Space Gray vs. Silver MacBook; The Best Comparison Guide

Space Gray vs. Silver MacBook

Apple has become one of the most popular choices for laptops, and this is getting more common. MacBooks are known for their conveniently small sizes and weight, allowing users to move them around quickly and work in remote locations.

Choosing between two devices from the same manufacturer can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Macbooks are expensive, so you have to know that you are making the right decision when you make a purchase, so let’s get comparing;

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Space Gray vs. Silver MacBook

One thing you will like about the silver is its classic look. It is professional with a bright aesthetic that screams Apple and elegance. There is a high contrast between the keys, so you can see which keys you are looking for when typing.

The problem is that it reflects a lot of light on the keyboard; when watching or using a bright screen, you will notice a reflection on your device, which can be a bit distracting at times. 

Silver will remain the classic Apple color, and it is probably the color you will see for years to come. The Space Gray is likely to be discontinued by Apple, but you can get in now if you want it, and it will work well for you.

On the other hand, Space Gray is sleek, uniform, subtle, and a newer color that might serve other people better. The dull color will allow you to use it in bright environments or watch without reflecting on the chassis. 

The problem is that its relatively darker color means that it will show scratches more than the silver, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you take care of it. You will be able to look at the device and get immersed in it without getting distracted by the surroundings.

A cool thing about the Space gray MacBook is that it can appear different depending on its environment. In certain lights, it gets dark grey to the point that it looks black, and then when the light changes, it becomes lighter and almost resembles silver. 

The Space gray MacBook blends better than the silver, which makes the interior look better. The trackpad blends a little better in Space Gray, whereas in the silver, you can see the contrast between the chassis and trackpad.

The outside of the Silver is better than that of the space gray, which is why most people choose it. Its brightness and elegance make it stand out and look professional, which is a good match for most Apple users.

The inside of the Space gray is better than that of the silver since it offers more comfort. You will look at the inside of your laptop more than the outside, so it might be a good idea to select Space gray.

In the end, the laptops have similar specifications, with the only difference being their color. There is no wrong choice for aesthetics; look at the one you like better since you will be using it often, and you should enjoy it.

MacBook Pro Review

When buying a laptop, what you are looking for is a tool to get a particular job done, and you should get a computer that serves you well. Apple released new MacBook pros in 2021, and they are incredible for several reasons; let’s see what these are;

1. Appearance

Apple has made a big jump with their new laptops both on the inside and outside. Let’s start on the outside, these laptops have a top-notch design, but they still resemble a classic MacBook pro. The shape is squared off, and it resembles the old model aluminum PowerBook 

Aesthetically you can see that Apple made the laptops thicker, and this increase has many benefits, which we will discuss later on. Additionally, the new MacBooks stand notably higher on the feet, which gives the back and side vents to cool the laptop.

The Apple logo on the back is slightly more prominent, and there is an engraving at the bottom which looks lovely. Generally, the 2021 MacBook is more extensive, looks better, and has small changes that make it stand out from previous models.

2. Functionality

One of the things you will notice is that there are ports now, this seems like nothing, but it is one of the aspects on which Apple has walked back on from a few years ago. The previous models did not have most of these ports, so you will like it if you use external storage.

You will get an HDMI port and an SD card slot, not included in previous models. You will also like the magnetic charging port that is easy to plug in and unplug; once you get an angle on it, you could take it in or pull it out.

The charging brick on this laptop comes separate from the USB C cable. The brick is 140 watts, which is a lot of power; thus, it allows you to fast charge the laptop if you need to. If you don’t want to, you could use a USB C charger, and it should still work.

The 2021 MacBook pro has an additional feature that some users might appreciate; the headphone jack supports high impedance headphones. Some headphones require more power to run, so they don’t work well on regular jacks.

Standard headphones have between 20 and 50 ohms impedance, but high impedance headphones can go well over 100 ohms. People who use such headphones need an external device to boost their power; the new MacBook will save them space.

The new keyboard is all buttons with no touch bar; Apple has replaced it with a whole row of full-height function keys. The buttons are better, and the entire keyboard is better than the previous years; the backlight gives it an additional aesthetic look that you will appreciate.

3. Performance

The first thing you will like is reliable log-in security. The touch ID on the MacBook works quickly and reliably. In addition to this, it is subtle, so it doesn’t mess with the laptop’s look and feels.

The speakers on this laptop are nothing short of incredible, especially in the 16 inch MacBook. The studio microphones are also improved, and they will make using this laptop more enjoyable and easy for you.

The new displays are incredible both on paper and in practice. They are 10-bit mini LED HDR screens that have a high resolution that almost matches 4K. In addition to this, they have a high refresh rate that makes them a good choice for hardcore gamers.

There is a notch on the top of the screen like the one on iPhones. A 1080p webcam in the notch takes fantastic photos, which is not a common thing for laptops.  The notch also has an ambient light sensor and an LED for the camera.

You might want to complain about the notch, but it does not cut into any content. You will only notice it when you are not using the laptop, but once you do, it will not appear even in screenshots, so it isn’t something you should worry about.

4. Processing Speed and Power 

A laptop will be of no use to you if it can’t handle your data the way you require it. The 2021 MacBook pro has an SSD storage of 512 GB, allowing you to store a massive amount of data without needing external options.

You will also get a RAM of 16 GB, which is double what most high-end laptops offer their users. With 16 GB RAM, you can comfortably run any PC software without having issues with hanging or the computer slowing down.

The screen has a resolution of 3546×2234 pixels, which allows it to render all videos and images with exceptional clarity. Combining this with the screen size and high refresh rate, the MacBook is a good choice for all high-end screen users.

This great laptop has an 8-core GPU which will be more than enough to render your games and graphics in editing. The 14 core CPU makes this laptop stand out from any other in the market and gives it heightened performance. 

The processing power this laptop offers will allow you to use it for a broader range of tasks without pushing it too hard. The 2021 MacBook has performance that is milestones ahead of any other MacBook, so it is worth getting.


The Space Gray and Silver MacBooks have the same specs and size; they only differ in color and aesthetics. This is a subjective topic since people like different things, so the right choice will depend on what you like, not a person’s opinion.

The new MacBooks that came out in 2021 have made waves in the tech world. You will spend thousands of dollars to get one, but it will be worth every penny with the increased performance, functionality, and aesthetics once you do.

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