Untethered Tech: Six Ways To Cut Down On Cables

Six Ways To Cut Down On Cables

Technology is constantly improving. As a result, the idea of going (nearly) completely wireless is beginning to take shape in people’s lives as premium wireless chargers and similar types of devices become increasingly commonplace.

Moreover, this concept is quite appealing to people, as all the wires, cables and cords that have historically accompanied technological devices can be cumbersome, unsightly and generally a pain to manage while on the go and at home.

However, those times are quickly coming to an end. If you are looking to eliminate the wires in your life, here are six ways to cut cords for good.

1. Wireless Charging Stations

These days, people have a lot of connected devices. Many folks have their smartphone, a laptop, a tablet (possibly even two), a smart watch, and possibly a couple other devices. This means that cords can pile up quickly.

However, a great way to eliminate nearly all of those cables is to opt for a wireless charging station. These types of devices can charge a bevy of different items at the same time via Qi-enabled surfaces. Using this type of device, users can cut down from four or five different charging cables to just one (maybe two) — the wire that runs from the wall to the station itself.

The biggest benefit to using a charging station (outside of streamlining your power needs) is that this type of charging reduces the wear and tear on devices as you constantly jamsomething into the charging port, which does have a limited lifespan.

Additionally, those who are interested in cutting down on cords can also take their wireless charging on the road, which leads us to our next device.

2. Portable Chargers

While lots of folks carry around portable chargers, most of them are accompanied by a tangled cord. This is unnecessary, as there are portable Qi wireless chargers for Apple and wireless magnetic power banks for Android as well.

These types of chargers simply snap on to the back of the phone and provide the charge you need while you are out getting stuff done.

3. Bluetooth Adapter For Your Vehicle

As prices continue to rise around us, Americans are keeping their cars for longerthan ever before, with the average vehicle on the road coming in at just over 12 years old.

As a result of this dynamic, many vehicles are not equipped with the most advanced technology. This means that your ride likely has a CD player near the audio port where you plug in your phone to listen to Spotify, Pandora or a similar music streaming service.

Fortunately, you can ditch the cord by picking up a Bluetooth receiver for your vehicle. Using this type of device, you can easily add Bluetooth to your car or truck by plugging the device into your audio jack or cigarette lighter port.

Since these have been around for a while, they have become a relatively commonplace and inexpensive solution for eliminating unsightly cables and cords.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

No matter if you primarily work from home or commute to the office, headphones are a critical piece of tech gear. However, over-the-ear headphones can often be bulky, a bit hot for the ears and less-than-discreet. All of this means that picking some high-quality Bluetooth earbuds is likely a better option.

There are tons of great earbuds on the market today. However, when shopping for a pair, it is wise to go with a reputable brand, as some of the more “cost-friendly” options can have connectivity issues and short lifespans between charges.

5. Home Theater System

If you have ever wondered why television speakers suck it is because as televisions have become thinner over the years, their speakers have as well. Because of this lack of sound quality, many have opted to upgrade their audio experience via a home theater system, which can come with a bevy of wires.

However, this, too, can be resolved. There are many different wireless soundbars and theater systems that connect via Bluetooth.

While this is a great solution for your living room, in areas that don’t require the best audio experience you might consider picking up a small, sub-$100 Bluetooth speaker instead.

6. Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

These days, millions of folks work from home and are constantly connected to their computers. Therefore, ditching the wires that tie down your keyboard and mouse will provide your workspace with more aesthetic appeal and freedom to move around.

Source: Tom Eversley/Shutterstock.com

Plus, you can upgrade both pieces of equipment from the second-rate accessories that came stock with your computer and pick up something a bit more ergonomic and feature-rich.

Killing Cord Clutter

A world without wires is on the horizon. Passing is the time of tangled wires and unsightly knots of cables.

Pick up the items listed above and free yourself from the corded confines of yesteryear’s technology requirements.

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