Types Of Cell Phones: All You Need To Know

Types of Cell Phones

Today, there are thousands of choices in the cell phone industry. No matter what your budget and needs are, you will surely find something that fits. 

The cellphone evolution has undoubtedly been so fast in the last decades. The cellphones do evolve day by day. The manufacturers are working extremely hard to create the next consumer craze. 

Today we have cell phones that can perform various functions like calling, messaging, browsing, and many more.  They have become an essential part of our lives and affect our lives in many ways. 

In this article, you will learn about the different types of cell phones in the market. Let’s find out more about these magical devices. 

Types of Cell Phones

Today the smartphone is the most popular cellphone in the market. However, other cell phones such as unlocked phones, prepaid phones, and conventional cell phones. 

By understanding the differences between these cell phones, you will make a better choice when buying. 


As mentioned, the smartphone is the most prevalent. The two most popular operating systems in smartphones are iOS and Android. 

The iOS is from Apple and specifically runs on Apple iPhones. The Android from Google is quite open and runs on a wide range of phones. 

Some of the most popular smartphones running under Android OS are Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, etc. 

Smartphones are mini computers. Their operating systems are so advanced, and they perform many functions other than just phone calls. 

An average smartphone has a sizeable touch screen display, camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, access to applications, etc. The smartphone’s ability to run applications allows them to access email, social media, etc. 

Plus, it can perform other office functions like document editing and spreadsheet creation. The popular smartphone brands are Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Apple iPhone, and Motorola Droid. 

The great thing is that you can get a smartphone in almost all the price ranges. It’s because there are more than one hundred smartphone companies. 

Conventional Phones

Unlike smartphones, conventional phones do not have flashy features. That’s because they do not have advanced operating systems that are in smartphones. 

The standard conventional phone has keypads, Bluetooth capability, video capturing, and text messages. 

However, the high-end conventional phones can support browsing, email and have a memory card slot. 

The most common thing about conventional phones is that they use keypads for navigation. There are several conventional phones service providers. 

There offers on these phones are quite different. Some offer conventional phones for free. But you need to purchase the service contract for some time, like two years.  

The high-end ones cost between $20 and $150. The price is exclusive of the monthly service package.  

Unlocked Cellphones 

To understand how this type of cell phone works, you need to know about traditional cell phones. All traditional cellphones are locked. 

This means that they only operate under a specific service provider. Under no circumstance can it work under a different courier. 

Now, the unlocked cell phone is the exact opposite of traditional phones. It does not have any limitations and thus can operate on different networks. 

To actualize this, you have to switch the sim cards. Generally, unlocked phones are expensive than network phones. 

Plus, they are trickier to maintain and set up. That’s because they do not have particular network support. 

Prepaid Phones

The prepaid phone is perfect for those who only make phone calls and send limited texts. So how does a prepaid phone work? You need to buy a phone and then buy minutes. 

The call and text do cost a certain amount of money. So each time you make any of them, it’s deducted from the amount you paid. 

If the balance hits zero, you will have to buy more minutes to continue accessing this service.  You can acquire this phone from companies like Tracfone and Net10. 

Using the prepaid phone will help you save a lot. That’s if you do not use your phone quite often. 

The Smartphone 

As mentioned, there are several types of cell phones. But smartphones are the most popular. In this article, you will find more details about the smartphone. 

I’m certain you are quite familiar with the smartphone and do know how it looks like. The smartphone has speedy internet access, touch-sensitive screen display, and installable applications. 

Their body is also quite thin. Because of their great features, I can say that smartphones are here to replace the computer. They also have dominant computing tools. 

The ability of smartphones to support applications is the one thing that has made them so popular. 

You can access some modern signature applications like email, Facebook, Snap, Uber, Apple Music, Spotify, and many more. 

The smartphone doe indeed has better features than its counterparts. But they cannot save batteries for long. Plus there interface is not that simple; they are quite pricy and not durable. 

The Blackberry Age

This was the talk of the town in the 2000s. The many great features you see in modern smartphones came from the blackberry mobile. 

Research developed the blackberry phones in Motion, a Canadian company. The company later changed its name to blackberry. 

Even though the phones were quite popular in the previous century, it was powerful. Blackberry did offer not only a calling service but also access to some useful apps like email. 

The email was something important for the business people. The phone also did support an instant messaging service that was known as blackberry messenger. 

Popular mobile apps like google hangouts, WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, and Facebook were created from this idea. 

Through the BBM, blackberry would communicate internationally with any additional charges. This made the feature quite popular among business people and others who wanted to make new friends. 

Another feature of the blackberry phone that made people love it was its small physical keyboard. The keyboard made it easy for its user to type email and documents quickly. 

Other blackberry devices had a trackpad that acted as a mouse. However, most blackberry devices that came after apple and android devices were not as popular. 

The Android And Google Devices

In the smartphone industry, the android operating system is the most popular. It’s the fiercest rival of iOS. 

The great thing about the android device is that it can certainly run on several devices. Almost all the popular manufacturers use it. The most popular being Samsung, HTC, LG, some Nokia devices, and many more. 

Google also produces its smartphones known as Pixel. With android phones, you will surely find a phone in any price range. The different companies make low-end, middle-end, and high-end phones. 

It has more options when it comes to price and quality than the iPhones. However, the android and iOS operating systems almost function similarly. From both, you can access applications from the internet. 

The app market for android apps is known as Google PlayStore.  Google play store has thousands of apps, and most are free to download.  

The android operating system is also operable from the stylus like the Samsung Note series. Other manufacturers like blackberry make android phones that have physical keyboards. 

In addition, some Chromebook devices, which are certainly laptops, are compatible with some android apps. 

Apple iOS

Apple’s iPhone operating system is known as iOS. After the android operating system, it’s the second most popular operating system. 

The Apple operating system was released in 2007. Its introduction in the market came with some heat. Through the apple iPhones, some features were made standard on smartphones. 

The feature included a web browser, a touch screen with little or no buttons, and many more. The Apple iPhones have an app market known as App Store. 

You can download your favorite gaming, banking, food, and music apps from the App Store. Any app that is being sold in-app store surely must have passed the approval of the apple company. 

The iOS operating system does not run on other mobile devices. It’s only installed in the popular apple iPhones and other Apple devices like the iPod touch, tablet, etc. 

The iPod touch is quite similar to the iPhone but only lacks the calling capability. The apple company is one very aggressive company. It is always willing to take risks when it comes to its devices. 

The risks include things like introducing high-resolution cameras and screens. These features make the apple iPhones quite expensive. 

But again, the features have made the iPhones to be a hit to consumers. Today the apple company is among the most valuable globally, plus it’s the bestseller cellphone. 


There are many types of cell phones. Understanding the different cell phone types will help you make a good decision when buying. The most popular cellphone today is the smartphone. 

The smartphone has many great features which make it stand out. The major differences in smartphones are the operating system

There are the Android, iOS, and Microsoft operating systems. There are also many manufacturers of smartphones, and you will certainly find the device that fits your needs. 

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