Google Drive Common Issues (And Troubleshooting Tips!)

Google Drive Common Issues

Google Drive is one of the leading cloud storage platforms available. It allows users to save and access files online using any device. According to Wikipedia, Google’s cloud storage platform has over a billion users globally. Google Drive offers 15 GB of cloud storage space to personal accounts and 30 GB to corporate accounts. The platform also offers numerous paid plans for users who require additional storage space. Google Drive offers tons of convenient features that facilitate users to store, manage and access files whenever needed conveniently. 

However, there are several common issues that every Google Drive user faces. This article will be about some of Google Drive’s most common issues and effective troubleshooting tips following which you can fix the issues. Let us begin:

Viewing Or Editing Shared Files

Google Drive allows users to share files with other individuals conveniently. However, sometimes the user who has received the file faces trouble viewing or editing the file. Sometimes, it may be because the person who shared the files or folders may have forgotten to allow access to the receiver to view or edit them. In other cases, the platform automatically changes the permissions of the files and  folders. This is a common issue that most Google Drive users face, and there are suitable fixes that can resolve the issue. 

Solutions – If you have received a file that you cannot access, you can use the platform’s “Request Access” button to prompt the sender to provide you with access to view and edit the file. Similarly, if you are the sender, ensure that you double-check the editing access tab and ensure that you have enabled the editing option before sharing the file.  

Downloading A File

When it comes to downloading files saved on Google Drive, the task is not as smooth as you would think, especially if multiple files are involved. When a user selects multiple files and clicks on the “Download” option, the platform starts converting the files into a single Zip file and then starts downloading it, making the process very time-consuming. 

Besides this, the platform sometimes denies users the functionality to download their files. To resolve these issues, there are numerous methods you can follow. 

Solutions –  For starters, you can try downloading Google Docs files by opening them in the editor and picking a particular format to download them. You can also try downloading the files by opening Google Drive in private or “Incognito” mode of your browser. Other fixes include cleaning your browser’s cache, disabling ad blockers, etc. By following these simple methods, you can easily solve Google Drive not downloading problem

Falling Short On Storage Space

Another common issue that most Google Drive users with free accounts face is that they quickly run out of storage space. This happens mainly because Google Drive offers only 15 GB of storage space to free users. Even though the number is not too shabby, the space gets filled up pretty quickly since the capacity is shared across all Google’s services, including Gmail, Photos, and Docs. However, there are numerous effective solutions to solve this problem. 

Solutions – One of the first things to do when your Google Drive storage is full is to assess all the files present on the cloud storage platform and delete unnecessary data that you no longer require. You can conveniently free up substantial space by deleting big files and folders. Furthermore, you can also clean up the hidden data of applications and remove the integrated apps to disconnect them from your Drive. To clean up your Google Drive account easily, navigate to the “Storage” section present on the left side menu. Another solution to solve the storage issue is upgrading to a Google One plan. You can easily store ample data on your Google Drive account without worrying about running out of space based on the plan you choose. 

Printing Documents

Users also face problems when printing documents directly from Google Drive. There are numerous reasons why the feature does not work correctly, including issues with the browser or the printer. If you are facing issues in printing using Google Drive, there are numerous troubleshooting tips you can follow to resolve the problem. 

Solutions – Check whether your printer’s software and browser are up-to-date. If not, download and install the latest updates for both and retry printing. If the issue persists, try disabling any browser extension that interrupts or prevents the printing feature from working. If nothing works, it would be best to download a PDF version of the file and print it using a third-party document-editing application installed on your system. 

Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage platform trusted by millions of users to store and manage files. Even though the platform presents various issues, you can conveniently resolve most of them using the troubleshooting tips mentioned above.

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