Is Partsgeek Legit? Getting The Best Auto Parts

Is Partsgeek Legit

The most crucial part of being a vehicle owner is taking care of your vehicle, so it serves you for a longer time. A well-maintained vehicle will perform better so that your movements are less stressful.

To maintain your vehicle, you need a trusted auto parts seller to give you everything you need. This is where Partsgeek comes in; let us break this company down and see what the advantages and downfalls of using it are;

Is Partsgeek legit?

Partsgeek is a legitimate American-based company that sells aftermarket vehicle parts. It was founded in 200, and since then, Partsgeek has been selling high-quality parts online to users all over the United States. 

They sell most of their products at a discount, and the high quality and website security have ensured the company’s steady growth.

Where Can You Get Aftermarket Vehicle Parts and Mods?

Finding a reliable source of aftermarket parts can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look. You could want to upgrade or repair your car, but you don’t know where to get the parts, so let’s get into it and give you a guide.

1. Online retailers

Several retailers come to mind, Partsgeek, AutoAnything, Caready, and more. These sites usually have a lot of parts, and you can type in the car make and model to see what fits on your car. 

Most of these sites also have return policies, so you get replacements if the parts don’t fit. There are product reviews you can go through and see which products work well in the field. You can easily find a product compatible with your car since most are flexible.

The problem is that there are many unfamiliar brands on such websites, and it might be difficult to decipher which ones are good and which ones are not.  Shipping fees might be high, especially if you export the product out of the US.

2. eBay 

eBay is another good option if you want to buy already used products or new ones at good prices. Here, you will buy from other people, and you have a chance to negotiate and get a fair price for the vehicle part. 

There are millions of products in different categories from all over the world, and there is a decent chance you will get what you are looking for. Most buyers on eBay ended up with good products from auctions, and you could get lucky.

Another thing you should note is eBay’s reputation; more than 90% of their previous customers were satisfied by the service and products they got. You can be sure you will get a good product from eBay.

The problem with eBay is that there are fewer reviews, so you might not get enough details on a product and how it works. The shipping may take longer on eBay since they use the USPS for shipping. 

The picture posted for the product on eBay could be generic, so you could buy a product whose quality does not match the picture on eBay.

3. Local Stores and dealerships

You can go to dealerships or auto shops and buy the mods or parts you want. This is probably the best choice since you will see and feel a product before committing to it.

There won’t be any misinformation about the part since you can inspect it yourself before buying.

The parts from stores are often cheaper than online since there are fewer fees and taxes. Online vendors include the tax in the price, so you might end up paying more than in a store. 

New products are added each day, and you can go in and look to make sure you get what you want. 

For mods, you have a choice to ask for a specialized build to fit your car since you will be interacting with humans.

The first issue you will experience with local stores is the limited amount of parts, especially in small towns. There is only so much a store can stock, so you might be forced to go online to find what you need.

You will also have pressure from salespersons, and you could end up getting a dissatisfactory product or get one before you see other options. 

If you already know what you want, a local store is a good choice since it saves you from waiting for a delivery.

4. FCA Dealership

You can find fantastic mods and parts at FCA dealerships, but you have to be keen on the prices to ensure they don’t rip you off. 

They have excellent and high-quality products, but in most cases, the prices are ridiculously high.

They also have OEM parts available in a matter of days, so you can always go with the original if you don’t trust aftermarket parts. 

Their products, both aftermarket and OEM, come with warranties to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. 

FCA dealerships are not widespread, so the dealership might not be close to you; if you add the transport fee to the high cost of the product, the total could be very high. There is no standard pricing, so dealers have different prices for the same products.

Most products you find on FCA are available on eBay and other cheaper sites; only the quality could be compromised. If your budget allows it, shop at an FCA dealership and enjoy superior quality and performance.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

When your car breaks down, it might be a hassle to look for a replacement part. There are thousands of parts on the market, both online and in stores. Some are aftermarket parts, while others are those manufactured by the car’s manufacturer.

Parts manufactured by the car’s manufacturer like Toyota or Isuzu are called OEM parts. The endless list of options could make it hard for you to make a final choice, but you can make a choice simpler by choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts.

Let us break down each of the options to give you information that will make your decision easier;

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and these are parts created by the company that manufactured your car. 

These parts are a replica of the parts that came in your car. This means that you will get peace of mind since the part is guaranteed to fit and work.

An OEM part will also match the original product’s quality and performance; therefore, it will be a reliable choice to repair your car. 

Some OEMs come with individual warranties, so you will get a replacement if it breaks down after short use. A warranty assures you that the product is of high quality.

Another benefit of OEMs is that they are easy to find, especially if you have a recent model still in production. 

You could get these parts at dealerships or official stores for the car you use. You can also order them online if the option is available. 

OEM parts maintain your car warranty. If you replace a broken part with an OEM part, the original car warranty will still hold. Using an aftermarket part can void the warranty and cause you more issues as the car gets older.

Aftermarket parts are those that can fit in your vehicle, but they are not from the original manufacturer. 

They might fit and work as effectively as an OEM part but make sure you check the specifications before buying.

Aftermarket parts are often cheaper than OEM parts, so they will be a good choice if you have a tight budget. The problem is that they might have a low price because the manufacturer compromised on quality.

Many manufacturers create aftermarket parts; therefore, you have a wider selection between the brands. 

This allows you to get the exact part you want to install in your car. If you are looking for a specific product within a particular price range, you might get it here.

A good number of aftermarket parts are as good as OEM parts, especially in quality. Make sure you research a product and read customer reviews to see how it holds up. A warranty is always a good sign when shopping since it is a show of quality.

Both OEM and aftermarket parts have perks, so it is up to you to decide which one is best for your vehicle. 

You could talk to your mechanic to get a better insight into what you should do since they will know how well each type will work with your vehicle. 


Partsgeek is an online store for auto parts, and you could order and get parts for most car issues. You will have to pay a shipping fee, and there have been numerous reviews indicating the wrong products were sent to buyers. 

Before choosing a product, look at its specifications and return policy to ensure you don’t get stuck with a product that doesn’t work. 

A safer choice would be to go to a store and pick out the product you want physically to ensure you get what you pay for.

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