Does Avast Slow Down Your Computer: Here Is The Shocking Truth 

Does Avast Slow Down Your Computer

The Avast is a standard security tool for your PC. It was published in 1995. Its main function is to protect the computer from malware, viruses, spyware, and many more. 

Avast anti-virus is available in forty languages. Therefore the users from different regions will be able to use the anti-virus without any troubles.  

The anti-virus is also compatible with Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows computers. Avast has a great reputation in the anti-virus industry. 

Up to date, it has had more than 435 million downloads. It has two versions which are the paid and free versions. Most people go for the free version. 

Both versions come with great features Wi-Fi inspector, virus scan, and many more. The paid version, also known as the premium package, has additional features like firewall, sandbox, anti-track premium, etc. 

During a certain time, you might notice that the computer is slow in many processes. Many Avast users do believe that it’s the anti-virus that is slowing the system. 

In this article, we will look if there is any correlation between the Avast anti-virus and your computer lag. So, let’s find out. 

Does Avast Slow Down Your Computer

Yes, at times, the Avast anti-virus might slow down your computer. However, this might happen because of several things. The Avast anti-virus can affect your computer’s speed because of the background updates. 

The anti-virus usually updates itself and other programs. During this process, it might slow down the functioning of the computer. 

Additional Information

Another reason is that Avast is a very advanced program. It thus uses more memory and energy. In case you have low memory and RAM, the speed and performance of your computer will slow down.

Lastly, if Avast anti-virus is not fully compatible with your windows and device, it will certainly slow down your computer. 

You have to confirm that you have the latest Avast anti-virus and then update your system to solve this issue. 

Why Do I Need An Antivirus?

An Antivirus is a very important program. It does protect your computer against viruses. It does this by identifying the virus and then removing it from the system. 

However, it does not only eliminate the virus. It also ensures that your computer is safe in the future. 

To Protect Your Computer From Viruses and Their Transmission 

The function of the anti-virus can be described as prophylactic. The anti-virus detects any form of virus and eliminates it. 

The anti-virus does this before the virus harms the computer system. We do expose our computers to nearly hundreds of viruses daily. The number can be higher if you do access the internet quite often. 

The anti-viruses do combat several viruses without you knowing. Avast is one of the most popular anti-viruses, and it’s so efficient. Note that the anti-virus does not only protect your computer. 

It also protects your family, friends, and the internet network. If a virus attacks your computer and has no anti-virus, it can potentially transfer to other computers. 

Antivirus Protects Your Computer Against Data Thieves and Hackers

Hackers have become so prevalent in this generation. Without a solid anti-virus, then you will be easy prey. Most hackers use a virus program or malware. 

The malware can be sent to your computer in various ways, through emails or unauthorized website links. Once you open the virus program or malware, it’s done. 

From here, they can get into any files and programs on your computer and steal valuable information. Most hackers are always after credit card information. 

However, if you have the Avast anti-virus, this will certainly not happen. It has ant hacking features that keep the hackers off. 

It also detects the presence of hackers, their malware, and virus programs.  With the anti-virus, you won’t have to worry about your computer. Antiviruses guarantee you 100% safety. 

It Blocks Ads and Spam

I dare you to do a quick survey on viruses. Find out how most viruses get into the computer system. 

After the survey, you will be amazed to learn that most viruses enter computers from pop-up websites and ads. 

Hackers do use these two tools quite often to send viruses to your computer. The virus then damages your important files. 

It Protects Your Data and Files

The anti-virus does keep an eye on the files in the system and those that enter the system. It regularly scans for any maliciousness. 

At times, the virus can get into your system through files sent to you or those you download.  In the long run, such issues might lead to the destruction of your important files and data. Avast ensures that all your files and data are well-protected.

Antivirus Supercharge Your PC

The anti-virus can help your computer to function faster and efficiently. The computers that lack an anti-virus tend to be quite slow and crush frequently. The ones with anti-virus always have better processing speeds. 

The ones with the anti-virus function properly because the computer is safe from the malware that slow down the processes. You know the anti-virus tends to make the programs function differently. 

The Antivirus Protects The Passwords

With the anti-virus, you can be certain that your passwords are safe. However, when it comes to passwords, the anti-virus alone is not enough. 

It would be best if you used other password programs like password security to enhance the security. 

The passwords are not always secure with the anti-virus. Someone might access the passwords from the anti-virus using other dubious means. 

It Keeps An Eye on The Children

The biggest worry with many parents is their children accessing the internet without restrictions. Today the internet is full of uncensored materials like pornography, violence, and many more. 

These materials can corrupt children and make them grow into bad adults. With the anti-virus, the parent can monitor what the children are doing on the internet. 

The parent will be able to control the website the kids’ access. It will not only save you the trouble of having to be around all time. 

It will also reduce the tension between the kids and the parents. It’s better than physically shouting at the child. 

Features Of the Avast Anti-Virus

The Avast anti-virus comes in two plans. The free plan and the premium plan. Avast free plan has basic features and functions. 

However, the basic features are not that great, and that’s why many opt for the paid plan. Let’s take a look at some of the best anti-virus features. 

Virus Scans 

The virus scan is one of the most basic features of the Avast anti-virus. Through the scans, you will be able to find the viruses and fix any issues quickly. The virus scan does three main functions, which are: 

  • It scans for malware and viruses
  • It updates the anti-virus; this ensures that you are not missing any threats.
  • It also identifies the advanced issues. 

Other anti-viruses lack this feature. They can scan for viruses but miss out on the advanced features. 

These advanced issues include things like lax security with Wi-Fi, fake websites, and many more. It also points out the websites that are vulnerable to advanced issues. 

But if you want the anti-virus to fix the issue, you will have to go for the premium plan. With the premium plan, Avast will be able to resolve the issue. If you have any other issues, you can certainly resolve them with a button click. 

Malware Protection

Malware protection is another feature that is not that revolutionary. However, it’s still important because it is still important. The malware protection offers:

  • Real-time protection
  • In-depth scans
  • Complete malware detection
  • Security reports
  • Custom scans
  • Removable drive scans

Email Security

The Avast free version also has great email protection. You will always get any alerts about unsafe websites. 

The email security also blocks any suspicious downloads and dangerous attachments. It’s through email that most computers get the viruses. 

Therefore the email security plays a very important role in ensuring this does not happen. It clears any potential threats.  

Real-Time Wi-Fi Security Alerts

The free version does have Wi-Fi protection, but the one in the premium plan is more advanced. With this one, you can get real-time alerts of any potential threats in your Wi-Fi. 

It means that you will always get alerts anytime a person connects to your Wi-Fi network, so if you have that nosy neighbor that constantly connects to your network. 

Making it lag, then you will be able to know each time the person connects. You can always log them out. 


The computer needs to be protected all time. In today’s world, there are many hackers. They do steal the most important information and make the computers fail. 

The Avast anti-virus is one of the most popular anti-viruses today. It helps in ensuring that your computer is well protected. However, the Avast anti-virus also has its limitations. 

Sometimes it does slow down the functioning of the computer. However, this is something you can avoid. In this article, we have highlighted some ways to ensure your computer functions well with the anti-virus. 

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