What Is Mip:67 Error? A Simple Guide To Understanding The Concept

what is mip67

Have you ever seen a number and a letter combination with a dash in between it? Well, it is the standard error code that appears on your screen. It is known as the MIP:67 error code. 

People who have encountered this error code before will know what it means. Mip:67 error is a standard error that you might encounter when trying to play your favorite video games. 

This issue is commonly known as the ‘Mip:67 Error,’ and has been around for quite some time now.

The mip:67 error is a fairly common one. It’s also commonly referred to as a 64-bit error or a 404 Error, but they’re all the same. 

This article will cover what you need to know about the mip:67 error and how to fix it.

What Is Mip:67 Error? 

Mip:67 error is a networking error that occurs due to the TCP stack being run with an invalid IP address. When you have more than one network interface card on your computer, or you have a duplicate IP address setting.

This issue can also occur if a user tries to access a network resource from a different interface without disabling the previous one first. 

For instance, this may happen if the IP configuration of the physical network adapter has been modified after accessing it from another virtual machine or a remote connection using RDP or LogMeIn.

Circumstances When Mip:67 Error Occurs

Mip:67 is a generic error message that points to a problem of some kind and can occur under different circumstances such as;

Windows Installer Service

Mip:67 error occurs when there are problems in your Windows Installer, which might occur for various reasons like an outdated version of Windows or corrupt installation files cause this problem.

Windows PC

Mip:67 error is a critical error in the Windows operating system, and it pops up when there is some problem with specific files in your PC.

Game Minecraft

It typically appears when you try to join a server, and it’s not something that can be fixed by yourself. Instead, you need to contact the server host for help.

Servers will usually provide instructions on how to fix Mip:67. Most of the time, this means deleting your current Minecraft profile, which is essentially all of your saved worlds and characters.

 If they don’t give instructions on fixing it, you may have to delete the application data folder to fix this error.

PlayStation 3 console

The Mip:67 error occurs when you boot up your PS3 system, and it displays an error message that says “mip:67” or something similar.

The error could occur when you try to access the XMB menu, play games or install new content (such as downloaded games) to your PS3.

iPhone and iPads

It can appear in many situations, but it means that the device has been hit with an issue that prevents it from installing apps. The reason for this error is a corrupted iTunes Store database or cache issues.

Samsung Devices

You may also encounter Mip:67 Error in your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S5 when you want to transfer data between computer and phone. 

Youtube Channels

The first time you see this message is on YouTube, and it simply means that your video has been blocked for violating the terms of use or community guidelines.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you know how important it is to upload videos regularly so your subscribers can see them. But sometimes, those videos get blocked by YouTube.

In-Built Phone  Cameras

Most of you might be having mobile phones with built-in cameras. Nowadays, a mobile phone camera is used for clicking pictures and recording videos by almost everyone.

 When we try to record a video on our mobile phones, we get an error message “mip:67” on our screen. 

PS4 Consoles

 A damaged MIPS chip causes the error. This is the glue logic chip that regulates power to the console. This problem can be caused by heat, physical shock, or contaminants on the chip’s pins. 

When this happens, your PS4 will shut off immediately and display mip:67 on the screen. It typically occurs after the system has been powered off for several hours or even days. This problem will need to be addressed by Sony before you can continue.

Kindle Fire 

Mip:67 error is a Kindle Fire error that usually occurs when you try to install an app. It can also happen when you try to restore or update your apps on the device, and Kindle Fire software updates bring even more problems.

What Causes Mip:67 Error? 

1. Missing/Corrupt File

This is an error that occurs under Windows Vista, 7, and 8. It’s caused by a file known as “mipcima.dll.” The file is missing or corrupt.

If the error reads: MIPCIMA -67 (0xffffffffc0000005), it indicates the reason for this problem is that the device can’t be found. According to Microsoft, it’s impossible to fix the problem if your operating system is 64 bits.

2. Virus Infection

The most common cause of Mip:67 Error is an infection from a virus or malware. Viruses are usually spread through email attachments, but they could also be hidden in pirated software downloads from websites that promote illegal downloading. 

3. Insufficient Storage Space.

As with any other smartphone or tablet, Mip:67 is mainly related to storage issues. If there isn’t enough space for installing new apps, the device will need to clear some room by removing unnecessary files and data before proceeding. 

4. Incompatibility  Of The Game With Windows Versions

When trying to launch the game, it starts with a black screen and then immediately closes. You can also see an error message Mip:67 when you are trying to start your computer. The cause of this problem is that the game is not compatible with some versions of Windows. 

5. Internet Connection

Mip:67 is a generic error that means the game could not connect to the server. It could be caused by either your internet connection or your account credentials.

6. Outdated/Incompatible Drivers

If you are getting a Mip:67 error on your computer, the drivers must be something wrong. This is because these errors are sometimes caused by outdated or incorrect drivers, causing an issue with the graphic card.

Outdated means that you don’t have the latest version of the driver installed on your computer and incompatible standards that these drivers do not work well with your device or software.

7. Graphics Driver

The MIP:67 error message is displayed in Windows operating systems, and it stands for ‘MIP map generation failed.’ This message can be confusing because most people do not know what mipmaps are. 

How To Fix This Problem?

Windows Task Manager (Mip:67) is a critical process to monitor your PC health. It may become non-responsive or shut down unexpectedly when you are working on something important. 

  • Many reasons can cause the Mip:67 Error Problem, but mainly it’s caused by some bad apps installed onto your computer, outdated drivers, and corrupted files. Update your drivers to fix the issue.
  • Installing anti-virus software prevents your device from malicious viruses.
  • If you experience this particular problem after updating to iOS 11, you may need to restart your device. If you notice your iPhone or iPad has become slow and sluggish

 after an update, try resetting your device.

  • The error mip:67 occurs when an app is unable to access the Internet or another network resource. Poor Wi-Fi connection is usually another cause; You can use alternative connections such as Cellular data.
  • The most common cause of the mip:67 error is issued with the graphics card drivers on your computer. This can happen if you have an older graphics card that doesn’t support newer video games. Update the graphics to fix the issue.
  • The mip:67 error occurs when a program is unable to access the memory required to run. This error may appear due to both hardware and software issues.
  • You must begin troubleshooting this issue as soon as possible; otherwise, the computer might restart on its own, resulting in the loss of unsaved data.
  • If you are experiencing this issue with your Xbox One console, first try restarting it to see if that fixes the problem. 

If it doesn’t work, make sure you use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi and check for any issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

How To Prevent This From Happening In Future

  1. Always ensure that storage space is sufficient in your device. You can delete unwanted files and confirm to clear the recycle bins.
  2. Ensure that graphics and drivers are periodically updated.
  3. Before installing games, check compatibility with your device.
  4. When pasting  URLs to websites, ensure first that the Website recognizes them.
  5. update your DNS settings to prevent errors in YouTube
  6. Purchase good anti-virus programs such as Kaspersky and install them on your devices.
  7. Check internet connection strengths before playing games online or switch to a better internet provider.


Mip:67 errors can be pretty frustrating, but we hope this article was of great help. Mip:67 errors are usually caused by incompatible applications or systems that are not communicating correctly. 

A simple solution is to re-install the application, reboot your computer and close any other running programs.

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