How To Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600; Stealth User Manual

How To Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Wireless devices are excellent, and they come with numerous benefits, but one of the most significant issues is connectivity. 

After some time, most wireless devices develop connectivity issues, and you need to reset them to get them working correctly.

Most gamers and producers understand the importance of a high-quality headset to their work, so they take steps to make sure they keep theirs working. 

Let us get into the Turtle Beach 600 and see how you can increase its performance and make it last longer;

How To Reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Wireless Turtle Beach headsets are a great way to fully immerse you in the gaming mood on your PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

If you have issues like bad audio, problems hearing other people, and connecting to the console, you should take the first step to reset the headphones.

This will take the software in the headset back to its original state, and the change might fix your problem. Let us get into the steps of improving your Turtle Beach wireless headset;

  • To start, download and install the Turtle beach audio hub on your computer. Go to and select the choice for your PC specifications. 
  • Connect your headset to your computer with the USB cable, then launch the audio hub app. The audio hub app will automatically detect your wireless headset model and display its information. 

If the app doesn’t detect your headset and you see a black screen with the Turtle Beach logo, try using a different cable to see if that makes a difference.

  • Click restore beneath your headset’s image on the left side of the screen. A window will pop up asking if you want to restore defaults; click yes. A progress bar will appear at the center of the screen to show you the progress of the reset. 

When the reset is complete, a message will pop up to tell you the update was successful; click okay to close the dialogue box. 

The reset process is complete, and now you will have to pair the headset to a gaming console or PC to use it.

How To Set Up The Stealth 600

You will see a sticker telling you to download and install the new Turtle Beach audio hub on the case. 

It is always a good idea to check and ensure you have the latest firmware so your headset gives you the best performance. 

  • You can update the firmware through the PC or Mac app version. Go to your browser and search for the Turtle Beach audio hub download link; once downloaded, find the file and double click it to install by following the prompts. 

Launch the app after installation, and the first screen will prompt you to connect your headset. Take the USB cable in the package and connect it to the jack on your left ear cup, then to the PC. 

The audio hub will automatically detect the headset after you plug it in and ask you to update your firmware; click yes to begin the update. A progress window will come up, and after this, you can click okay to complete the firmware update.

  • Turn the headsets on by holding the power button, and you will hear a tone indicating it is on. Please make sure you power on your console; we will use the Xbox One in this demonstration.
  • You can connect the headset to your console the same way you would do with a wireless controller. 

A new feature allows the Turtle Beach headsets to connect directly to the console using Microsoft’s Xbox wireless technology. 

The pairing button is underneath the chat volume dial on the back of your left ear cup. Hold the headset’s pairing button for 3 seconds, then hold the pairing button on your Xbox until you hear a tone in your headset to indicate it has paired successfully.

  • You will need to update some settings on your Xbox One to work the whole setup. Go to display and sound settings and find audio output. 

The Stealth 600 will work best with the Windows Sonic for headphones audio, so switch to it. 

At this point, you would have successfully connected your headset to your console and be ready to use. 

Get them on your head correctly; the microphone should be on your left-hand side. You can pull down on each ear cup to adjust the fit of the headsets and get a good hold of your head and ears.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review

Now that you know the setup process, you might be curious about what to expect when using the Turtle Beach Stealth 600s. The headphones are not too expensive, and here is an idea of what you can expect when using them;

1. Accessories

You need to consider accessories when looking for electronics since they determine many things about their functionality. In the PS4 model, you will not get a wired option, so the only accessory you have is a USB dongle. 

You will plug this dingle into the PS4 and use it to connect the devices. You will also get a charging USB C cable that is crucial in the setup process. The Xbox model connects wirelessly, so you will only get the USB cable.

2. Battery life

The headset comes with a USB C charger, and it can give about 15 hours of active use on a full charge. This is impressive considering what the headset offers: a speaker, wireless connectivity, and a microphone.

This can be a good choice for most hardcore gamers since you can use it all day long and charge it while you sleep. 

The volume and intensity of use will affect how fast the battery drains, but it does a fantastic job in general terms.

3. Quality and feel

The headsets are lightweight, a significant advantage for someone planning to use them for 7 or 8 hours straight. 

You won’t feel the additional weight on your head, and it will be much easier for you to play for longer hours without neck pain.

Despite their lightweight, you have thick, soft padding at the top to protect your head from the plastic. 

The ear cups are also soft and breathable to ensure you get maximum comfort for your ears to give a smoother user experience when gaming. 

The branding on the headphones is limited, and it won’t mess up with your setup. There is a small logo on the ear cup and inside, but it is not obnoxious, so it offers a clean, high-quality set that you can decorate as you please.

4. The microphone and speaker quality

The headset comes with a non-removable microphone on the left ear cup, but the microphone can fold back to make the headset look like a regular headphone. 

When you push the microphone down, it will turn on, and it will turn off when you pull it back toward the ear cup.

You can alter the mic monitoring to hear yourself speak in the microphone. This will prevent you from shouting, giving you better awareness of your surroundings. You can have a conversation with some without having to take the headset off.

The microphone quality is impressive, considering it is a wireless headset for under 100 dollars. You can hear the sound, and though it might have some noise, it is miles better than other products in the same price range.

The headphones offer several high-quality sound output modes for users to choose from, and most will work well for you. 

It has a superhuman hearing mode, which umps everything up so you can get a total immersion into the game. 

5. Functionality and control

Good headphones need to allow you to make changes quickly without taking them off, which the Turtle Beach headphones offer. 

The controls are relatively simple, and you don’t need time to figure them out even while wearing the headphones. 

You can adjust the volume for the microphone and speaker using knobs that rotate to go higher or lower.

These are easier to use than guessing with buttons to find the ones to raise or lower the volume. You can easily adjust the size of the headsets to get a more comfortable fit on your head to allow for extended use. 

The cushioning in the Turtle Beach Stealth 600s is super soft, and this is intentional to help those that wear glasses. 

When you wear the headphones, they are so soft that they won’t add pressure to the side of your head.


It is common to experience audio issues when dealing with wireless devices, and in most cases, a factory reset solves the problem. The same concept works for the Turtle Beach Stealth 600, but you need the audio hub app to reset the headphones.

Turtle Beach headsets are some of the best gaming headsets in the market, and they come at an affordable price. You can adjust some of their sound settings to get them to perform more the way you want, but you should expect good sound quality. 

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