Static Proxy For Business

Static Proxy For Business

More data directly translates into more growth and sales for the modern business. It is recorded that even a 10% increase in data visibility could increase a brand’s profitability by several million dollars.

To this end, companies are finding more efficient ways of gathering data. But while data extraction is crucial, companies have to ensure that they are protected while at it.

This is why it is advisable to use tools that provide both benefits; quickening the process of web scraping and offering quality security and anonymity.

A static proxy is one such tool as it combines the features of datacenter and residential proxies, as we will see below.

What Is A Static Proxy?

Residential proxies are proxies with internet protocol (IP) addresses tied to a physical location. These addresses are assigned by internet service providers (ISPs) and resemble those used by the average internet user.

Datacenter proxies are proxies with virtually generated addresses as opposed to residential proxies but are fast and very affordable.

And in the middle of all that, there is the static proxy which combines the original IPs of residential proxies with the speed of datacenter proxies.

Static proxies are high-end yet stable IPs that perform tasks with incredible speed. The IPs may be allocated by ISPs, but they are not as rotating as the regular residential proxies.

Instead, they remain static and stable for a long time until they are switched manually by the user. This stability is important for certain tasks such as social media management, where users are blocked immediately they change IPs. See this blog post for more information on static proxies.

How Do Static Proxies Work?

Static proxies work just like other types of proxies but with little difference. Their uniqueness comes from using residential IPs which hardly get blocked but which remain stable until changed.

They accept requests from users and forward them to the target destination with IPs allocated by the ISPs.

And because of the legitimacy of these residential IPs, the target websites treat the requests without suspecting they may be from a proxy.

Once the data has been gathered, it is forwarded to the user once it has been screened for any presence of malware.

All this is done while concealing the identity of the user. The user receives the results and initiates another request using the same IP addresses.

Alternatively, the user may switch to another IP and location if he has used that IP and location repeatedly or is experiencing any form of geo-restriction.

Tasks are accomplished quickly, allowing the user to do more and increase performance and productivity.

Benefits Of A Static Proxy

Below are some of the most common benefits of using static proxies:

1. Internal Protection and Security

Proxies help shield users from the dangers of the internet by hiding their sensitive information while using the proxy’s information instead.

Static proxies allow users to use IPs and locations assigned by proxy while masking their information.

This ensures the protection and security of the company and its data.

2. Anonymity

Staying protected is no longer enough; it is also now important for users to remain anonymous while browsing the internet.

This is because a lack of anonymity makes it possible for people to see your activities and target you with specific ads and internet harassment.

A static proxy helps to provide premium anonymity keeping your activities well hidden and your web traffic difficult to be traced.

3. Faster Connections

Speed is important in getting things done on the internet today. The faster a tool, the more you can accomplish with it.

Static proxies afford you the same speed present in most datacenter proxies. This reduces the time required to achieve any given task boosting performance and productivity.

Ultimately, this also ensures data is collected in real-time, making it more accurate and reliable.

4. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Static proxies also provide an enormous amount of proxies and locations. This allows the user to select from various IPs and locations whenever they are restricted from accessing a server with a particular location.

This way, static proxies help overcome geo-restrictions and allow users to access any content regardless of where they live.

5. Balancing Traffic

The static proxy also benefits the target servers in multiple ways. One way is by balancing out traffic by spreading connections to the available servers.

This helps to reduce how much work a server has to do, thereby decreasing the chances of a crash occurring.

Static proxies also employ caching mechanisms to prevent all the servers from being overburdened.

They save caches and pull out data from those caches whenever a similar request is made. The servers are undisturbed as the connections do not even get to them.


Protecting your brand and managing your activities are integral parts of doing business in the modern world.

And all these can be done using a static proxy which many have described as one of the best types of proxies today.

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