What Does The International Version Phone Mean? Phones And Traveling Overseas

What Does The International Version Phone Mean

Are you a traveling fan? If you are, then you should know of the international version phones. When you travel overseas, you will need to communicate with different people. Therefore you will need a device that will allow you to do that.

That is where the international version phone comes into play. You can use it to communicate with people from different countries. The advantage of using an international version phone is it has lower rates.  Therefore it is a must-have tool if you are a traveling freak. Here is everything you will need to know and phones and traveling overseas.

What Is The International Version Phone?

The international version phone is a phone that can work with any sim card in the world. However, it cannot work with domestic cards except the one from your phone’s original network carrier. Therefore it is a necessary tool to have when traveling around the world. These phones provide services not made for use in the US market but in countries overseas.

About The International Version Phones

These phones ensure they provide services for use in countries overseas. However, they are some that are compatible with networks in the US. Therefore you must first check the compatibility of the international phone you buy with the network you intend to use.

The good thing about the international version phones is that they are cheaper than the US version phones. The reason is that the international version phones have been brought in from a different market with a different price point.

Unlike regular phones, you will pay less for incoming calls or texts when you use international phones in overseas countries. Most countries use the GSM carrier, and these phones can work on any GSM carrier. Therefore you can use the phone in many different countries in the world.

It would be best to be cautious you are buying an international phone. Ensure that the country you are buying the phone from has no restrictions. Moreover, you should also ensure that you do not buy a locked international phone. International unlocked phones will allow you to use the hone overseas.

Tips For Using Your Phone Internationally

Traveling overseas brings tons of fun. When people think of international traveling, what comes to mind is that they only need their passports.

Yes, a passport is something you must have when traveling overseas, but is it the only thing you need? One of the crucial things you should consider is if your phone works in the country you are traveling to. The importance of smartphones cannot go unnoticed. Smartphones will help you maneuver your way around the country you have traveled to. However, how will it help you if it does not work? Here are some of the ways you can ensure your phone works overseas.

Get An International Plan

No phone carrier refuses to offer their customers international plans. They know that you might travel outside the country once in a while, and you will want to use your phone in the country you are going to. Therefore they ensure they offer customers international plans to help them use their phones in overseas countries.

The international plans vary depending on the type of carriers. one of the best carriers in international plans is the Sprint or T-mobile. They offer their users monthly plans that include unlimited overseas texting and data without any extra charge. You will, however, pay twenty-five cents per minute for phone calls.

Verizon offers their customers overseas options that include a Travel Pass plan costing $10 per day. The $10 will offer you unlimited calling, texting, and data. The good thing is that you will only pay $10 if you use it. AT&T’s International Day Pass also provides the same offer as Verizon.

Buying A Sim Card

Most sim cards use the Global System of Mobile Communication networks, the standard for communication globally. Therefore sim cards can also help you use your phone overseas. The following are some of the sim card options for international use.

A Local Sim Card

A local sim card is a sim card that you buy in the country you are traveling to. The sim card, however, has some restrictions. It provides prepaid minutes and text that you can only you in the country you have visited.

International Sim Card

an international sim card is a sim card you can use globally. When you have an international sim card, you can switch from an American number to a foreign number. Therefore the people you will be communicating with will not pay extra to call or text you. It will not matter the country they are in or the country you will be in at that moment.

An International Sim Sticker

You can only use the international sim sticker if you have an international unlocked phone. It is more convenient to use an International sim sticker other than the other sim cards. When using the international sim sticker, you will only have to put it once, and it will activate wherever country you go.

The Europe-Only Sim Card

These sim cards provide the same benefits as those of the international sim card. However, they do not cover the entire world but only European countries. The good thing about Europe-only sim cards is that they are cheaper than the other sim cards.

Check Your Phone’s Frequencies

Another way you can ensure your phone works internationally is by checking its frequencies. You should ensure is that your phone supports the operator network frequencies of the country you have visited. Some countries have different network frequencies.

4G services in the US use different frequencies as compared to those of Brazil or the UK. So how do you know the frequency that your phone supports? Determining the network frequencies your phone supports is simple and free. Here are some of the ways:

Looking Up Your Phone’s Model Number

If you want to know the network frequency your phone supports, the vital thing to know is your phone’s model number. Once you know your model number, you can use this site (http://www.gsmarena.com/) to find all your phone’s technical details. You can be sure to find supported frequencies there.

Use Your phone’s IMEI

You will need your phone’s IMEI to know which frequencies that your phone supports. Therefore, you should first look for your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone. The IMEI number will get displayed on your phone’s screen.

Once you have the IMEI, you can go to this website ( http://www.imei.info/) and find your phone’s technical details. The reason for looking for your IMEI number is that the website will require you to enter it to proceed. 

Ensure You Have An International Unlocked Phone

Having an unlocked phone will enable you to travel internationally without any trouble. You can use your phone on different carriers rather than a specific carrier. An unlocked phone will accept a sim card from another network. Therefore you will not have problems making calls, browsing, or sending texts irrespective of the country you are in. It would be best to remember that you can only use international sim cards on unlocked phones.

Have you ever bought a phone through a carrier, either on a contract or a monthly payment plan? If you have, then it will mean your phone will get clocked to that service provider. However, once the contract expires or you finish paying the loan, you can unlock your phone. Here is how you can know if you have an unlocked phone.

Using Another Sim Card

The first thing to do is switch off your smartphone and then remove the sim card you have been using with your provider. Once you remove it, replace it with another sim card from a different provider. If you have a locked phone, it will be hard to operate it properly. However, if you have an unlocked phone, you will make calls or send texts without any problem.

Utilizing The Website IMEI.INFO

IMEI is a code that gives your phone identity, and every phone has one. The website will let you known if you have a locked or unlocked phone. iPhone users can get the IMEI number by using the setting/general function. However, users of other phones can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06#.

What Is The Difference Between GSM And CDMA Networks In International Version Phones?

GSM is a network used globally. It is available in almost 210 countries worldwide. As for the CDMA, its proprietary nature has made it not have global adoption. CDMA users are primarily from the US. CDMA has less than 18% of the world’s network.

Can You Use The International Version Phones In The US?

You will find most International version phones use the GSM network. On the other hand, the US has both GSM and CDMA networks. Therefore the answer to the questions is yes. An international version phone can use one of the networks in the US.


Now you know that you not only need your passport to travel around the world. Having an international version phone is equally important. The international phone will help you use your phone in most countries. Moreover, you should ensure that you have an unlocked phone to use any carrier and operate your phone globally without any problems.

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