How To Promote Your Personal Brand On TikTok

How To Promote Your Personal Brand On TikTok

The main benefit of TikTok for businesses is reach. At the same time, it is strange to consider this platform as the only tool for promotion, after all, it should be part of the brand’s global content strategy. If we talk about the sales funnel, then the social network works, first of all, at the stage of informing and influencing the increase in the company’s recognition. In some way, this is an alternative to media advertising, that is, people see the brand not on a banner, but in a live feed with a video.

Today we will talk about how you can promote your company on this platform in order to order ads less often and buy TikTok followers.

The Advantage Of Working On This Platform

Example: A blogger made a non-promotional video of her buying a lip tint at a cosmetics store. The video has collected about 8 million views. A little later, the blogger again went to the store, and this particular tint was sold out. The sales of the tool grew even though it was not an advertising integration. From well-planned and well-thought-out TikTok ad campaigns, you can expect even more powerful results.

On this social network, you should support newsbreaks that the brand broadcasts through other channels. If something happened, it is advisable to immediately talk about it in the media, on Instagram and on TikTok. This way you can attract an audience without having to buy followers on TikTok.

A brand can enter the platform in two ways: either create an official account and create content on their own (or with the help of an agency), or buy advertising from bloggers with thousands or millions of subscribers, then bloggers will generate content with integration of the company’s products into it.

How To Promote A Personal Brand — On Your Own Or Through Other Bloggers?

First of all, think about the budget and whether you can regularly come up with topics for new videos.

If you understand that all topics are the same, there are no interesting ideas, then it is easier to buy ads from bloggers. In addition, you can enter a brand account with the help of bloggers, that is, do not choose the face of the company, but involve bloggers of varying degrees of popularity in filming, agree on a price and issue tasks to influencers. They shoot videos on assignment, and then the brand simply uploads the finished videos to their account.

How To Promote Media On The Platform

Media can go to TikTok for a new audience, now there are more and more entertainment media on the site, because it is easier for them to generate interesting content.

In general, we advise news or trade publications to start with simple videos and hire a journalist who is willing to shoot videos. He will briefly tell the main news, and those who wish can read all the details on the site.

Alternatively, you can not disclose all the details of the news, leave intrigue so that the user definitely wants to know more. Gradually it will become clear which topics are better, which are worse, whether it is worth experimenting with the presentation.

TikTok is another channel for publishing media content (like Instagram or Facebook), just in a different format. The service will help grow traffic to the site, and the number of readers directly affects the cost of advertising in the publication.

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