Does Spectrum Cable Support 4K Television? Full Spectrum Capability

Does Spectrum Cable Support 4K Television

Even as more people shift to streaming, some are still reliant on cable for entertainment. Cable has been a favorite for most people, and one of the best options is Spectrum cable.

Most people accept streaming choices because they offer users high-quality videos. This allows users to enjoy technologies such as 4K, which is more important as 4K TVs are getting more common. Can Spectrum cable offer you this advantage?

Does Spectrum Cable Support 4K Television?

Spectrum TV offers 4K, but you would have to get the latest box to enjoy this feature. Most of the previous versions support 1080 pixels which are close to 4K. 

The best way to get 4K out of a Spectrum cable box is by streaming it over the internet. You will need a fast internet connection to ensure there are no lags in the video and the quality remains amazing.

Is Spectrum A Good Cable TV Provider

There are many options when looking for a cable TV service provider, and inevitably, Spectrum will come up on the list. 

But is Spectrum a good choice for you? What are its advantages, and how does it scale up with the competition? Let’s get into it;

One of the best things about Spectrum is its pricing and packaging. One good thing about Spectrum is that they don’t have a contract for packaging. This implies that there are no early termination fees or mid-contract price hikes.

Usually, no contract means higher prices, but this is not the case for Spectrum. Their pricing is reasonable for all their packages, with the “select” being the cheapest and Gold the most expensive.

Their cheapest plan has more than 125 channels, the silver package has 175+ channels, and the premium plan has more than 200 channels giving the user a large library to work with.

On top of this, Spectrum includes Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax standards in their silver and gold plans. 

This adds to the list of choices a user can work with, especially for movies. The problem with Spectrum is that they are expensive if you look at it per channel.

Considering the packaging, Spectrum has fewer channels per unit as compared to competitors such as DSTV. 

Channel count varies depending on location, but you will not get so many channels with Spectrum; thus, it’s a choice for someone only looking for popular shows.

The Spectrum box and plans don’t include the DVR, so you have to pay for the DVR separately. These bills will become more problematic, and they could go as high as $48 per month. 

You will get only 100 hours in the standard definition for this price, which is about 20 hours in HD.

This is a disadvantage for Spectrum since other providers offer as much as 200 hours at lower prices. 

You don’t choose the DVR brand that you will use; it will be revealed to you when the DVR gets to you, which can be frustrating. 

How To Maximize Your Spectrum Wi-Fi Experience

Spectrum might not be the best cable TV provider, but it is among the best options for Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi performs well, but there are some things you can do to maximize your usage and increase its efficiency.

The first thing you have to do is identify the best location for your equipment. Standard Spectrum Wi-Fi equipment consists of one box with the modem and router, or the two would be separate.

Make sure you put the equipment in a central and open location without large obstacles. If you want to connect a high bandwidth system such as a TV, you could put the box near these components. Attics and basements are no-go for router placement.

Keep the age of your Wi-Fi equipment in mind. If you purchased the equipment yourself, you need to consider how long you have had it to match performance. 

An older router might not match the full speed of your network, and it will be a waste of your money.

An old system could also be incompatible with newer devices, so an upgrade is something you have to look into. 

Spectrum provides equipment that can match the network speed, and it is advisable to use their products for ease during servicing, and in case it needs replacement.

Check the broadcast channel that your router uses. Most routers broadcast at either 2 GHz or 5 GHz with several channels available. 

When there are numerous Wi-Fi connections in an area, the default channels will get crowded, and speeds will reduce.

With Spectrum, you can switch to 5 GHz, which is often less crowded, but it’s only viable in areas with strong signals. 

For areas with a weak signal, you should stick to the 2 GHz channel as it can be broadcasted further and stronger.

Rebooting can be a good way to fix most of your connectivity issues. Turning off your equipment and turning the back on will get all the network configurations you need to get fast internet.

You can also try power cycling the Wi-Fi equipment. You can do this by unplugging the power cords from the modem and router. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the device, and you should notice an improvement in internet speed.

Using The Spectrum TV App

The best part about most TV viewing options is getting a mobile app. An app will give you more control over your device, and you can watch remotely. Just like DSTV and other big networks, Spectrum TV has an app for its users. 

The Spectrum TV app is easy to navigate and guarantees convenience to the user. It has a series of features that are targeted at making your experience as amazing as possible. There are versions for both android and iOS so let’s get into the details:

When you launch the app, you need to access the menu, options for live TV, the library, TV guide, and on-demand shows.  For those with iOS phones, this option will be at the bottom of the screen. 

For android users, the option button is at the top left corner, and tapping on it will generate the menu.

Live TV will automatically display when you launch the app, and you can tap the full-screen icon to continue watching.

When you are not in full-screen mode, you will see the channel list. You can get a personalized arrangement of the channels depending on channel number, network, or title. There is a filter that can give a shorter list of channels you are more tuned into.

The guide is a feature that allows you to see all the programs that are going on and those scheduled for the next 14 days. 

With information about a show two weeks before airing, you will plan better to ensure you don’t miss out.

With the on-demand option, you can get access to thousands of popular shows. You can get into the details of a show, including the cast, crew, and additional episodes. 

There are several browsing options to make it easier for you to find the channel you want in this setting.

The shows are categorized under movies, TV shows, networks, and kids to make it easy for you to get a program without scrolling through an endless list. If you are not ready to watch at the time, you can add it to the watch list and access it later. 

My library further simplifies finding your channels and programming. You will see all the programs you have watched recently, so you dint have to go searching for it all over again.

You can stop a program and use the library to pick it up where you left off. You will also get access to additional episodes here if you have started watching a show. Any movies you added to your watch list will also be in your library for easy access. 

In the app settings, you can add some channels to your favorite list. You will then access these channels in my library or by clicking on the favorite’s filter in the live TV or guide screen.

You can protect your kids from harmful content with the app’s parental controls. All you need is to enter the master account password and create a 4-digit pin. You can block specific channels or general ones based on their ratings.


Spectrum Cable can support 1080p and 4K video, but you need to get a recent box to take full advantage. 

With more 4K content being created, it could be a wise idea to get a 4K TV and supporting peripherals so you enjoy the high-quality video. 

Spectrum TV is a good choice for someone looking for a standard platform with popular channels at affordable prices. 

They have fewer channels than most competitors, but it could be worth using if you don’t need too many TV shows. 

You can also download that Spectrum TV app to get more features. You will get all your shows organized and easy for you to access and watch.

Parental control is also enhanced on the app so you can protect your children from inappropriate content. 

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