Top 4 Secret Tricks To Take Videos Like A Pro On Your iPhone

Top 4 Secret Tricks To Take Videos Like A Pro On Your iPhone

There’s no doubt that a DSLR or a professional video camera is going to deliver high-quality videos. However, iPhones are just as capable of clicking flawless videos as their Android rivals. Assuming you want to improve the video quality for social media, there are a few tricks and tips on how to improve video quality on iphone. You do not always need the latest models or the iOS version (although the newer the device, the better technology it is equipped with). You can use options, like adjusting shutter speed, managing white balance, etc., that can help you shoot like a pro. 

1. Focus On The Subject

One of the stellar features that initially set iPhones apart from the competition was the introduction of the famous ‘Portrait’ mode. Before that, it was not a standard feature in other devices when clicking photos. With its introduction, users could get an identical DSLR-level shallow depth of field.

Although this feature wasn’t available for videos (even on Apple’s phones) ten years ago, it is today. You can focus on the subject of the video to let the camera application understand what/who needs to be at the center of the focus. It will blur the background, giving a significant effect.

2. Using External Soft Lighting

Lighting up videos in dim-lit environments has always been a challenge for cameras. Especially if you are shooting videos in slow motion, adequate lighting is a must. It’s not that the latest iPhone models cannot record good video in low-light conditions, but there are always limitations to what a smartphone can do.

So, if you want to shoot unique content from your Apple phone, the best solution is to use soft light. That subsidizes limitations like jitters, shakiness, or grainy video problems that the software or editing tools can’t check.

3. Try Shooting During The Daytime

It is fine to avoid finding soft lighting when you can take coruscating videos during the day. This is not a secret tip because it is needless to say how iPhone cameras these days can shoot and record DSLR-like videos, sometimes even better. Moreover, they offer better practicality and convenience because shooting with a phone is more comfortable than carrying a big camera.

Remember to do your video sessions by daytime to have the best results.

4. Maintain The Correct Camera Position

Sometimes, to capture excellent footage, you need to know the basics. Don’t just start recording straight away. Look at the surroundings and decide what angles or areas will look the best if covered. You can also swap between camera lenses like the telephoto lens, wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens as needed. Also, ensure your hands are steady. Shaky hands lead to shaky images and improper videography.


Most beginner videographers complain about many things when given a smartphone instead of a full-fledged camera. The key to knowing how to improve video quality on iphone is knowing what needs to be checked when shooting a video. You can create fantastic footage if you are familiar with things like exposure, white balance, autofocus, etc. Moreover, check the device settings and know your camera more to use it optimally.

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