How Much Does A Resume Service Cost Online?

How Much Does A Resume Service Cost Online

You need time, expertise, and attention to detail to create a high-quality resume capable of catching the eyes of a potential employer. However, these three things are often lacking in many job seekers. Hence, they tend to seek resume services online to help them craft excellent resumes that they may not have the time or ability to create. 

Several professional resume writers exist online and dedicate their careers to creating this crucial document that helps others achieve their career goals. For instance, executive resume writers create cover letters, and executive resumes that blend your skills, accomplishments, and work experience in a way that wins over potential employers easily. 

If you hire a certified professional resume writer, you’re bound to get quality results that speak for themselves. This might lead to more interviews, increased offers, and double or triple income. This is why these professionals are important. However, such good services don’t come free, and you must pay the price. If you’re considering hiring a professional resume writer, it may be wise first to determine how much the service cost so you can create the budget for it.

How Much To Budget?

You may see whatever amount you’re paying to a professional resume writer as an investment that will likely lead to a high-paying job, steady income, or salary raise. However, it’s important to ensure you’re still not overpaying for this service. 

On the one hand, you must be willing to pay a good price for a high-quality job but must do due diligence to ensure your resume writer isn’t overcharging you. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect to get a high-quality job if you’re only paying a meager amount of money. You should avoid resume writers that seem to be under-charging or requesting a cheap price for your resume. Most times, it’s a pointer to the quality of work they’re capable of producing. 

You’re probably seeking a resume writer because your writing skills are poor, or you don’t have the time to craft one yourself. But the question is, how much is their professional ability and time worth?

While there are several resume writing services you can choose from online with various prices, the average price for a non-executive professional resume is between $200 and $300. This is only the average price, but in reality, the price can range from $50 to over $1,000. This means there’s no standard price to pay for a resume. Your pay depends on your willingness to get a great resume without spending overboard. 

Also, you must know that your position or career level affects your resume price. For instance, you’ll pay higher if you’re targeting an executive-level position or other senior roles at an organization. 

However, a decent price for professional resumes is between $100 and $700. This also depends on an executive, mid-career, or entry-level resume. You may find resume services charging over $700 to write the resume alone without other package deals, and other companies are charging well beyond $1000 for resume packages. 

Ultimately, whatever price you’re paying is up to you. So, you must ensure that you’ve done your research and due diligence because irrespective of the cost, all resume writing services aren’t the same. 

One thing you must know about resume services with cheap prices or at the bottom of the price spectrum is that you’ll have to fill out questionnaires and worksheets. Your resume writer isn’t going to contact you via phone call, and your resume will be written with a template that includes some languages that are not unique to you and your brand. This is why you should pay for quality. In most cases, the amount of money that you pay to a professional resume writing service for a resume reflects the quality of the resume and the level of service that you’ll be getting. 

Another important factor that determines how much a resume writer charges you is their experience level. Those certified and have been on the job for many years are likely to charge higher than those with less experience.


There’s no standard price to pay for a resume service online. The price varies and is dependent on many factors. However, you must ensure that you’re not overpaying, even if you’re paying well for quality. Also, know that you’ll get poor quality if you pay a cheap price. 

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