. Contacts you mostly contact will always come first when you pin their talks to the top of the messages. You will swipe right on a conversation, then tap the pin icon.

Can You Schedule An Imessage In Iphone?

No, one cannot schedule a text message to get sent later using iMessages. However, there are third-party apps you can get that will schedule your text messages to get sent in the future.


The iPhone is among the best phones you can buy due to its unique features. Most iPhone users have praised everything about it. One of the exciting features is the messaging feature. It notifies iPhone users if their messages have been delivered when they send messages. Now you know the difference between sent, failed, produced, and undelivered messages.

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