The Latest And The Best macOS Version: How Long Does Big Sur Take To Install?

The Latest And The Best macOS Version

macOS is the latest MacBook version, and its unveiling took place in June 2020 at WWDC and got released in November of the same year. Apple introduced Big Sur as the most major design update ever that it even got the version number 11. It has a design that makes Users feel fresh and familiar at the same time.

The appearance of its windows is lighter, with additional translucent and rounded edges. It has a more translucent Dock and uniform squircle-shaped app icons. Everything about MacOs Big Sur is breathtaking. It should be a must-have software in your MacBook. If you want a macOS Big Sur version, you can download it and install it on your MacBook.

How Long Does Big Sur Take To Install?

Big Sur is the latest macOS version, and most people want to have it in their MacBooks. Most people wonder how long it will take for them to finish installing Big Sur. The Big Sur update is about 12 gigs. Therefore it can take around thirty to forty-five minutes to complete its installation and about twenty minutes to update.

Moreover the time it will take also depends on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a higher internet connection speed, it will take less time to install Big Sur. In some cases, Big Sur may get stuck when installing. If it happens, ensure that you shut down your MacBook and hold option+command+P+R  for twenty seconds. You will then wait until your MacBook restarts and reinstall the Big Sur again.

The Big Sur Review

The following is what you should know about Big Sur.

Big Sur Design

The design of Big Sur overhauls all the other macOS versions. It has a modern but familiar look that focuses on translucency, consistency, and content. The different versions had a small and transparent menu bar. However, for Big Sur, it is long and translucent.

You will not find the separated buttons on the toolbars at the top of the app. Therefore it gives the operating system a more cohesive and streamlined look. The design of the window is lighter with softer and rounded edges. Moreover, there are also color changes to the icons within apps. There is a uniformity of round-edged squircle design in icons for all its native apps.

You can also find an option of disabling the wallpaper tinting hence making the dark mode even darker. There are added symbols in toolbars, sidebars, and controls. Therefore it makes it easier for users to know where to click and what happens when they click. For consistency purposes, the apps with the same tasks share a similar symbol.

Menu Bar Control Center

The menu bar of Big Sur blends better with the desktop because it is now translucent rather than transparent. Moreover, you can find the option of hiding the menu bar when you are not using it. You can get details on your battery life on the battery icon. Moreover, Big Sut includes an optimized battery charging feature to prolong your battery life.

The menu bar also consists of a control center that provides quick access controls to WI-FI, Bluetooth, volume, brightness, and many more. Due to the customizability of the control center, you can customize it to put functions that you mostly use.

Notification Center

It has a redesigned notification center that combines incoming notifications with widgets in a single view. Therefore it ends up providing more information at a glance. Notifications are now in groups created by apps and have more interactive features. Thus you can do an activity like replying to a mail without opening the app.

Updates And Security

Big Sur has way better updates, and it is more secure than the other versions. The Big Sur feature allows the software to update in the background and finish up later. Therefore new software updates will not take long to finish.

Moreover, it also has a new feature powered by a cryptographically signed system volume. It provides users with more protection against malicious tampering. Now, the Big Sur can support the APFS Time Machine Backups. Therefore you can now back up your MacBook using APFS disks.


Safari in Big Sur has a new start page that users can customize with wallpapers. Moreover, it has options to look for favorites, Siri suggestions for frequently visited places, and a new privacy report feature. In Big Sur, Safari is faster and more efficient than it was in other macOS versions.

When compared to chrome, it loads frequently visited areas faster. Moreover, it also streams videos for longer hours than chrome. Big Sur supports HDR safari videos and works with 4K HDR content from Netflix.

Privacy Report

Big Sur allows users to get a report on the number of trackers blocked from looking into your profile. Therefore websites cannot keep a tab on your browsing habits across the web. Clicking on the shield icon will provide you with trackers on a site-to-site basis. The privacy report will give you blocked trackers for the last thirty days.

Tabs And Extensions

Big Sur has redesigned the safari tabs making more tabs visible at once. Moreover, there is another option you can use to hover over a tab and see a page review. In addition, the tabs also have page icons hence making you see everything at a glance.

Big Sur ensures that there are high numbers of extensions for safari users. In addition to the high number of extensions, there is also new added privacy protection. Users have the power to choose which website an extension can access.

Built-In Translation

You do not have to worry if you do not know a particular language. Big Sur has got you covered. Safari in Big Sur has an inbuilt translator that translates seven languages. Users do not need to install an extension to read a whole webpage in another language. It translates English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Brazilian, and Portuguese.

Password Monitoring

Safari in Big Sur can monitor passwords saved in the iCloud keychain. It ensures that the password does not get compromised in any known data breaches. Moreover, Safari will send you a notification to alert you to change your password if it gets leaked.


Big Sur users can pin up to nine essential conversations to the top of the messages app. The pinned conversations get displayed as circular icons at the top of the app. It also has typing indicators that help you know when someone is typing.

Moreover, it also provides inline replies to users helping them to keep a more organized conversation. Inline replies allow users to reply to a particular message starting a new thread and one that users can single out. Inline answers are more helpful to people who are in group chats.

Users can customize their group chats using photos, Memoji, or emojis. The Mention feature lets users direct a message to a specific person in a  group chat. Moreover, users can use the image search to search for new trending images and GIFs, and message effects.  You can find message effects such as balloons, lasers, confetti, and many more.


Big Sur has made a significant improvement in maps. There are features introduced that were not there. Users can plan their routes with cycling directions on their MacBook and send them to iOS. The directions take into account the elevation, busy roads, stairs, and many more things. Moreover, you can find options for planning routes incorporating electric vehicle charging stations.

You will also find a suggestion list as guides of places to eat, shop, and visit created by trusted brands and partners. In addition, you can create your guides in the Maps app and share them with your family and friends.

Bis Sur has added a feature called to look around in the Maps app. The feature enables you to have a detailed exploration of cities. It lets you see airports and shopping centers inside, familiarizing yourself with the place before going there.

Other New Features

Some of the other new features include:

  • Fast user switching allows users to switch user accounts easily and faster without logging out from your MacBook.
  • APP store
  • Weather
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Airpods
  • Apple music
  • Photos

Is Installing Big Sur Worth It?

Big Sur is one of Apple’s most considerable developments. It has brought a lot of changes to the world of macOS. The design of the window has overhauled the other macOS versions. It has a translucent menu bar, unlike the other versions that have a transparent menu bar. You can be sure to enjoy everything on macOS Big Sur.

Can macOS Support Netflix And Youtube?

Apple introduced the features of Netflix to the latest macOS version Big Sur. Big Sur can support 4K HDR YouTube videos in Safari. You can watch high-quality videos at full resolution. Moreover, it supports 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content from Netflix.


Big Sur has been a breakthrough in the world of macOS. Therefore every MacBook user should have it on their MacBook. Most people have asked how long Big Sur takes to install? The time you will take to install Big Sur depends on your internet connection. You can finish the Big Sur installation in thirty to forty-five minutes if you have a stable internet connection.

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