WooCommerce Themes — Time-Saving Solution For Online Store Creation

WooCommerce Themes

The 21st century is characterized by an extreme lack of the most valuable resource that modern people can still not replenish. Time is what we are forced to invest even in those things that don’t convey profit, which is important for entrepreneurs. Probably everyone has heard the phrase “Time is money” at least once. Entrepreneurs, retailers, and wholesalers are those categories of people who know how improper time management can negatively affect business and sales. In addition, they also know how vital it is to present goods and services online.  

However, many potentially successful ideas fail due to too unhurried implementation. The eCommerce arena is super competitive and doesn’t tolerate the slightest delay on the road to success. So if you want to get high sales, a reliable reputation for your brand, and stable relationships with your target audience through the network, you must act quickly.  

Ready-made WooCommerce themes help thousands of businesses gain power in the eCommerce environment without a big investment of time. WooCommerce themes are pre-developed online store designs. The template package contains ready-made pages from which you can build your perfect shop in just a few hours. Apart from stylishly designed pages, the theme package contains extra plugins for different purposes. What other amazing benefits does a buyer get when using WooCommerce themes for their website? Let’s find out.

WooCommerce Themes Essential Features

Responsive layout. According to various statistics, more than half of all transactions in online stores are made from smartphones and tablets. Statistics show that almost 80% of mobile phone users have made online purchases in the last six months. Responsive templates are an essential need to prosper when entering the eCommerce arena. Get desktop and mobile layouts in one design package and forget about creating an expensive app or developing a mobile version.

SEO-friendly. It isn’t easy to develop a business online when it is invisible to your target audience. Search engine algorithms help well-configured websites and optimized content “link” with potentially interested users. Rank higher and avoid overinvesting in promotion campaigns by applying all effective methods of audience engagement. Remember that your income depends on the traffic rate. So choosing a theme that creates favorable conditions for increasing conversions is the key to high sales.

Retina-ready. The phenomenon of the extreme popularity of online shopping is determined by the fact that it is an absolutely equivalent replacement for classic “physical” shopping. Sliders and banners replace storefronts; pop-ups play the role of catchy posters, and the catalog becomes shelves with goods. However, a high-quality demonstration of the range and services is impossible without the exact transfer of colors, textures, shades, and other details. Retina-ready WooCommerce themes make your products look great on HiDPI screens, creating a beautiful simulation of authentic shopping.

Specialized eCommerce Features Provided with WooCommerce Themes

Multicurrency and multilingual. Design developers consider that the template can be purchased by a client from anywhere in the world. So most of the themes are translated into popular languages ​​and offer to set different currencies for the product catalog to deliver a pleasant shopping experience to your audience. 

Sorting options, filters, and search form. Let customers find the products they need faster. Advanced filters allow you to search by size, color, brand, season, specifications, and more. Also, visitors can sort the assortment in ascending and descending order of price or rating. In addition, the search form makes it possible to quickly explore the entire catalog for the presence of a specific item. 

Testimonials section and rating system. Increase your credibility and trust score by allowing satisfied customers to rate the purchased product. Connecting the reviews section enable you to influence new visitors more effectively, convincing them of your reliability by sharing honest feedback from real customers. 

Client account, wishlist, and product comparison. A user-friendly interface for comfortable shopping is a must-have to get more orders. Let customers sign up for an account and receive loyalty discounts, create their own featured items mini-list, and compare products to get the best deal.

Quick view and add to cart in one click. Consumers value their time, and so should you. The quick view option helps people avoid opening new tabs whenever a visitor is interested in something. Immediately after getting acquainted with the product in the “quick mode,” the visitor can add it to the cart without opening the extra tab.

WooCommerce Themes — Customize Your Store without Technical Skills

Another cool benefit of choosing the most popular combination (WordPress + WooCommerce) to launch your sales is numerous options for customization. WooCommerce themes always come with a pre-embedded visual editor such as Elementor, WPBakery, or Visual Composer. The optional editing extension provides you with: 

  • Real-time editing based on the drag-and-drop model. You needn’t know HTML, CSS, or PHP to make radical changes. 
  • The ability to change the color scheme, add a new widget, page, or object to enhance functionality, or make the website more attractive. 
  • Most visual builders have their own plugin libraries, which greatly expands the potential for web resource upgrades. 
  • Page builders allow for mobile editing, which is impressive because until recently, it was impossible to imagine any other kind of website customization other than coding.

Where To Look For Best WooCommerce Themes

The web design market is full of offers, so finding a high-quality digital product can be difficult. TemplateMonster is one of the best places on the web to find an online store design that meets the latest market standards. Here are a few reasons to pay attention to the templates presented in the collections of the marketplace:

  • Huge range. TM has over 2 million monthly visitors, encouraging developers to sell their designs here. So get ready for diverse ideas and concepts from experienced IT specialists.
  • TM is fairly well known and has a decent amount of positive feedback from satisfied customers.
  • The service has its own subscription offering favorable conditions for regular customers. Choose from several plans to choose from and get access to unlimited downloads of digital goods.
  • The company offers various extra services for upgrading web resources and cooperates with reliable hosting providers.
  • You get a quality guarantee and qualified technical support for six months when buying even fairly cheap premium products.


WooCommerce, combined with WordPress CMS, is the best symbiosis for running an online store that strives to get high sales. Ready-made designs significantly simplify the website creation process while saving you time and money. Any user can independently build an online store without coding skills and involving third-party developers. Launching an eCommerce project in the 21st century is a must for being competitive. Ready-made designs from TemplateMonster are a good alternative to expensive and time-consuming custom development.

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