How To Connect PS5 To Hotel Wi-Fi – A Mini Guide To Play Station 5

How To Connect PS5 To Hotel Wi-Fi

Though, hotel Wi-Fi is a public internet service that is often not secured. You need to be careful when connecting your PS5 to this type of network; hence you should know how safe your device is. Remember, public Wi-Fis like hotel Wi-Fi can easily be compromised, and you can access vital information on them. Make sure you don’t leave your essential personal information on public internet services after use. It would be best to protect your device; for instance, antivirus and encryption systems are advised.

So, How Do I Connect my PS5 to Hotel Wi-Fi?

You can connect your PS5 to a hotel Wi-Fi by going to Settings and then clicking on the network and Setting again then you can choose to complete the set up on the device which is also an option. 

PS5 Wouldn’t Connect To Wi-Fi- Fixing The Problem

It is easy to blame the console or your settings on your PS5 to connect to Wi-Fi. There are multiple reasons you should investigate if your PS5 is not connecting to Wi-Fi, whether the Wi-Fi is your or it is a public one.

If the problem is not from your end, perhaps the PSN servers may be experiencing outages, and sometimes, they may be undergoing maintenance. If there are ongoing maintenance or server outages, you can’t do much to help but wait until the servers get back online. You may want to call and confirm the issue.

1. Check Whether the Servers Have Issues

To check whether there are server outages, go to your web browser and the PlayStation Network Service Status page that you can find out on the stats link. The service status on this link will reveal any issues with the PSN network.

If the site doesn’t load, it means your internet service is not working. Try and check other websites to see if they are loading before you confirm the status of your internet.

2. Check to See if Your PlayStation 5 Connects to Your Network Correctly

Keep in mind that your PlayStation 5 must maintain the same setting as your console. It is essential to check whether your internet connection is still working.

Select settings on you PlayStation 5, then tap on the network before you test the internet connection and wait before taking next step. If this test fails, try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi internet router by going to the settings and choose the connection for the internet setup and then check whether the correct password is in place. 

If the PlayStation 5 servers are up, but you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi even though your servers are up and working correctly, try resetting the PlayStation 5 console and the router. This resetting works in most cases, especially if the PlayStation 5 has been left in the rest mode for a very long time.

How To Change DNS Settings On Your Playstation 5

Changing your DNS settings is one of the most advanced fixes for PlayStation 5 not connecting to Wi-Fi internet. This change can make a difference if your ISP has some significant issues, as it will redirect traffic to more reliable sources. To change your PlayStation 5 DNS settings, go to your web browser and then go to the PlayStation Network service platform. Check the status page and see if there are any issues with the PlayStation network. If the PSN site wouldn’t load, then your internet service may not be working.

How To Connect Your PS5 Console To The Internet

For a PS5 wired connection, you should be able to connect to the internet with your PS5 console with the use of the LAN cable. Go to “Settings,” then click on “Network,” and then click on “Settings” before tapping on “Set Up Internet Connection,” and click on “Set Up Wired LAN.”

If you click on “Connect” and then follow the on-screen prompt, all the standard settings will be automatically selected. To adjust your setting, select the “Advanced Settings” option. When you get to the “Advanced Settings,” you may want to manually change your settings before the PS5 console connects to the internet network.

You can manually change the IP address to one from another country if there are some restrictions placed on your current IP address. You can also change the DHCP Hostname and DNS. If you are not familiar with all these settings, then you can ask your internet service provider- ISP or network administrator for help.

To access your PlayStation Network, you have to sign in with your account details or create a new account.

To connect your PS5 to a wireless network such as Wi-Fi connectivity, you can take some simple procedures. Access the settings before clocking on network and click on the setup for connection.

The saved access points and those that have been found will automatically appear when you click on Set Up Internet Connection. Select the access point you wish to connect to, and then adjust the settings. If the access point you want to connect to does not appear, click on “Set up Manually,” then adjust the settings according to specifications.

When using an access point that supports WPS, you may want to select “Set Up using WPS” and connect with very few steps. Keep in mind that WPS is available only in selected countries and regions of the world.

If at this end you want to adjust the settings further, especially if you are required to make this adjustment due to environmental settings. Select your access point and click on the advanced setup. 

Some Other Playstation 5 Issues And Fixes

If you are transitioning from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, you should check out for important updates. Though there are several other issues that your PlayStation 5 may experience and below are some of such issues and suggestions on resolving them.

1. Data Transfer Issues from PS4 to PS5 via USB or LAN

You can be tempted to connect your PS4 straight with your PS5 once you purchase the new PlayStation. Don’t be in a rush to move every data from your PS4 to your PS5 in one swoop, the reason being that data transfer can be very slow depending on the medium of transfer.

Connect your PS4 via a USB or LAN to the PS5, and the system will prompt you on when it is turned on. Though occasional system crashes and errors may happen with the transfer, there is no firmware update to resolve this.

One of the best ways to fix this issue is to transfer data over Wi-Fi instead of USB or LAN. If you are still having issues transferring data over Wi-Fi, then you should check your PlayStation 5 for necessary updates.

2. PS5 Rest Mode Issues

The PS5 rest mode is characterised by several crashes, and such crashes are a few of the glitches associated with the rest mode. For this reason, many PS5 owners are afraid of putting their PS5 in the rest mode.

To fix issues relating to the rest mode on your PS5, you may have to reset your console or disable the test mode option. You may want to shut down your console instead of using the rest mode on your PS5.To fix the rest of the PS5 rest mode issues, go to the setting option under the home screen and then select the power saving option.

Choose the set time for reset mode time option and then click on dont reset and this should resolve the issue. Once you are done, restart your your PS5 console and check whether the issue has been resolved.

3. PS5 Queued for Download Error

PS5 queuing up for download is an error that occurs when you try to download a game. When this error occurs, it means the download wouldn’t start and will be queued or paused for a while. Just before you perform any other fix, make sure your internet is working, and it is not the reason for the error.

Ensure that your PS5 is updated with the latest firmware software. Turn off the console by pressing down the power button. Press and hold power for a while until you hear two beeps. Once you have done this, your PS5 should be running on a safe mode.

Connect the PS5 controller to your PS5 console via USB cable. Click on Database rebuild under the safe mode with the use of your controller. Once you have done this, you should be able to end the download queue error.

The PS5 freezing issue is another issue you want to resolve as soon as it occurs. Your console may freeze while gaming or when you are transferring data. The best way to handle this issue is to turn off your device or unplug your device. It would be best if you waited for a moment before turning on the console again.

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