How To Reset Beats Solo 3; Beats Maintenance Guide

How To Reset Beats Solo 3

Getting the Beats 3 headphones in their best shape will give you the best sound experience you could ask for. 

The headphones will cover your ears firmly and blast music into them, giving you an experience that your environment can water down.

To get the best performance from a pair of headphones, you have to know how to tweak the settings and maintain them to avoid damage. 

Here are some setting tips and maintenance procedures you can use on your Beats 3 solo to make them work better;

How To Reset Beats Solo 3

Sometimes you might connect your headphones to too many devices, so it becomes hard for you to connect them via Bluetooth to the device you want. 

You can fix this issue by resetting the headphones to forget all devices and reconnecting only a few devices.

  1. First, find the manual power button, which also works as the noise cancellation button. It will be on the lower side of your right speaker.
  2. Next, find the volume down button on the opposite side of the headphone; it is the lower part of your right speaker side, next to the charging port.
  3. When the headphones are on, they will automatically try to connect to one of the paired devices so they will blink white. You need to hold down the volume down button and the power simultaneously until the light goes off then turns back on, blinking red.

When you go to your phone and try to connect to the headphones, it won’t work and will need you to repeat the initial setup process to get it working again. 

This process will restore all connections on your headphones, and it will be virtually new afterward.

How To Clean Beats Headphones

Beats headphones are rather expensive, so you need to take good care of them to ensure they last long. 

A big part of this maintenance routine is cleaning the headphones, which is important for you and the headphones.

As you use the headphones, they will accumulate skin and hair products you use dust from the frequent areas. 

If you share the headphones, they will have a buildup of several different products, and you might have rashes because of it.

You can use Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes, microfiber cloth, or paper towels to clean your headphones. 

Cleaning headphones is crucial for their optimal performance, and this process works for all headphones, so let us get into the details; 

  • You can use wet wipes but make sure they don’t have too much liquid. Clorox wipes generally have a lot of liquid, and it could get into the headphone’s electrical components and cause serious damage. 

If you use Clorox, squeeze it to drain the liquid, so it stays wet but doesn’t drip into the headphones. Also, wipe the headphones while they face down, so the liquid doesn’t get into them by accident.

  • The best place to start is the earpads since they accumulate the most dirt. This is crucial; if you are using any other wet wipe apart from Clorox with alcohol, don’t use it on your ear pads. 

It is okay to use on the rest of the headphones but not the ear pads since the alcohol-based wipe will rub the color off your earpads onto the wipe. 

Start by wiping the inner side of the earpad; hold the whole pad to make sure you don’t dislodge it as you wipe. 

Make sure you wipe both inside and outside the earpads with the wet wipe, and if it gets too dirty, leave it and get a new piece. Repeat the process until you can’t get any dirt from the ear pads to know it is clean.

  • It is important to dry the earpads with a paper towel or microfiber cloth as soon as possible. The main reason why ear pads crack is that liquids like sweat or water break them down, so wiping them off will effectively prevent this. 

You need to be thorough when cleaning and drying them off since it will also eliminate some spots you might have missed. Dry ear pads will last longer, so repeat wiping as much as you need to dry it off completely.

  • Once you finish with the ear pads, you can move into the headphones’ exterior and the headband cushion. There isn’t much to think about here; just make sure the wet wipe is not dripping wet.

It should leave a nice coat after wiping but don’t drench your headphones in liquid since it will ruin their electrical components. Once you finish with the wet wipe, take a paper towel or microfiber cloth and dry it off.

This will help you eliminate the headphones’ nasty smell after extended use. It is a combination of sweat and dirt that accumulates at the ear pads, so cleaning will remove it.

If you want to prevent your headphones from cracking or chipping, you can put a silica gel pad inside your headphone case. 

The silica gel pack will absorb moisture from the case and headphones; thus, they will stay dry and safe from cracks for a longer time.

What You Will Like About The Beats 3 Solo

Concerning the pros, there are several things you will love about these headphones. You can wear them on different occasions, including workouts and commutes. If you are planning to get them, here are some pros you should expect; 

1. 40 hours battery life

The first thing you will appreciate is the extended battery life these headphones offer you. The exact time will vary depending on how often you use them and how loudly you play your music, but you can expect an average of about 40 hours.

Forty hours is phenomenal for wireless headphones, and it increases their usability and your mobility as the owner. 

If you constantly have long flights or you need to use headphones for the whole day, these are the best for you.

2. Fast charge feature

These headphones have a fast charge feature that will help you if you are in a rush and don’t need too much charge. 

If you plug them in for about 5 minutes, you will get roughly 3 hours of playback time which will be convenient if you need it urgently.

This ensures maximum productivity and eliminates the need to use headphones while charging. If you need to take a short commute, you can get a 3-hour ride and then charge the headphones when you get to your destination. 

3. They are durable

When getting any product, you must consider how durable they are and how long you will use them before you need to replace them. 

Beats headphones have high-quality builds that ensure they hold up to the highest durability standards on the market.

Should you use these headphones, you won’t worry about them cracking when they fall as you do your pushups or deadlifts. 

The support on your head is also decent, and it will hold the headphones in place as you run so they don’t fall off.

The padding and cover on the ear pads are also impressively high quality. They will hold up well for months if you take good care of them, and you shouldn’t expect any cracks. Make sure you don’t leave them wet after cleaning or use since the liquid is the main cause of cracking.

4. Their W1 chip

Another feature you will appreciate about these headphones is the W1 chip that comes with them. If you are unaware, the W1 chip syncs the headphones to any apple devices within their range, like the air pods. 

It will automatically sync up to any MacBook or Apple device on the cloud, which is cool for Apple users. 

If you have android devices, you will have to use the regular Bluetooth setup, but the plan is convenient for Apple users.

5. They can get loud

The Beats solo 3 gets loud, so they will be a perfect choice for people who like full immersion in whatever they are doing through music. 

You will get a great experience unaffected by background noises if you take the volume up. 

This makes it a good choice for any form of entertainment, from music, watching movies or gaming. You can even take advantage of this to use it in public places that would usually have many distracting noises.

You need to manage how much you listen to loud music on headphones because of the repercussions on your hearing. 

Listening to loud music for too long can damage your hearing in the long run or cause headaches and pain in the ears.


You can easily reset your Beats solo 3 headphones if you have problems connecting them to the devices you want. A reset will get it back to the way you bought it, so the software will have a better platform to sync with your devices and play your music. 

Beats headphones are some of the most popular headphone brands in the market, and you will be sure to enjoy your experience if you maintain them correctly.

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